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Get the highest quality carpets in Dubai for your homes and offices. We offer modern designs and patterns to make your places stylish.

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Get Luxurious Carpets in Dubai for Your Home

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home, buy our exquisite carpets in Dubai. Our floor carpets are known for their unique designs and top-quality materials. You can choose from a variety of materials, such as silk, wool, or a combination of both, to create a soft, comfortable, and luxurious home flooring. Investing in our luxurious carpet in the UAE is a smart choice that will add elegance and comfort to your homes.


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Explore Different Materials of Carpets in Dubai at Our Store

At our carpet store in Dubai, we offer a wide range of carpet materials to our customers. Every carpet material has different features. You can get suggestions from our consultants to get the right material according to your needs. For instance, our silk carpets are the best option for giving a high-end look to your place. On the other hand, our natural carpets, like jute, add warmth to your place with their simple and attractive looks. Here are some of our most popular carpet manufacturing materials:







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Buy Customized Carpets in Dubai From Us at Affordable Rates

Our exquisite and purposeful yet cheap curtains Dubai not just make the most useful must-haves for any and every living space, but also offer a mind-blowing beautification for the surroundings. From luxurious choices to the basic options, you can find it all with us and we promise to bring about the kind of change for your interiors that you’ll never stop adoring. Plus, we also provide specialized customized curtains for all settings.

Our Best-Selling Carpet Types in Dubai 

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Benefits of Getting Our Carpets in Dubai

We provide the highest quality floor carpets for residential and commercial settings. There are many advantages to buying our modern carpets in Dubai. Some of the main reasons to get our carpets are given below:

  • Insulation: You will get excellent insulation with our carpets, and they’ll also help keep your home cool in the summer.
  • Safety: They have a non-slip surface, making them the safest option for children and elderly people.
  • Durability: Our carpets are made to last for many years to come. They can withstand heavy foot traffic.
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  • Sound Reduction: Our carpets absorb sound and reduce noise levels, making them an excellent choice.
  • Stylish Look: We offer the finest carpets in various designs and patterns to add a stylish touch to your spaces.
  • Soft Surface: Our affordable carpets in Dubai are made of extremely soft materials to provide a comfortable surface to walk on.

You can take a look at the charm of having our luxurious carpets in Dubai. These are some of our recent projects. Visit our carpet store in Dubai to see the most extensive variety of carpets.

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Get the Perfect Carpet Installation in Dubai from Our Experts

Installation of floor carpets in your house plays a significant role in enhancing the functionality and comfort of the interiors. Our team of professionals comply with the international quality standards to install your carpets in the best way. This carpeting treatment always comes out as the most stunning and comforting addition.

Even if you have an uneven existing floor, our experts will use carpet underlay or padding to cover the imperfections of your subfloor.

The Essentials Of Our Carpet Installation In Dubai


Product Selection

You can visit our store or explore our gallery to check out the latest and most gorgeous carpets designs in Dubai.


Quotations Request

Our team of experts is always available on call to provide free quotes for your selected carpet design.


Floor Measurements

We aim to provide the perfect fitting of carpets. To achieve this, we provide free measurements to our customers.

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After getting the exact measurements of your floor, we provide customers with an estimation of the time and budget required.


Product Delivery

After order confirmation from the customers, we prepare your selected carpet to be installed on your floor.



You will get the most perfect carpet installation services in Dubai from our expert team.

Why Choose us

Our company is the top-rated carpet brand in the UAE. If you search for the best carpet near me, you will find us as one of the top-rated carpet providers in Dubai. You can get various carpet designs, materials, and textures for your residential or commercial space from us. Our professional consultants are always available to make your design selection process easy. We believe in providing the best carpets in the UAE at reasonable rates. Carpet prices are very high in Dubai, so we offer multiple special discounts. Get in touch with us to buy the best carpets in Dubai.

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  • Years of Experience
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Affordable Prices
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Design Furniture is the best carpet company in Dubai, where you can get high-quality carpets at the most affordable pricing. Improve your home décor with our carpeting services. Moreover, our carpets are extremely cost-effective, which makes them the best home improvement and décor addition.

The most important considerations during a carpet replacement project include efficiently removing the old carpet and underlayment, considering moving the furniture items to a separate place and cleaning the subfloor. Our expert team makes your floor clean and ensures a levelled subfloor.

Yes, you should install padding under your carpets. It increases the lifespan of the carpet and prevents it from damage. It also makes the carpeting more comfortable underfoot. In addition, if you have holes in your floor, padding can cover those to give you a smooth floor.

Vacuuming the carpets twice weekly is necessary to keep them in good condition. Consider using a vinegar solution or any mild commercial cleaner mixed with warm water for deep cleanup and stain removal. Also, it’s super important to timely address all the spills and splashes.

Nylon carpets are one of the most durable floor coverings available in the market. They are durable and easy to clean. Our company offers many other durable carpets too. Wool and polyester are also one of the most useful options for floor carpeting. Our high-end manufacturing of carpets makes every carpet long-lasting and heavy-duty for high-traffic places.

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