Get Luxurious Laminate Flooring in Dubai from Us

Design Furniture offers exceptional and heavy-duty laminate flooring in Dubai for commercial and residential interior upgrades. We offer the trendiest styles of laminate luxury floor tiles to uplift your place’s look. Make this valuable purchase of a modern flooring option and enjoy numerous amazing benefits. Visit our showroom to discover the latest designs of this flooring to beautify your place.


Benefits of Installing Our Premium Laminate Flooring

  • Realistic Patterns: We feature trendsetting patterns in our laminate floor collection. You can add the look of natural wood or stone floors with these flooring tiles from our store.
  • Durability: They are highly durable and enduring floors to install in versatile places. We ensure the multi-layer premium construction to strengthen our laminate floors.
  • Comfort Underfoot: Our laminate floors are made to be installed in residential places because of their comfortable surface. It makes our floor treatment suitable for kids and pets to play.
  • Hypoallergenic: Our laminate flooring in Dubai is made of non-toxic materials, which makes them hypoallergenic. Their dust-free surface is very beneficial for people with respiratory issues.
  • Water-resistant: You can install our laminate floor tiles in water-prone areas as well without worrying about moisture damage because they are fully water-resistant.
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Choose the Best Laminate Flooring Type at Our Store

At our laminate flooring company in Dubai, we believe in offering versatility to our customers. You will feel lucky to have the helpful suggestions from our consultants. Visit our showroom in Al Quoz today to pick the most suitable laminate floor treatment type for your place according to your needs.

Plastic Laminate
Glueless Laminate
Textured Laminate

Enhance The Value Of Your Home With our Laminate Flooring

Our stylish laminate wood flooring gives off the look of real hardwood, and you can choose the best complementing floor styles from our vast range of patterns, textures, and shades. This flooring complements every space as it looks amazing with the rest of the room’s furnishing.

We provide this long-lasting flooring at very affordable rates. Our laminate flooring in Dubai does not get damaged by scratching. This high-end wooden appearance of your home floors will boost its resale value. Besides residential spaces, this attractive flooring also enhances the worth of commercial places.

Trendy Laminate Floor Finishes for Modern Interiors

Depending on the interior decor of your place, we offer different materials, textures, and design options to offer the ideal laminate flooring in Dubai. The following are a few texture-based options.

  • Smooth finish: It gives the space a gleaming appearance and reflects light to create an elegant interior.
  • Matte finish: Such finishing resembles the look of beautiful wooden floors with the highest grain and character.
  • Hand-scraped finish: This version comes with a hand-done finish, which gives rise to a unique and valuable look.
  • Oxide surface finish: This texture gives the floor a gleaming and metallic appearance, creating an adorable surface.
  • Natural wood finish: You can give a look of real hardwood floors to your place with this realistic laminate tile pattern.
  • Oiled wood finish: It features a classic design for traditional interiors. Such tiles appear to be treated with natural oil.
  • High gloss finish: It has a gleaming and attractive appearance. Choose this high-gloss finish for modern décor.

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What Makes Our Laminate Floors a Cost-Effective Choice?

Our premium quality laminate luxury floors are one of the most incredible ways to treat both your residential and commercial floors. We sell modern laminate flooring in Dubai that is a smart and sustainable alternative to expensive floor choices, which makes it worth the investment. Speaking of the aesthetics of our flooring, you will get many fascinating finishes, textures, and color options. This way, you can easily create a high-end interior look at budget-friendly rates.

Hire Us For The Efficient Installation Of Laminate Floors

You don’t want your valuable investment in a top-quality flooring purchase to be wasted with imperfect installations, do you? Obviously not! So, consider getting our professional installation services for laminate flooring. Design Furniture aims to justify all your effort and money used correctly. That is why we provide top-notch services.

From preparing the subfloor to applying finishes, our workers have expertise in everything regarding flooring installation. They place each laminated tile or plank with extra care to ensure proper alignment and placement. You will get durable and seamless laminate flooring installation in Dubai. Call us 24/7 to hire our reliable flooring treatments.

Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture provides you with flooring products and professional installation services required for the functionality of these floors. Our installed laminate tiles do not get damaged with excessive foot volume because we prepare the subfloor professionally to install flooring most efficiently. Being the leading service provider, we pay attention to both aspects of floors; lifespan and visual appeal. Get the best quality laminate flooring in Dubai from our store at 20% OFF prices.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Not as long as you wipe and vacuum it regularly. Laminate flooring is only prone to damage when exposed to dirt and debris a lot and you can eliminate that with a well-maintained cleaning schedule.

Pressed wood is used for manufacturing Laminate Flooring Dubai rather than real wood because this makes the flooring sturdier and more resistant to damage caused by staining or scratching. 

Mopping the laminate flooring every two months works pretty fine in terms of maintenance. Always make use of a nearly dry (well-wrung) mop and at best a micro-fibre one, so as to keep the damage at bay.

This isn’t something recommended by the experts until and unless you can take extremely good care at overriding spills and moisture. Otherwise, moisture damages laminate flooring and so it isn’t favourable to use it in moisture-prone areas.