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Welcome To Custom Made Furniture Dubai Shop

Design Furniture is a reputable brand known for offering loads of interior services. It brings you the most versatile service menu that incorporates custom made furniture Dubai, carpets, top-quality window dressing options, and more.

As a leading firm in the UAE, it has been working for many years and serving a long list of residential and commercial clients. Go ahead to explore our services.

We Offer High-Quality Custom Made Furniture Dubai

We provide you with top-quality customized furniture in Dubai. Stocking up a great deal of varieties from custom made sofa & bed in Dubai, we specialize in designing and manufacturing every type of furniture according to our customer’s specific needs.

We are a team of the professional crew, proficient in crafting a variety of custom made furniture Dubai for you. We are equipped with professional tools and techniques to create your desired design and make it the most visually appealing for you.

We stock the widest variety of furniture designs that are crafted in accordance with modern interior theme designs. No matter what exceptional design of your sofa, chair, bed, or dining you need, we are here to provide you with all.

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Get Every Type Of Customized Furniture Dubai At Affordable Rates

Being the market leader we are the best-rated manufacturer of customized furniture. Whether you want to have new custom made furniture or want us to customize the design of your old furniture. We are great at everything. The best thing about hiring us is that we offer cheap custom made furniture Dubai, and availing of our exclusive services won’t be a burden to your pocket.

Keeping our prices low and quality high, we aim at offering the best possible services to our customers. At Design Furniture, we not only offer custom furniture but also a great list of interior services. You can get all types of interior services, so continue to scroll to check out the best ones.

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Curtains Dubai

We master in creating, designing, and manufacturing a versatile range of quality curtains in all colors, designs & styles.


Flooring Dubai

We are the best providers of flooring solutions that are all effective & efficient. You can choose any of the options as per your design needs.


Blinds Dubai

We offer high-quality serviceable blinds with functional & aesthetic benefits that are great at offering perfect visual appeal.


Carpets Dubai

We stock a huge variety of natural & synthetic carpets that are great at adding warmth and comfort to your space.


Rugs Dubai

Get your place enhanced with our finest-grade and durable rugs available in a wide spectrum of colors with greatly appealing looks.


Artificial Grass Dubai

We are great at offering a perfect alternative to natural grass with a lush green look. This can be the best addition to your space.


Upholstery Dubai

We are the top upholstery service provider in the UAE. We aim to get you the best custom-made furnishing with highly functional upholstering.

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Shutters in Dubai

Get the best quality shutters in a multitude of styles and designs, that can match your interior and make it look stunning.


Mats Dubai

We stock the most functional mats Dubai that are great at protecting your floor and enhancing the value of your space.

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What Makes Us the Best Furniture Design Company?

We aim to make your buying experience stress-free and simple. Get the best furniture designing services from the most trusted company.

Best Quality

Fast Services

Low Prices

Our Creative Approach to Furniture Design

Our company has the highest record of providing customer satisfaction to our customers. You can get the best designs of furniture from us at affordable prices.


Firstly, we try to understand the requirements of customers by providing sketches and 3D models of furniture designs.


Our furniture is developed by experienced professionals who ensure that each piece meets the highest quality standards.


We apply a finish to the furniture, such as paint or varnish, to enhance the appearance of our luxurious furniture items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Design Furniture is the best furniture shop for buying customized furniture in the UAE. Here you not just get the finest and most exceptionally-built furnishing but also a whole lot of versatility to get inspiration for your next furniture item(s). Besides, there are multiple incredibly affordable deals offered for the best custom made furniture in Dubai.

Custom made furniture is, by all means, a way better idea to consider, as compared to any basic or ready-made furnishing and for good reason. In the first place, it’s built in perfect accordance with your given requirements and features a fine selection of all the materials. Plus, you can enjoy a lot of added features too, such as conversion features or upholstery modifications. And of course, the entire styling is absolutely of your choice, so it always seems very satisfying and pleasing.

The duration of construction of the custom made furniture entirely depends on the requirements, such as how intricate the styling is or how many additions are there. This difficulty scale then decides the entire time span required for the crafting of your desired furniture piece. Usually this can range from a couple of days to an entire month.

According to the company’s terms and conditions, you are only subjected to the cancellation of an order before the beginning of the designing process. The company notifies you prior to making your ordered piece of furniture and if you change your mind or want something else instead, then you are obliged to inform beforehand. In case you notify the company after the product has been manufactured, your order will not be reverted.

Custom made furniture is always more long-lasting than the ready made one due to the choice and quality of construction materials. The customized crafting only involves premium-quality materials, upholstery, fabrication, paint, staining and other essentials. Besides, for the crafting, you can choose all the materials ranging from those making the initial frame such as wood species to the finishing touches, like upholstery, tufting etc. All these factors collectively contribute to the major sustainability and worth of the customized furniture items.

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