Give Your Place an Innovative Look with Our Parquet Flooring

Design Furniture offers the trendiest parquet flooring treatment, featuring premium build quality and attractive design options. We’ve got you this specialized flooring that is ideally sustainable and a cost-effective alternative to traditional wooden flooring. So it’s the right time to install the parquet floor tiles in innovative patterns to transform the whole look of your interior.


Which Materials Do We Use for Parquet Flooring?

Our premium-grade parquet luxury flooring is one of the most high-end flooring systems. Its aesthetic and functional features are worth considering this floor choice. As for the manufacturing, this flooring comprises tiles or planks of different materials in wooden textures.

Mostly, customers want this flooring to be installed in natural wooden tiles. However, parquet flooring in Dubai is mostly made of Oak. Some other wood species like Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and Ash can also be used per aesthetic preferences.

Get the Realistic Wooden Texture with Our Parquet Flooring

If you want wooden floors in your place, parquet flooring is just the right and smart choice for you. With various wooden textures at our store, you can get the complementing look of parquet floors for your bedroom or office cabin. At Design Furniture, you’ll see the trendiest floor designs, styles, patterns, and colors.

Besides the predefined styles, you can get customized shades or patterns with perfection from us. Investing in this luxury yet practical flooring will ensure the everlasting aesthetics of your place. We offer parquet wood flooring in Dubai to give a warm look and enhance your property rate.

Some Trendiest Installation Patterns of Our Parquet Floors

Our parquet flooring treatment is the most versatile choice, which can be used for any residential or commercial interior. As we mentioned earlier, we offer an extensive range of texture, material, and design options. But there’s one more thing that has a significant role in impacting the appearance of parquet floors.

We have expertise installing parquet tiles and planks in traditional ways like brick style. You can also choose some minimalistic installation patterns for these floors. Let’s look at some trendiest manners to install parquet planks and tiles.

  • Herringbone
  • Chevron
  • Basket Weave
  • Brick Style
  • Dutch Pattern
  • Mosaic

Latest Collection of Parquet Flooring 2024

Explore the Amazing Advantages of Parquet Flooring

This flooring is fundamentally beneficial in terms of not just the beautifying of interiors but also the enhancement of overall functionality. Here’s how:

  • This flooring comes with a solid build quality and therefore shows greater durability.
  • It goes and looks great with all sorts of interior decors and can also be used outdoors.
  • There are multiple versatile design and pattern options available to choose from.
  • This incredible flooring option is easy to clean regularly, requiring minimum effort.
  • It is the best way to secure the subfloors for longer periods.
  • This flooring is a smart way to maintain a good temperature at your place.
  • It provides greater comfort underfoot and ensures a non-slip surface for children’s safety.

Choose Our Professional Parquet Installation Services

An expert skill set is essential for any high-end flooring treatment like parquet flooring. That’s because it’s technically wooden flooring, which makes it a major home improvement project. Design Furniture provides you with efficient installation services in Dubai.

Our services are available at super affordable pricing because of our customer-oriented company policies. You will get seamless flooring installation in different parquet patterns. Rely on our skillful team and prepare to see your dream interior with our stunning parquet flooring in Dubai.

Why Choose Us?

With our luxury flooring treatments, you can upgrade your places at budget-friendly rates like never before. Our stylish parquet floor tiles give a very decorative touch to any interior. In addition, we install a coating layer for protection and a shiny surface. We take care of every aspect of premium flooring solutions. Upgrade your interior look with the realistic wooden textured parquet tiles in Dubai. Book our flooring services now from anywhere in Dubai.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can use a mixture of olive oil and baking soda to remove scratches from your parquet flooring. Make sure to apply it after vacuuming the floor nicely. It will help you fix scratches from the floor off your job effectively.

Our installed parquet floors in vinyl material are a suitable option for high-traffic areas. They will not get damaged or dull with the high traffic volume or other weather conditions. Get this durable floor treatment for your commercial place from us.

Not as long as you consider looking after it in the right way. You can maintain and sustain your parquet flooring well by dusting it regularly. Consider using the vacuum cleaner to keep the shiny surface in good condition.

Mostly, these floors are installed in wood for a fully traditional look. We have some synthetic options like vinyl, laminate, and SPC. They can be used for parquet floor treatment because of their realistic wooden textures and durability/.