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Window Curtains Dubai by Design Furniture is an entirely difference-making approach to your statement home décor, involving both endless beautification and benefits. Our classy and durable window drapes make the most long-lasting, serviceable, and attractive window treatment. Besides, easy maintenance, privacy protection, well-balanced surroundings, and acoustic protection are some other major plus points of these curtains. At our platform, you’ll come across super dynamic solutions for your windows, which will be a lot more functional than your previous window treatments.

Enjoy The Most Welcoming Decors With Curtains Dubai 

Curtains, for sure, are the part and parcel of any and every interior theme, so there does arise a dire need for their careful selection. And to make curtain choice the easiest and super favorable, we’ve come up with extensive collections for you to choose from. Particularly, our kids curtains and living room curtains feature a solid build quality and therefore they are meant to serve you for extensive time periods. That’s because curtains upgrade or purchase is one of the major home improvement decisions, and we strive to make the next one maximally and long-term favorable for you.

Besides the heavy-duty functionality, our Curtains Dubai are equally pleasing to look at too, thus making your surroundings a lot more delightful for you. Also, in case you’re not fond of shopping for ready-made curtain styles, we also provide high-end curtain customization services too, with which you can easily acquire any and every desired styling of yours.

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Upgrade Your Interiors With Our Best Curtains Dubai

We’ve got a suitable choice for every single distinctive requirement of yours, whether it’s functionality based or is décor respective. Curtains are truly those elements that can make or break the entire look of a place, so you would surely want to make this very selection of your home décor as precise as possible.

Curtains Dubai is a vast spectrum that includes super pleasing choices to ideally sync into any given decorative theme. Besides, these curtains are suave enough that they can also be used as the base for beginning an entire room or space styling.

We Are The Top-Tier Curtain Suppliers In UAE

Best Curtains Suppliers in UAE

Our mission is to provide you with comfortable curtain selection

And we shall make you have the best curtain shopping experience for your homes and offices. You can easily find any of your desired curtain types at our curtain shop in Dubai and can also request customized services in this regard. Besides, if you want a little extraordinary approach, then you can also opt for our Window Blinds Dubai, as an alternative to the traditional window treatment. These blinds are a great option to consider when it comes to durability and serviceability. And we’ve got endless options for you in this regard, as well.

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Featured Curtain Products And Services  

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Bedrooms Curtains

Our bedroom curtains in Dubai ensure the level best comfort provision and privacy protection for the personalized spaces of bedrooms. Besides, they feature super complementing designs and styles, too.

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Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains add an appealing charm to outdoor decors and can significantly transform the look of any given outdoor space. These curtains feature highly resilient profiles which are suitable for external usage.


Bathroom Curtains

Bathroom Curtains Dubai are a classy ornamental element to add to your bathrooms. These are waterproof in nature and therefore can be used for shower stalls, partition purposes and for general décor.

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Blackout Curtains

The most serviceable and comforting version of window treatment, Blackout window curtains create the coziest environments. And these curtains are an exceptionally ideal choice for bedrooms and offices.

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Office Curtains

We feature the finest collections of office curtains in Dubai which are perfectly presentable according to the commercial décor requirements. They are excellent at boosting both comfort and productivity.

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Electric Curtains

These smart curtains are great for saving time, money, and energy. They look super inviting with their sleek profiles and can be easily operated in multiple ways, thus are a totally excellent and favorable investment.


Home Curtains

Shop the trendiest styles of home window curtains and add a great deal of charm into your interiors. We’ve got endless collections to go well along with your home décor themes.


Linen Curtains

Featuring thick yet plush profiles, our Linen Curtains Dubai are great at insulating the interiors and these are the most suitable window treatment choice for any given atmospheric condition.


Curtain Accessories

Spice up the look of both your old and new curtains with our ritzy curtains accessories and essentials. These accessorizing elements will ease operating the curtains while also making them stand out.

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Soundproof Curtains

Crafted with the finest quality acoustic backings, these incredible window curtains will provide you with flawlessly noise and disruption-free environments, for maintaining both good productivity and mental health.

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Curtain Fixing

Bring your defiled, defaced and damaged curtains to us and we’ll fix them most seamlessly for you. Getting this proficient treatment is a way too affordable approach as compared to investing in new curtains.

balcony curtains

Balcony Curtains

Amp up the look of your balconies, terraces, deckings, and patios with our Balcony curtains in Dubai. These curtains are incredibly resilient to withstand all external wear and tear and atmospheric impact.

curtain alteration

Curtain Alterations

Not satisfied with the profile or size of your curtains? Bring them to us for the most skillful treatment which will make them absolutely suitable to your requirements.

curtains rails

Curtain Rails

Ensure the right kind of suspension and flaunting for your curtains with our quality rails available in a vast variety of styles, sizes, finishes and designs.

curtain rods

Curtain Rods

Explore our versatile collection of the most complementing curtain rods for your curtains. These are highly durable and come in multiple designs to suit every single curtain style.

How Our Premium Dubai Curtains Favor Your Lifestyle

  • Our high-quality window drapes are, in the first place, the ultimate effective way to enhance any and every room’s beauty and to give the entire decor a really well put-together and cohesive appearance.
  • Being manufactured from completely non-toxic materials, these curtains contribute majorly to creating healthy and VOC-free indoor air quality.
  • These curtains keep pollutants, Sun damage, external noise, microbes, and pathogens at bay, thus creating the most hygienic and well-maintained interiors, while also providing protection to all the stuff.
  • They are easy to care for and don’t require a lot of heavy or costly maintenance, besides, they last long for decades on end.
  • These curtains are a great way to keep the living spaces private and secure, thanks to their high-coverage profiles. Also, you can get them in transparent or translucent versions for benefiting from natural air and light and for a nice outside view.

Latest Curtains Collection 2022

Visit Our Curtain Shop In Dubai To Buy Cheap And Quality Curtains 

Get in touch with us for all of your window treatment requirements and we’ll provide you with timelessly perfect solutions for each of them. From floor-to-ceiling styles, all the way to those with particular sizing, you can find any and every version of your desired curtain profile. Besides the versatile lineups of ready-made curtains, we also offer Curtains Dubai customization services with which you can easily acquire your favorite window treatment styling.

Here’s how our curtains are a far better choice than others available in the market:

  • We provide a wide selection of curtain fabric according to residential requirements. You’re welcome to negotiate everything that you look forward to, in your next curtain upgrade.
  • Our curtains feature a build quality that is both heavy-duty and resilient at the same time. This makes the maintenance incredibly easy for you to carry out.
  • These curtains not only do the finest window dressing but also act as a barrier for your furniture and other interior stuff, preventing them from atmospheric damage.
  • You’ll notice a whole lot of comfort being added to your lifestyle with these curtains, as they are great at keeping all of the troublesome factors (noise, piercing glare, allergens, etc.) at bay.

Hire Our Expert Curtain Installers In UAE

The entire beauty and attractiveness of any given curtains majorly depend on how they are installed. And we, at Design Furniture, aim to provide you with every possible comfort under one roof in this regard. With that said, we’ve come up with our tried and tested skill set of curtain installation in Dubai, essentially a transformative treatment for your interiors. Our Curtains Dubai Installation services are entirely budget-friendly and give rise to the best outcomes.

These services will bring about a wholly new perspective on the way your home or office appears. Get in touch today and we’re right at your service to make you acquire the best window treatment for your places.

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When at Design Furnitureyou don’t just shop for a particular home décor product or service but add a major deal of comfort and long-term advantages to your lifestyle. This goes the same for our Curtains Dubai which are a true sign of comfort, classiness, and purposefulness, and are therefore the best investment to go forThese curtains are essentially an entire treatment that brings about multiple favorable aspects. So do make it quick to shop for the best Dubai curtains for your places from us!