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Stone Plastic Composite or SPC Flooring Dubai is an entirely latest, durable and versatile concept of flooring, that goes flawlessly ideal for all areas. Design Furniture presents to you a whole lot of spectacular designs for this incredible SPC Flooring UAE. It’s a matter of excellence in terms of the most detailed, high-end and high-density components combined with expert technologies and ensuring supremely enduring functionality. 


Innumerable Advantages of SPC Flooring Dubai

As depicted by the name, the SPC Flooring is a compilation of more than one different element (hybrid construction) and thus it comes with the highest extents of durability and is suitable to use for all sorts of conditions. The manufacturing of this flooring involves certain stabilizers and most importantly limestone, too and thus it turns out to be having an extremely durable and high-end core. It feels ideally dense, is heavy-duty in nature and gives off a wholly natural finished look. 

Besides, our SPC Flooring Dubai is greatly comfortable to walk over and there is no need for any additional padding, underlayment or backing materials, as well. It is environmental-friendly and fireproof, too and therefore the safest flooring for commercial, industrial, public and crowded places. The dimensional stability, heavier and sturdiest profile of this flooring makes it the toughest surfacing of all. 

How Our High-quality SPC Floors Are Made

Our exceptional quality Stone Plastic Composite or SPC Flooring features a four-layered structure and is also sometimes referred to as Stone Polymer Composite Flooring. Speaking of the layers, they include a wear layer on the top, a Vinyl (PVC) layer with the print/image, a rigid stone core and a backing layer for protection and strength. It’s mostly installed as a floating floor system and is ideally compatible with most of the subfloor types.

Get The Exceptional Beautification with Best SPC Flooring

Our spectacular SPC Flooring UAE is totally incomparable when it comes to the ornamental uplifting of your surroundings. Not only this flooring is highly versatile in nature but also does a major complementing of all the stuff present around. Moreover, since it has a greatly resilient nature, you can consider its installation within all areas, even the moisture-prone ones, too, such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

SPC Flooring Dubai is one of the most entrancing flooring options available today and it comes with the favorability and flexibility of design choices, as well. 

Choose Our Professional Services For The SPC Flooring UAE Installation

And be ready for welcoming the most charming looking version of your places. Our SPC Flooring UAE is in no way lesser than a magical treatment when the concern is about a notable and long-lasting styling.  On top of that, we’ve got you the expert-grade services for having this majestic flooring installed, organized and flaunted within your spaces. Not to mention on the shortest notice of time. 

Get our SPC Flooring Dubai Installation Services at amazing discounted rates today and set the sail for a transformed and fundamentally comfortable living space of yours. We ensure you not just the best outcomes but also the ideal value for your money, as you get to benefit from this extraordinary treatment for the rest of your life. Have your next floor fitting services booked now!

 Our SPC Flooring Work 2023

Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture lets you explore all the trendiest and most importantly long-term beneficial choices for your interior and exterior décor. And today we’ve got you the iconic floor treatment of SPC Flooring Dubai, which along with a few other flooring versions such as the Terrazzo Flooring Dubai, is a top-tier creation of ours. This classy and heavy-duty flooring will style the most functional living spaces for you, totally on a budget. 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our SPC Flooring Dubai features a detailed, layered and thick construction by default, so you don’t really need to make use of any additional padding or underlayment, since the flooring already is comfortable enough. 

SPC Flooring is a perfect water-resistant floor treatment and is tough against scratches, marks, scuffs and atmospheric damage as well, Investing in this flooring will dynamically save your subfloors and keep your interiors well-maintained. 

SPC Flooring has a higher extent of compatibility with underfoot heating however it is recommended to have the installation within temperature-controlled surroundings (not more than 60-degree).  Post the installation, the temperature might be increased. 

SPC Flooring is definitely a better choice than floor tiles because of most importantly the maximum levels of resistance and comfort it provides. It’s a safe choice for families with children because of its water and scratch-resistant nature.