Custom Made Furniture Dubai: Most Incredible Furniture Options

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Design Your Dream Furniture With Us

Custom Sofa

You can buy a luxury sofa with customized styling and cushioning.


Custom Headboard

Add luxury to your bedroom interior with our custom headboard designs.


Sofa Upholstery

We transform your old sofa look with our cost-effective sofa upholstery.

Welcome to Design Furniture

Welcome To Custom Made Furniture Dubai Shop

Design Furniture is a reputable brand known for offering loads of interior services. It brings you the most versatile service menu that incorporates custom-made furniture in Dubai, carpets, top-quality curtains, and more.

As a leading firm in the UAE, it has been working for many years and serving many residential and commercial clients. Our furniture items are designed to add great value to any interior in terms of style and comfort.


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What We Do

Our Highlighted Services for Interior Designs

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Curtains Dubai

We provide luxurious curtain designs in Dubai for every interior design.

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Flooring Dubai

You can choose the best flooring from our collection for homes and offices.

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Blinds Dubai

Get our high-quality and elegant blinds with functional benefits.

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Carpets Dubai

We stock natural & synthetic carpets that are made to add comfort to any space.

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Rugs Dubai

Enhance your room interior with our finest-quality rugs Dubai in different sizes.

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Artificial Grass Dubai

Create a mini garden at your place with our realistic grass carpets at low rates.

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Upholstery Dubai

We provide custom upholstery in Dubai for every furniture item of any style.

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Shutters in Dubai

Get the best quality shutters Dubai in many styles to match any interior decor.

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Mats Dubai

Buy our durable mats with the best designs to place in indoor & outdoor spaces.

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Custom Made Furniture in Dubai

Best Addition to Your Interiors

We Offer High-Quality Custom Made Furniture in Dubai

We provide you with top-quality customized furniture in Dubai. Stocking up many varieties of custom-made sofas & beds in Dubai, we specialize in designing and manufacturing every type of furniture according to our customer’s needs.

We stock the widest variety of furniture designs that are crafted in accordance with modern interior theme designs. No matter what exceptional design of your sofa, chair, bed, or dining you need, we are here to provide you with all.

Get Free Suggestions

Call Us for Free Custom Furniture Design Ideas

We are the best manufacturer of customized furniture in Dubai. Whether you want new custom-made furniture or want us to customize your old furniture, we are excellent at everything. Our team is always here to share the latest furniture designs in Dubai and worldwide. You can plan an amazing design for your custom furniture in Dubai with the creative ideas of our expert team.

Custom Made Furniture in Dubai
Custom Made Furniture in Dubai

24/7 Availability

Book a Free Visit for a Site Inspection

Call us anytime to book a visit from our team of furniture experts.

Every interior has a different theme and decor style. Our team will help you choose the right custom-made furniture items and designs according to your interior designs.

Custom Made Furniture in Dubai
Our Luxury Custom Furniture Designs

Our Working Process

How Do We Prepare Customized Furniture For You?



Design Development

We finalize the furniture designs according to the choices of our clients with sketches and 3D models.



Furniture Customization

Our furniture is customized by experienced professionals who pay attention to every design detail.



Finishing Touches

We apply final finishes to the furniture surface and upholstery to ensure durability and perfection.

Quality Assurance

Every piece of our furniture is crafted with high-quality materials and styled with premium finishes to give your office or home interior a high-end look.


Fast Services

We understand the furniture design requirements and start working on the project instantly. You can expect timely delivery of our customized furniture in Dubai.


Affordable Pricing

You can bring uniqueness to your interiors with our cost-effective custom furniture services. Our modern furniture for sale in Dubai is available at a very low price range.

Why Choose Our Customized Furniture in Dubai?

At Design Furniture, we have a team of professionals proficient in crafting various custom-made furniture in Dubai for every indoor and outdoor space. They work professionally with the most efficient techniques to design your desired furniture.

  • Space Optimization: You can get furniture in any size from us to make your small room look bigger and more elegant.
  • Functional Efficiency: Our custom furniture has many functionalities, like extra storage, charging, and lighting options.
  • Unique Designs: We customize furniture in Dubai in the most innovative designs according to your choices.
  • Long Lasting: You will be able to enjoy the visual appeal and comfort of our customized furniture for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Design Furniture is the best shop for customized furniture in the UAE. Here you get the finest and most exceptionally-built furnishing items and the versatility to get inspiration for your next furniture items. Besides, multiple incredibly affordable deals are offered for the best custom-made furniture in Dubai.

Custom-made furniture is a better way to style your interior, as it will contain your personal preferences. We ensure the involvement of customers in design planning so they can get the custom upholstery, shape, size, and style according to their unique tastes. In addition, custom furniture sets are great options for custom sizing, unique interior design, and long-lasting comfort at low prices.

The duration of customizing furniture entirely depends on the requirements, such as how complex the styling is or how many additions are there. This difficulty scale decides the period required to craft your desired furniture piece. Usually, this can range from a couple of days to an entire month.

Our custom-made furniture is more long-lasting than the ready-made ones due to the usage of top-quality materials. We ensure premium-quality materials, upholstery, fabrication, paint, staining, and other essentials. Besides, for crafting, you can choose specific materials for your custom furniture, such as wood species, to the finishing touches.

Our services are the best choice if you want to revive your old sofa or bed. We have experience bringing life to your old furniture with our modern design ideas. Our furniture customization service package will give you enhanced visuals with modern upholstery and enhanced comfort with extra cushioning.


We have been making our customers happy and impressed with our unique and adorable furniture designs in Dubai.

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