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We Are A Top-Rated Supplier Of Luxury Upholstery Dubai

Design Furniture presents to you the smartest solution to all reupholstery needs. Our Upholstery Dubai Services is a spectrum of luxury & comfort. We have expertise in fixing old and worn-out furniture pieces as well as beautifying treatments for new ones.

Give your headboard, sofa, or chair a whole new look with our services. For sofa upholstery, we use top-quality fabrics and techniques to restore your old sofa. Call us now for reupholstery or sofa repair in Dubai from our team.

Make Your Furniture Comfortable Today with Our Upholstery

We are the first-rate providers of upholstery in Dubai and we offer all the essential services for furniture treatments. These upholstering services involve the potential fixing of all the defiled and defaced furniture items while also making it much more comfortable and visually pleasing than how it used to be.

Our quality upholstering services work wonders regarding saving your money, particularly in times when you don’t find it really possible to spend on new furniture. This goes specifically true for Sofa Repair Dubai, which is the most suitable fix for all of the damaged or defiled sofas and couches.

In addition to addressing all the issues, our skill for providing upholstery services modernizes all kinds of furniture items, thus giving them a transformed look. All of our re-fabrication, reupholstering, re-covering and alteration services are specifically aimed at making your furniture notably more comfortable for you.

Enjoy The Cost-effective Perks Of Our Upholstery in Dubai

Our services are primarily aimed to help you make the most out of your furnishing, by reviving it most ideally for you. Upholstering furniture is one of the most incredible and timelessly advantageous services available in our company.

Our luxury upholstery in Dubai is the perfect choice for both new and existing furniture – giving new life to them, without spending excessively. Besides, this is also the best idea regarding the styling customizations and modifications of your furniture according to your taste.

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Revive Your Worn-Out Couches With Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Sofa upholstery and sofa repair Dubai are our noteworthy expertise. Within this vast skill set, we carry out the quickest fixing and repair of your custom sofas and also make them a lot cozier for you. This, of course, comes with multiple health benefits, as comfortable seating is meant to enhance both your health as well as your productivity. So, get the right back support while sitting on your upholstered sofa by our team. Call now and our will team will pick up your sofa from your location for sofa repair and upholstery services.

We Offer The Quickest And Most Durable Sofa Repair Dubai

Most Durable Sofa Repair Dubai

Our mission is to provide you with the best upholstery fabric

On Time Delivery

Sofa Repair Dubai is one of the in demand services at our shop. People who want custom furniture services, they can get our sofa upholstery service Dubai. These services ensure that all the possible flaws of your valuable sofas, couches, seaters and sleepers are fixed seamlessly. The treatment does involve beautifying the given furniture pieces as well, making them stand out.

You might have had your sofas and other similar furniture repaired a couple of times in the past. However, we ensure doing it in a way that is meant to last for 20+ years. Besides being budget-friendly, our sofa repair Dubai service will prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

Our Extensive Lineup Of Upholstery Services In Dubai


Chair Upholstery

Chair Upholstery Dubai is the top-quality enhancing treatment for all your chairs, maximizing their looks and comfort level. You can have any of your required styling, fabrication and upholstering done to your chairs, making them super useful for you.

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Headboard Upholstery

The ultimate reviving treatment for your beds is with headboard covering in Dubai. We provide the perfect way to upgrade the look of your valuable bedding. Besides, you can acquire any of the classic or contemporary styles from our wide collection.

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Outdoor Upholstery

Outdoor upholstery is our premier service including the repairing, upholstering, upgrading and beautification of all of the outdoor furniture. From outdoor sofas to couches to chairs to patio dining chairs – all in accordance with any given décor theme.

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Furniture Upholstery

We provide premium-grade furniture upholstery, a reviving treatment which will effectively save you from investing in new furniture pieces, as we’ll make the existing ones entirely useful, comforting and delightful for you.

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Leather Upholstery

The most fundamental choice for upholstering is the leather upholstery in Dubai. Itis an extremely durable treatment for all furniture pieces. It also makes furniture maintenance the easiest to carry out.

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Upholstery Fabric

Our upholstering services in Dubai involve the finest quality fabric collections, the notable ones of which are cotton, polyester, acrylic, hemp, wool, polypropylene, rayon, nylon, silk and leather. In addition to that, you can have blended fabric choices, as well.

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Hire Us For A Customized Upholstery Dubai Service

Are you looking for an upholstery service that is cost-effective? Do you want furniture that can show your aesthetic vision? Well, at we provide customized upholstery in Dubai. Choose from our range of diverse designs & styles in modern & traditional design or simply share your ideas. We have 200+ fabric options for you to experiment with and make your own custom upholstery style.

Get The Most Out Of Your Furniture With Our Upholstery Dubai 

Why invest in new furniture when you can revive the old one in an absolutely seamless and timeless manner? We’ve got you the true magical treatment of furniture upholstery in Dubai, which will be the finest troubleshooting of all of your problematic furniture pieces.

Furniture upholstery and particularly the sofa upholstery are a way more affordable and at the same time very cost-effective solutions to benefit from your existing furniture, instead of buying the new one. That’s because our services are truly timeless and long-lasting and will help you benefit from your favorite furnishing equipment for years on end.

Treating your furniture with our upholstery comes with another major advantage of easy maintenance. As we treat the furniture with high-quality, stain and fade-resistant covering fabric, they become significantly easy to care for.

Functional Benefits of Our Upholstery Services

Here’s why you should consider having our professional upholstery treatment:

  • Comfort: We upholster furniture with quality fabrics and the plushest padding to provide the utmost comfort.
  • Added Appeal: Our revitalizing and revamping procedures make your furniture attractive like the new one.
  • Total Revamp: We address every flaw from fabric damage to ruptures to frame repair for complete refurbishing.
  • Save Money: With low-price yet quality upholstering services, you don’t need another treatment for many years to come.
  • Quality: We upholster furniture seating with premium foams, fillings & padding for better cushioning.
  • Hypoallergenic: Our upholstery in Dubai maintains good air quality indoors with hypoallergenic & breathable fabrics.

Upholstery Projects 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Upholstery

Leather is the most incredible, heavy-duty and long-lasting option when it comes to the choice of furniture covering. It is highly versatile too and also makes it easy to care for the furniture.

While this usually depends on the size and condition of your sofa, in general, the treatment of sofa upholstering takes around two to three days for completion, excluding any additional stylings.

The factors that you should keep in mind while choosing furniture upholstery are quality of the covering, complementing styling, comfort level, easy maintenance and most importantly your budget.

Buying a new sofa while you have the option to revive is just a waste of your time and money. If your frame is not broken, you just need the right sofa upholstering services that will revamp the look of your furniture.

Yes, you can totally have all sorts of fabric choices from our platform, and can also have your desired fabric prints, patterns and styles customized from us.

Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture is the platform which provides you with expert consultancy for every single home décor as well as improvement concerns of yours. We help you with the best selection of new upholstery design and right fabric for your furniture

We aim to make your existing old furniture to be as useful for you as possible. Our Upholstery Dubai services are the foremost in this regard, which focuses on bringing about the best lucrative version of your home furniture. Do reach out to us for any of your related queries.