Top 8 Hardwood Flooring Trends For 2024

2024 flooring trends differ a lot from those which were trending in 2024. The combination of traditional and modern flooring styles is very popular these days. People want flooring solutions that can offer their homes either a classic or a contemporary look. Hardwood flooring, with its highest versatility, can provide both looks.

Hardwood floors nowadays come with different styles, patterns, and designs, which combine a modern touch along with the traditional look. People can choose from a variety of wood flooring options based on their preferences.

Today, I’m going to talk about some of the most popular hardwood flooring ideas for 2024, which you can consider matching to the interior of your home and get the most amazing outcomes. This article will assist you in determining the best hardwood floor for your old floor, along with the benefits and downsides of the most popular flooring options, as well.

1. Light Brown Hardwood Floor

Light Brown Hardwood Floor

Dark Brown was the favourite colour of people for wooden flooring, but now the trends have been changing and experts go with light brown hardwood for the floors. The light brown colour of your flooring will allow you to adjust it in any type of interior.

The light brown color of the hardwood will also hide all the scratches and marks on the floor more effectively as compared to dark brown floors. The beauty of light brown turns out to be way more impressive than any other shade of hardwood.

This colour, despite the common belief, is great at concealing dirt and dust, which implies the plus point of easy maintenance. Also, you can give your interiors a way brighter and more spacious effect by installing this shade of natural or engineered wood flooring. Besides, there are vast choices available within the lighter shades of brown too, and you can always manage to find your favourite hue(s) that will complement your home decors.

2. Dark Hardwood Floor

Dark Hardwood Floor

People who don’t like the idea of light brown hardwood floors must think about installing dark hardwood flooring on their floors. Dark hardwood has its own grace. The dark floor will never get old and damaged. Besides, it can go well with most of the interior decor, but it is particularly ideal for traditional and rustic themes.

If you want to decorate the place in a traditional style, then there is no hardwood flooring hue better than a dark one. Besides, it is available in different textures on the market, so anyone can easily select it according to their requirements and choice. Also, if you don’t want a particular hardwood flooring, then dark coloured Bamboo Flooring with a wooden texture is also an incredible idea.

However, if you want to make the floor the focal point of your room, then dark flooring is the best choice. The installation of dark flooring will add warmth and cosiness to any place.

3. Distressed Style Hardwood

Distressed Style Hardwood

Distressed style hardwood is also trending these days. This flooring is not one of those floors that are 150 years old, rather it’s the wood of today but appears to be ancient wood. It has all the marks and scratches that are present on old hardwood floors.

This flooring is one of the most beautiful floorings that is trending nowadays. Distressed style hardwood is mostly used in homes that have rustic countryside-inspired themes. Experts also use it in elegant contemporary places in which it can easily adjust.

When you put dark-coloured furniture on this flooring, it will instantly spice up your boring room. Also, it works the best with dark-coloured decor themes, essentially the modern decorations involving darker anchor pieces and/ or secondary furniture.

4. White Oak

White Oak

White oak is one of the most famous hardwood species that can give the utmost durability to a place. There are many white oak flooring options available on the market, both unfinished and finished. This is the flooring that has been used by experts in modern themed homes and villas to give them an ideal look.

White oak is one of the most stable hardwood floorings which creates the most graceful ornamentations. The white oak flooring planks are available in every colour and size, so you can easily use white oak as your flooring, no matter if you have a small room or a big one.

Because of its light colour, white oak can easily adjust to both lighter and darker themes. In lighter themes, it gives a decent look in combination with the decor. In darker theme areas, it creates a contrast and becomes the focal point of the place.

5. Brown Oak

Brown Oak

The harder grain of oak will allow it to get stained evenly and get a beautiful colour. Brown is one of the most popular colours for the staining of oak. The dark brown oak is highly resistant to stains and wear and tear. Brown oak will never absorb stains and foul smells, therefore, the entire floor system remains pleasant to be around.

Brown oak is not completely brown; it also has shades of red to make it more elegant and beautiful for the decors. The combination of grey, red, and brown will give the look of a 90s floor, so this flooring can easily adapt to any space in a residential setting.

6. Herringbone And Chevron Patterns

Herringbone And Chevron Patterns

Herringbone and chevron are the most beautiful patterns of hardwood flooring. If you want to use hardwood on your floor with a distinct pattern, then choose herringbone or chevron patterns as both make the most exquisite looking decors.

The difference between these two patterns is the angle of placement. Chevron is placed at a 45-degree angle and herringbone is placed at a 90-degree angle. Both patterns are trending these days and can be used in both contemporary and traditional settings.

These flooring patterns can be made from any type of hardwood flooring. These patterns are used to make the place seem more spacious than it is.

7. Hand Scraped Texture

Hand Scraped Texture

As the name shows, this type of hardwood flooring looks like it has been scraped by hand. This hardwood texture is rough and gives an ancient-fashioned look to your floor. It is ideal for people who want to create a rustic look in their homes or offices and give a dramatic feel to the room.

Both the texture and colour of this hardwood flooring are unique, and you can add this to your place when you want to make it more presentable and attractive.

8. Wire Brushed Hardwood

Wire Brushed Hardwood

The finishing of this flooring is unique, which makes it distinctive from all the other flooring. The surface of this flooring is scratched with a wire brush. That’s why it is named wire-brushed hardwood. The scratching of the surface removes the softer part of the floor and makes it more resistant to damage.

If you think it can ruin the wood texture, then you are taking it wrong because it gives a more natural feel to the hardwood when you walk on it. If you want your floor to look like real wood, then it will definitely fulfil all your requirements because it does not give a smooth/glossy look to the floor, which sometimes seems fake.

It is the middle option between the hardwood floors, similar to the choice of Herringbone Flooring. If you don’t want too much shine and smoothness in the flooring, then wire-brushed hardwood is the ideal solution for you.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

After knowing all the trending hardwood flooring designs and patterns, now you must know the benefits of installing hardwood flooring so you can easily choose one for your place. Here are some of the most important benefits of hardwood for your floor.

1. Easy To Clean And Maintain

Hardwood floors are very easy to clean and maintain. People are very busy in their lives, so they don’t have too much time to manage their floors. Hardwood flooring is the best solution for all those people who want a low-maintenance floor. Regular brooming on the floor will remove all the dust, dirt, and pet hair from the floor and make it clean.

The hardwood never absorbs stains such as chocolate and coffee stains. So people who have this flooring don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning the stains. The multi-layers of engineered hardwood can withstand high foot traffic while staying unaffected from all the wear and tear, too.

2. Adjust With Any Interior

Another, most prominent benefit of hardwood flooring is that it can easily be adjusted to any type of interior. No matter if you have a modern or classic interior, this flooring looks ideal in all places and gives off a fantastic look.

3. Highly Durable

Hardwood flooring is one of the most durable types of flooring. With proper care and maintenance, you can even use the flooring for 100 years. This flooring is resistant to high foot traffic and also stains. So it does not get damaged easily.

4. Amazing Looks

The look of this flooring is very amazing and appears to be the most unique of all, too. Besides, it seems particularly luxurious and is a great way to complement any of home decor, in minimal yet effective ways.

5. Increase Resale Value

Buyers prefer homes with durable flooring such as hardwood engineered flooring. If your home has hardwood flooring, the resale value of your home automatically increases, which will definitely give you benefits in the future.


By now, you can easily select any of the top 8 hardwood flooring trends for 2024 for your floor to make it more stylish and modern. The mentioned trends in flooring will help you select the best hardwood floor for you. Hoping for this article to be helpful for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the most famous and favorite hardwood floor colors are gray undertones, Rustic colors with various variations, warm red tones, taupe color, light shades, Cherry tones, Classic Pine styles, multicolor characters, light gray and bold and red.

Some of the best hardwood flooring choices are Oak, Cherry, Maple, Bamboo, Ebony, Walnut, Mahogany and Ash. These choices make the best solid hardwood flooring products and are simply the most excellent recommendations for areas with higher extents of foot traffic.

Reclaimed wood refers to the phenomenon of reusing old building materials, otherwise known as recycling, which in fact, is a really smart and effective approach towards conserving nature. Besides, what you get is absolutely valuable, as it’s an original and authentic flooring product. 

Polyurethane finish is the best idea for both solid and engineered hardwood floors as it offers a promising and durable performance. It is available in two types, i.e. oil-based and water-based and you can make a selection according to your floor type, in order to protect it from scratches and similar damages.

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