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Laminate Flooring Dubai is an exceptional and extremely heavy-duty treatment for an ideal treatment of all the residential and commercial floors around you. Design Furniture brings you the trendiest styles of laminate luxury flooring in Dubai, so as to uplift the look of your interiors and provide you with a firm and finely durable and most importantly surfacing underfoot.


The High-end Structure Of Our Laminate Flooring Dubai Offers Infinite Benefits

  • Our flooring features an exquisitely detailed and essentially layered structure of wood along with a photographic applique layer atop the core of composite fibre board materials and melamine resin.
  • The multi-layer and super sturdy flooring has a topmost clear protective layer, as well, in order to ensure a fine, smooth, and leveled finish. It will insulate the interiors well and maintains an ideal temperature level. Besides, it’s excellent at acoustic protection, too.
  • Laminate Flooring Dubai is simply a mind-blowing decorative and functional ingredient to treat and preserve your spaces with.
  • With the extreme levels of durability and resistance, this flooring can withstand all conditions thrown at it, most importantly huge extents of foot traffic.
  • It’s the easiest to maintain and sustain, and you won’t be requiring another flooring treatment for years on end.

What Makes Our Laminate Floors Dubai Worth A Choice

Our exquisite quality laminate luxury floors are one of the most incredible ways to treat both your residential as well as commercial floors. This treatment, in the first place, is a smart and sustainable alternative to pricey floor choices, which makes it totally worth the investment and for good reason. Speaking of the aesthetics of this premium flooring, you get a number of mesmerizing style, finish, texture and color options and this way, you can easily create just about any of your desired home ornamentation.

Over and above, the highest resilience of this flooring makes it a perfect outdoor floor treatment as well and you can easily continue the usage for years straight without any trouble. All in all, this floor solution is a legit win-win deal to settle for which will ensure you the best value for your money. Order your favorite styles, now!

Enhance The Quality Of Your Home Floors With

Our exquisite Laminate Wood Flooring Dubai gives off the look of real wood and you can choose the best complementing floor styles from our vast range of patterns, textures and shades. This flooring is meant to complement every other space and syncs well with the rest of the room’s furnishing and décor stuff really well, too. 

Laminate Flooring Dubai does not get damaged by scratching or exposure to moisture and thus the appealing look is meant to outlast extended time spans of usage. Besides residential spaces, it makes an amazing commercial floor treatment, as well. 

Hire Us For The Effective Transformation Of Your Floors

And after that, you don’t need to worry about another aspect, ever again! We are the first-rate dealers of Laminate Premium Flooring in Dubai and will provide you with all the necessary stuff under one roof and with entire excellence. Our flooring along with the installation and organizing services is a phenomenal treatment that will bring about enormous aesthetics and comfort around you.

Moreover, our Laminate Flooring Dubai Price is wholly budget-friendly and this minimal yet favourable investment will benefit you for all the years to come. You can have as many floors as you want, treated by us with the ultimate perfection and also with the styling freedom of unique customizations. All this absolutely comes on a budget. So visit our exclusive galleries today and pick out your next laminate wood flooring Dubai idea, right away!

Types Of Laminate Flooring Dubai

Depending on the material, texture, and installation procedure, our laminate luxury flooring comes in a variety of types. The following are a few texture-based options.

  • Smooth finish: It provides the space with a gleaming appearance and reflects light but does not overpower the glossy appearance.
  • Matte finish: This one is a greatly popular version of Laminate Surface textures, due to the fact that it resembles the look of beautiful wooden floors with the highest grain and character.
  • Hand-scraped finish: As implied by the name, this version comes with a hand-done finish, which gives rise to a unique distressed and really valuable look.
  • Natural wood finish: It has the appearance of a natural wood floor, as its name suggests. One of the most popular finishes is raw wood.
  • Oiled wood finish: It features a classic design and appears to have been treated with natural oil.
  • High gloss finish: It has a gleaming and attractive appearance. It is the most appropriate choice for modern décor.
  • Oxide surface finish: This texture provides the floor with a gleaming and metallic appearance.

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Design Furniture not only provides you with all the essential stuff and services required for the most perfect and long-lasting treatment of your house. But also vast and versatile designs and customization options to choose from. Apart from the specialized Laminate Flooring Dubai, we’ve got you other classy floor treatment styles, such as the incredible choice of SPC Flooring Dubai. Get in touch today for acquiring the most suitable solution for your places!


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