The Best Outdoor Flooring Options | 7 Best Ideas

Flooring is not meant for indoor areas alone; it is also an ideal choice for the outdoor sitting areas to make them suitable for your family to spend their time in the company of nature. The outdoor area is also a welcoming area for guests and the look of the outdoors tells about all the home decor, so it must be good and well managed.

The installation of outdoor flooring is the best idea to beautify the patios or lawns. There are many choices for outdoor patio flooring in 2022. If you want to install an ideal flooring option in your outdoor sitting area, then this blog is going to be very interesting for you.

I am going to mention the most trending outdoor flooring for the patio and lawns that everyone can install and glorify their floors. So read the blog to find a suitable flooring option for the outdoor area.

1. Artificial Grass

Artificial grass Outdoor Flooring Options

I am mentioning artificial grass first because it is the best flooring option for lawns and patios. Real grass is very mess-creating, so people don’t like to grow it in their outdoor areas. So artificial grass, not the old traditional astroturf but the latest version of artificial grass, is the best choice for homeowners.

The natural look of the artificial grass adds beauty to the place and gives the outdoor area a soothing environment. It is free from all chemicals and pesticides, so it is also completely safe for children and pets.


  • Soft Texture: The texture of artificial grass is very soft. Walking on it gives a cozy feeling. It is much better than real grass with sharp edges.
  • Allergens Free: The artificial grass is free from all allergens because it absorbs nothing from the environment, so it is safe for everyone.
  • Low Maintenance: Artificial grass requires only low maintenance, so there is no need to cut it and remove the weeds. It is free from all the weeds. There is also no need to use pesticides and fungicides on it.
  • Beautiful Looks: The artificial grass is exquisite. It can transform their boring place into an oasis.


  • Expensive: Artificial grass is more expensive than real grass. Although it is easy to maintain, pay more at the start.
  • Damage Over Time: When artificial flooring is abused, it deteriorates

2. Composite Wood Flooring

composite wood outdoor flooring

The most beautiful outdoor flooring option is composite wood flooring. The feel that it gives to the floor differs from all other flooring types. The composite wood will give the place a chic/modern look.

Composite wood flooring is the ideal way to get the traditional wooden floor look while eliminating all the problems associated with traditional wood flooring. These flooring options not only enhance the floor but also make it comfortable. You always feel good when you walk on this floor.


  • Accessibility: Hardwood flooring is difficult to find, and you have to do a lot of research about its quality and good sellers, but you can buy composite flooring from anywhere with the ideal texture and quality.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance of composite wood is far easier than maintaining real wood. It is free from all the problems of real wood. It can easily be cleaned with a broom or soap solution.
  • Fire Resistance: This flooring is completely fire resistant. So if burning candles and ashes fall on the wood floor, it will not turn into a big fire.
  • Installation: The installation of composite flooring is very easy. Everyone can install this flooring without having professional skills.
  • Eco Friendly: Because the making of composite flooring does not use real wood, it is good for the environment because there is no cutting of trees for the making of the floor.


  • Heat: Plastic more readily reacts to heat as compared to real wood. So the composite flooring can get hot in the burning sunlight.
  • Cost: This flooring option is more expensive than other flooring options mentioned in this list, such as outdoor carpets.

3. Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring as outdoor flooring

Rubber flooring is one of the best flooring options for outdoor areas if the outdoor area is used as a play area for kids and pets. Rubber flooring is completely slip-resistant and prevents children from all injuries. People can also use the outdoor area as a yoga place or an exercise area when it has rubber flooring.

Rubber flooring is also a cost-effective option if you have a large outdoor area. It looks completely adorable on the outdoor patio and lawns and gives an amazing and different look to the place.


  • Cost-Effective: This is one of the most cost-effective flooring options for outdoor areas. The cost of rubber flooring is less than compared to composite wood flooring.
  • Slip Resistance: This flooring is completely resistant to water and also protects people from slipping. That is why this flooring is ideal for workouts.
  • Low Maintenance: Rubber flooring requires very little maintenance. It does not get dirty too easily, so there is no need to clean it frequently.
  • Comfortable: When walking on rubber flooring, you will feel coziness under your feet. This flooring is also best for walking and running.


  • Foul Odor: Rubber flooring has a foul odor that remains for a week or a month, depending on the quality of the flooring. High-quality flooring has less of a smell compared to low-quality rubber flooring.
  • Difficult To Install: Rubber flooring is very heavy, that’s why it is difficult to install. If you have to install it in a large outdoor area, it takes a long time.

4. Foam Tiles

Foam tiles for outdoor option

Foam tiles are another flooring option for outdoor areas. Foam tiles are best for people who want to make their outdoor area more comfortable to walk on. The foam tiles are best for elderly people, so they can enjoy the beauty of nature on the lawn while walking on the most comfortable floor.

All foam tiles are not ideal for outdoor areas. Always buy high-quality foam tiles for outdoor areas that are specially made for outdoor places so they can easily bear sunlight and rain.


  • Easy To Install: The foam tiles are very easy to install as compared to rubber flooring. This is a very time-consuming process, and everyone can do this.
  • Easy To Clean: The foam flooring tiles are very easy to clean. You can easily clean these tiles with a damp mop or by using a detergent solution.
  • Safe: Foam tiles are safe for all. This flooring is especially for homes with elderly people and children, so if they fall, they don’t get hurt because of the cushioning effect of foam tiles.
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal: One of the most significant advantages of foam tiles is that they are antibacterial and antifungal. It can protect the outdoor area from all the diseases caused by pollen.


  • Cost: Foam flooring is very cost-effective, but when it comes to high-quality outdoor foam tiles, pay some extra money to buy them.
  • Less Durable: The foam is soft, which makes it less durable. Foam flooring doesn’t last as long as rubber or composite wood flooring.

5. Court Flooring

Court outdoor flooring option

If you want to convert the outdoor area into an outdoor basketball court or pickle ball court, then the court flooring is ideal for your place. Court flooring will allow you to play games in the home’s outdoor area without injuries. This flooring is completely anti-slip, even more than rubber flooring.

Court flooring is completely resistant to weather changes. No matter if the weather is hot or cold, this flooring will maintain its temperature. It will not be damaged by the devastating changes occurring in the environment. The color of the court flooring also doesn’t get damaged by harmful UV radiation.


  • Easy To Install: This is one of those outdoor floorings which can be installed in just 30 to 40 minutes. The installation of this flooring is very easy and anyone can save their money by installing it on their own.
  • Many Color Options: There are many color options for this flooring. It is very easy to choose this flooring according to the outdoor theme. The designs and styles of this flooring make it unique.
  • UV Radiation Resistant: This flooring is completely resistant to UV radiation. So it will not get damaged by the harmful effects of UV radiation. The color of this flooring will never fade.
  • Slip Resistant: If anyone wants flooring that is completely slip-resistant other than rubber flooring, then he can buy court flooring for his outdoor area. This flooring is completely slip-resistant, even if it has water on it.


  • Can’t protect When Fall From Height: This flooring cannot absorb the impact when someone falls on it. So if someone falls from a height on it, it can’t protect him from injuries. It can lessen the falling circumstances, but can’t protect from falling loss.

6. Brick Flooring

Court outdoor flooring option

One of the most durable flooring options on this list is brick flooring. This flooring can offer a wide variety of patterns and colors, which can give the outdoors a unique look. The brick flooring is very easy to repair. All the other flooring is difficult to repair, and some flooring can’t even be repaired.

The maintenance of this flooring is very easy as you can easily wash it with water. For the installation of brick flooring, hire an expert so he can perfectly install the floor. This flooring can also depend on the underlay of the concrete floor, so it can easily adjust to the floor.


  • Easy To Clean: This flooring is one of those floors that is very easy to clean. You can easily wash the brick flooring with no tension from its wear and tear.
  • Non-Allergic: This flooring never promotes allergies; it never absorbs bacteria or viruses harmful to human health.
  • Non-Slip Surface: The surface of this flooring is completely non-slip. You can easily run and walk on the brick floor while it is wet with no danger of slipping.
  • Fireproof: This flooring is completely fireproof, which is why it can protect the floor from every type of damage from fire, ashes, and candles.


  • Hard Surface: The biggest flaw with this brick flooring is that it has a hard surface. You won’t feel coziness when you walk on it.
  • Cold Underfoot: The brick floor always remains cold. It is beneficial in the summers but not in the winters.

7. Outdoor Carpet

Outdoor carpet options

Here I am not talking about lush bedroom carpets. I am talking about outdoor carpets that are specially made for outdoor sitting areas to make them ideal for having coffee and tea. Outdoor carpets are low pile carpets that are mostly seen in offices. Use outdoor carpets if your outdoor area is covered.

Outdoor carpets are not fully resistant to rain and weather changes, so if you have open outdoor areas, then you should go for another flooring option. The installation of outdoor carpets is very easy and less time-consuming. The look that outdoor carpets give to your floor will add warmth and coziness to your place.


  • Easy To Install: The outdoor carpet flooring is very easy to install. Using glue on the carpet can easily adhere it to the floor, which everyone can do.
  • Stylish: Carpets are the most stylish outdoor flooring option. There is a large variety of colors, patterns, designs, and styles in the carpets that can easily be chosen according to the exterior decor.
  • Low Price: The price of outdoor carpets is low as compared to composite wood flooring and rubber flooring.
  • Cover Damaged Floors: Carpets can cover damaged floors, so they can give a fantastic look to the outdoor areas.


  • High Maintenance: Carpets need high maintenance and proper care. Remove the stain from the carpet by using different techniques


I have mentioned all the best outdoor flooring options for every type of outdoor area. You can select the perfect option from the flooring that looks fantastic on the floors. Best of luck with the selection of outdoor flooring for patios and lawns.

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