High-Quality Artificial Grass in Dubai

Get high-quality artificial turf for your homes and offices from us. Our artificial grass in Dubai adds the beauty of natural grass to your place without any maintenance required.

Terrace Artificial Grass in Dubai

Terrace Artificial Grass

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Best Supplier

We Are the Most Renowned Artificial Grass Supplier in Dubai

Our company has been providing real-looking grass carpets in Dubai for more than 25 years. We provide versatile textures of these floor coverings with different pile lengths for every setting.

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Golf Grass

Golf Artificial Grass in Dubai

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Tennis Artificial Grass


Landscaping Artificial Grass

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Indoor Artificial Grass


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Green Roof Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass in Dubai

Exceptional Longevity

Upgrade Your Place with Our Durable Artificial Turf in Dubai

Our heavy-duty Artificial grass is ideal for installation in outdoor spaces or high-foot traffic areas. We provide the best artificial grass in Dubai with dense pile height and a high stitch rate to make them last for many years.



Entrancing Mini Gardens

Entrancing Mini Gardens

Create an Artificial Garden in Your Home

Living in small apartments with luxurious furnishings and often no greenery is super common these days. To add natural beauty and warmth to your place, get our artificial grass to add the loveliest and the perfect zero-maintenance garden to your place. You can get help from our experts to choose the right area for creating a lush green appearance within your apartment.

Artificial Grass Suppliers in Dubai
Best Artificial Grass Suppliers in Dubai


Benefits of Getting Our Artificial Grass in Dubai

We provide the finest quality artificial turf in Dubai to beautify your indoor and outdoor places. This is the best choice to replace the real grass in your place.


Aesthetic Appeal


Low Maintenance


Safe for Kids and Pets




Versatile Collection

Different Types of Artificial Grass in Dubai

Artificial Balcony Grass

Transform your balcony into a cozy green retreat with our balcony artificial grass in Dubai. You can enjoy the beauty of nature right outside your door with our real-looking grass floor coverings.

Balcony Artificial Grass in Dubai

Comfortable Underfoot

Easy to Install and Remove

UV Resistant

Balcony Artificial Grass in Dubai

Wall Artificial Grass

Installing fake grass on walls is becoming trendy in Dubai. You can install this cheap artificial grass Dubai in your home, office, or other commercial areas. It will make your place attractive by creating an inviting atmosphere.

Wall Artificial Grass in Dubai

Touch of Nature

Eye-catching design element

Affordable Wall Décor

Wall Artificial Grass in Dubai

Terrace Artificial Grass

If you want to create a peaceful environment on your terrace, get this terrace artificial grass installed by our experts. Our grass carpets do not fade or get damaged with direct sunlight exposure.

Terrace Artificial Grass

Ideal for Relaxation

Suitable for Various Terrace Sizes

Resilient and Weather-Resistant

Working Process

Enhance Your Space with Artificial Grass Dubai

Step 1


Space Planning

Step 2


Floor Preparation

Step 3


Artificial Grass Installation

Step 4


Finishing Touches


Lush Appearance

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Our Artificial Grass comes with versatile thickness ranges


25 mm Thickness

grass in 30mm

30 mm Thickness

grass 40mm

40 mm Thickness


24 mm Pile Height

Artificial Grass Installation in Dubai

Hire Us for Expert Artificial Grass Installation in UAE

Our company has the most proficient team to install fake grass carpets in your home and offices. They ensure proper leveling of the base to create a smooth surface. Call us now to get fast artificial grass installation in Dubai.

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Artificial Grass Installation in Dubai

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Why Choose Us?

We are the best artificial grass provider in Dubai. Our services and products are accessible all over the UAE. Explore our artificial grass collection with different textures to find the perfect match for your place. If you are not sure about the exact measurements or design, our experts can assist you to buy artificial grass in Dubai with the most suitable attributes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our artificial turf is made of non-toxic materials to keep its surface safe for pets and kids. Its comfortable surface attracts pets and kids to play on it. We offer stable backing to make this grass carpet safe to walk and play. In addition, it does not get damaged by pet nails or pointy things.

If you are going to install artificial grass carpet in a small place. You can install it by yourself with the use of adhesives. If you want to install sports turf on your balcony, lawn, terrace, or wall, you will need our professional artificial grass installation service in Dubai for perfect fitting.

Natural grass becomes brown over time if not watered properly. They cannot stay greenish for the whole year. On the other hand, our grass floor coverings do not need water to look fresh. They are made to give a refreshing look and comfortable surface for a long time.

Our artificial sports turf has water-resistant properties, making them the best choice to install near the swimming pool. It will absorb the water from wet feet to prevent slipping when walking on hard floors. They have holes in the backing, which enables water to escape from the upper surface.

We provide top-quality artificial turf in Dubai. It is made from heavy-duty materials to make it able to withstand every intense situation. You can install them at places which face heavy foot traffic. Our artificial grass can be installed in parks, sports courts, golf clubs and entrance ways.

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