11 Best Tips to Keep Rugs From Sliding

Rugs are one of the best solutions for your home when it comes to adding a traditional look to your place. They are really attractive in each form, no matter if they are handmade or machine-made. However, rugs can be as majorly dangerous as they are beautiful when they slip. Slipping of rugs is a very common phenomenon on marble and wood floors.

Any shiny or smooth surface can be the reason for the rug slipping. If you want to save yourself and your family from any serious accidents resulting from the slipping of rugs, then you have to take some precautions while installing rugs at your place. There are many methods that you can use to keep your rugs from sliding.

If you want to know about all the tips and methods that can make your rugs more secure in your home, then continue reading this blog and you will find an ideal solution for your rugs.

1. Rubber Pads

Rubber Pads

Rubber is the best anti-slipping material that you can use to prevent yourself from slipping. As we use rubber slippers in washrooms to prevent slipping, you can install rubber pads under your rugs also to keep them from sliding.

Rubber pads are available in every size, so you can easily get a pad according to the size of your rug. You just need to place it under your rug and then place your rug over it. Now your rug is completely safe and you can use it without any concern.

2. Gripper Tape


Gripper tape is the best way to keep rugs in place. It is also used for placing carpets. Gripper tape is easily available, and you just need to adhere the tape to the ends or corners of your rugs and then place them on the floor. Push the rugs where you apply the tape, and then this tape makes your rugs completely anti-slip.

This tape is used only for small area rugs and carpets because it may be less effective for large carpets. So, if you have a small carpet and you are looking for a quick anti-slipping solution, then this method is best for you.

3. Silicone Caulk

Silicone Caulk

Silicone caulk is a type of adhering material that can be used for many things that you need to glue. Silicone caulk is found in tubes and you can find these tubes at any home improvement store near your home. To apply this caulk, you just need to put it on the backside of the rug.

You can apply it in dots or straight lines on the rug and wait until the silicone dries. When the silicon gets dried, now it’s time to put your rug on the floor. This method is also very helpful to keep your rugs from sliding.

4. Rug Pins


Rug pins are used to keep the rugs in their place when your rug or carpet is in the wall-to-wall profile. Rug pins are very easy to install and they do not damage the carpet as well, something that is likely to happen with glues. You just need to put the rug pins in the corners of the rugs.

When you step on the rug pin, it doesn’t hurt you because it is completely flat. The upper part of the pin is made in such a way that it can easily be invisible to the eyes and therefore not appear unpleasant in any way. The lower part of the pin is fixed on the underlayment or subfloor and attaches your rugs to it.

5. Rug Pad And Carpet Tape

Rug-Pad-And-Carpet-Tape 1

If you want to double the security of your rugs, then you can use a rug pad with carpet tape. This is the best method to keep rugs on floors such as marble or wooden floors. For this method, you have to adhere the tape to the back of the rug and then attach it to the rug pad. Keep the rug pad on the floor.

You can also apply carpet tape on the back of the rug pad so this pad also gets attached to the floor and there is no chance of your rug moving from its place even when your house gets subjected to heavy foot traffic. This is one of the best ways to protect rugs.

6. Rubber Shelf Liner

Rubber Shelf Liner

If you want a cheap solution to keep your rug from slipping, then you can also use a shelf liner that you are using in your kitchen to organize your dishes in place. The rubber shelf liner also works as a rubber pad for rugs.

You can attach the rubber shelf liner under your carpet with pins or glue, or even place it under your carpet, and it will surely protect your family members from slipping on rugs. This is a very cheap method, and you don’t have to buy anything from the market.

7. Hook and Loop Anchors

Hook and Loop Anchors

Hook and loop anchors are also known as velcro. You may see it in kids’ school shoes. It consists of two fibre strips that have adhesive ends and fasten the shoes. This hook and loop anchor performs the same function for your rugs, as well.

If you are placing your rug over the carpet, then this is the best solution. You just need to put a strip on the back side of the rug and attach it to the carpet. The strip tightly joins the rug and carpet with each other, thus resolving the problem of rug slipping.

8. Double-sided Tape

Double-sided Tape

You can also use double-sided tape on your rug or carpet, which you want to stick on the floor. For this purpose, place the carpet in the exact position in which you want it to be positioned. Then you have to roll up half of the carpet and apply double-sided tape to it.

After applying the tape, place your rug on the floor and then apply the tape on the other half of your rug or carpet. Now your carpet is completely fixed to your floor. With the help of this tape, you can protect yourself from slipping on rugs.

9. Hot Glue

Hot Glue

One of the cheapest and easiest methods of keeping the rugs in place is the use of hot glue. You just need to buy a glue gun from the market, and then you can get many benefits from it. This method is also beneficial due to the fact that it lets you easily remove the rug from the floor, whenever you want.

You just need to apply a generous amount of glue to the back of the rug and your rug will easily get attached to the floor. You can also use this glue for wall-to-wall carpeting or for commercial carpets. This hot glue keeps your carpet or rug in place.

10. Felt Pads

Felt Pads

Felt pads are used under the carpets to increase the thickness and face weight of the carpet. They add an elegant feel when you walk on your rug. You can get a felt pad according to the size of your rug. It not only increases the comfort of your rug but also gives it effectively anti-slip.

For more protection for your rug, you can add carpet tape under your pad or under your rug. This can increase the safety of your rugs because sometimes the felt pad can also slip on the smooth floor, so it is safe to add tape or glue along with the felt pad.

11. Protect Curling Rolls of Rugs


It may happen in your house that due to heavy traffic on rugs, their corners curl and then people get stuck in the corners and fall. So, if you stop the curling corners of the rugs, you can easily lessen the chance of slipping on rugs.

To prevent curling corners, simply apply tape to the curling corners of the rugs, and the corners will automatically stick to the ground. It will become straight and then there will be no chance of anyone falling because of them.


Curling corners and slipping rugs can be very dangerous for you and your family. If someone slips on them, they can be seriously injured, so you must have a remedy for this. We have mentioned the 11 best ways to keep rugs from sliding, so you can select any of them and can benefit from them to a great extent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can use hot glue or double-sided tape to keep the rug from moving on the carpet. This is the best way to secure your rugs from sliding.

Rug pads and carpet tapes are the best solutions to attach the rug to the hardwood floor. You can place a rug pad and attach your rug to it with the help of carpet tape.

You can add hook and loop anchors if your rug pad is making a noise. Attach the hook and loop anchor on the backside of the pad and then attach it to the floor, and it will stop making noise.

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