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Design Furniture brings you the all-time trendiest Parquet Flooring Dubai with the premium build quality and mesmerizing aesthetics. We’ve got you the specialized flooring that is a perfectly sustainable and a more heavy-duty alternative to traditional wooden flooring. The geometric mosaic-styled innovative patterns of the highest quality wooden pieces (planks) of our Parquet Flooring will complete and complement the whole look of your interiors!


Parquet Flooring Dubai Provides Multiple Decorative And Functional Advantages

This flooring is fundamentally beneficial in terms of not just the beautifying of interiors but also the enhancement of usability and overall functionality. Here’s how:

  • This flooring comes with a solid build quality and therefore the highest durability.
  • It goes and syncs well with all sorts of interior decors and can be used outdoors, as well.
  • There are multiple versatile design and pattern options to choose from.
  • Parquet flooring Dubai is the best way to secure the subfloors for longer periods of time.
  • It provides great comfort underfoot and also ensures the safety factor for children and elderly folks.
  • This flooring is a smart way to maintain a good temperature balance within your surroundings and also to eliminate excessive noise effectively.
  • This incredible flooring option offers excellent energy efficiency and is the easiest to maintain, too.

The Sublime Construction Of Our Parquet Flooring Dubai

Our premium-grade parquet luxury flooring is one of the most high-end flooring systems and both its aesthetic and functional perks are worth the choice. As for the manufacturing, this flooring comprises short high-quality wooden battens which are laid in the form of a geometric mosaic, resulting in the creation of beautiful patterns.

Though parquet flooring is made of Oak most of the time, nowadays, various other wood species such as Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany and a couple of exotic species are also used for crafting purposes. The wood could be both solid as well as engineered and again, you can also have your choice of wood species if you have some particular liking or aesthetic preferences. This goes the same for the patterns and styles for the parquet wood floors,

Revamp Your Interiors With The Parquet Flooring UAE

At Design Furniture, you’ll get to see the trendiest varieties of floorings regarding designs, styles, patterns, and colors. And besides the predefined styles, you can also get your desired design motifs customized with absolute perfection from us. Investing in this luxury yet practical flooring will ensure the everlasting aesthetic uplifting of your places.

Parquet Flooring Dubai brings about pleasurable warmth in the interiors and if you’re a lot into wooden floors and interiors, this is just the right and smart choice for you, even for perking up the most minimally decorated rooms, too.

Have Us As Your Adept Parquet Flooring Suppliers Dubai

And we shall make you proud of your choice in no time. We are the best parquet flooring suppliers in the UAE with endless expertise in several other popular flooring genres too, such as the Epoxy Flooring Dubai, vinyl flooring, wooden flooring etc. Our flooring services is a vast spectrum of exclusive skillset, aimed to bring about the most lucratively transformed versions of your places.

Get in touch with us today and have the most penny-wise Parquet Flooring Dubai along with perfectionist-grade flooring installation services. We’ll beautify your existing floors in supremely inviting ways and most importantly the ornamentation that is well guaranteed of lasting long. Both our flooring Dubai and installation cost will justify this investment really well. 

Choose Our Proficient Installation Services

A perfect and adept skill set is the foremost essential of any high-end flooring treatment and this goes the same for our Parquet Flooring too. That’s because it’s technically wooden flooring, which makes it a major home improvement project. Design Furniture provides you with exceptionally skilled installation services in this regard.

Our services come at hand at super affordable pricing and will guarantee you the most favorable outcomes, essentially those that are meant to last. Floor treatments indeed are bigger projects and we promise to make the next Parquet Flooring Dubai Installation super lucrative for you.

New Collection of Parquet Flooring 2023

Why Choose Us?

When at Design Furniture, you can upgrade your places like never before and in the best cost-effective manner. Our exquisite flooring varieties work wondrous and prove a lot more than merely decorative floor treatments, but more of sustainable and advantageous surfacings. This Parquet Flooring Dubai is versatile enough for multiple spaces and you can greatly enhance the usefulness of your places with it.


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