Buy The Most Stylish Wooden Flooring in Dubai From Us

Wooden flooring in Dubai by Design Furniture is one of the most attractive and functional floor treatments for all kinds of places. Our luxury wood floors add great aesthetic ambience to your place and create an inviting atmosphere.

We provide gorgeous wooden patterns of different wood species to compliment your interior designs and furniture. This flooring is the most durable floor treatment, which lasts for many years. Buy the best flooring solutions in the UAE from us.


We Offer The Most Durable Wooden Floors in Dubai

Our top-quality wooden tiles induce a notable charm and amazing insulation levels in your place. This is the sturdiest flooring in comparison to other choices. You can install this versatile flooring in any kind of place. In addition, this lifetime durable flooring balances out the overall environment of your place with its visually pleasant structure. Also, it’s an inexpensive way to insulate your places and make the best investment for your home improvement.

Our specifically designed wooden flooring makes your place more functional for you. We offer a wide range of designs to ensure customer satisfaction with the texture and beauty of real wood. All types of wood species, like oak, maple, cherry and many others, are used by our experts to ensure the stability and strength of these floor tiles. This flooring will last for years in your homes and office and can be polished after many years for a fresher look.

Our Expert Crafting Ensures The Best Wooden Flooring Texture

Our flooring designs always remain the trendiest and appear the most stunning. No matter what type of interior design you have, our wooden tiles flooring will be the most appealing part. Besides beautifying the subfloors and the entire surroundings, our flooring provides the coziest surface underfoot.

This is just the best choice to go for if you want a green flooring. Natural wooden textures can never be old-fashioned. We provide different textures of wood, in accordance with your aesthetic preferences. You can also get different wood colour finishes from us to add a personalized look to your floor.

Advantages Of Having Our Wooden Flooring in Dubai

Our high-quality flooring offers a number of advantages, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Premium Look: Our wooden tiles flooring features a solid build quality, therefore, you get the most luxurious and high-end floor appearance for your interiors.
  • Timeless Beauty: Wooden flooring Dubai beautifies every decor theme with real wooden textures, deep grains, and versatile colors. It’s a particularly fine choice for traditionally styled interiors.
  • High-Performance: This flooring is highly resilient and can last for many years. The performance remains the same over time, and you can expect the best value for your money from this wooden floor treatment.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our flooring is an entirely green and sustainable product. It is low-VOC and specifically designed to improve your home’s air quality.
  • Versatility: This Flooring can be installed over any subfloor type, minimizing the need for subfloor preparation. Besides, it can be installed in residential and commercial areas for the most attractive interior looks.

Hire Our Experts For The Perfect Wooden Flooring Installation

In addition to the finest quality flooring treatments, we offer the most error-free flooring installation services all over the UAE. You can get our services for all sorts of floor fittings, fixing, and installations, and Wooden Flooring Dubai isn’t an exception as well. We shall make you experience the most comfortable and delightful version of your place with our excellence.

In addition to matchless perfection, we do ensure complete budget-friendliness for our services, making you enjoy a home improvement without breaking the bank.

  • Cost-effective Services
  • Free Measurements
  • Innovative Installation Patterns
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

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Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture is the platform where you can find the most low-maintenance, stylish, affordable and long-lasting wooden flooring in Dubai. We offer the best floor solutions for your homes and offices. You can visit our showroom at Al Quoz, Dubai, to see the complete variety of our wooden tiles, available in unique color, finishe, and texture options are available. We provide our high-quality flooring and top-notch installation services at very cheap prices. Feel free to call us at +971502136026 for any queries.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

As a rough estimate, the cost of wooden flooring in Dubai can range from AED 100 to AED 600 per square meter, including installation. The exact pricing depends on the type of wood used.

Our flooring can efficiently serve you for up to 100 years without getting wear and tear. We use the finest materials in our flooring to ensure its longevity. It will be an everlasting investment for your place.

You should watch out for spills and clean them immediately. Consider mild dusting daily, or you can vacuum the floors. Using specified floor cleaners monthly is pretty enough to maintain its shiny look.

Solid Wooden flooring, initially, is not waterproof, therefore careful handling is recommended, which involves no exposure to moisture (spills and splashes) and sparse water usage during cleanups. Whereas, engineered hardwood flooring is quite water-resistant, so you can consider it for moisture-prone areas.