Top 13 Motivated 3 BHK Flat Interior Design Ideas

Your house is the most comfortable place for you in the entire world. You must know the proverb “East or West, Home is the Best”. Everyone wants their house to be beautiful and peaceful as well. Nowadays, most people are living in 3 BHK flats because they are the most suitable for many families. People chose them for their comfort as they are also affordable as compared to 5 or 6 BHK houses.

If you are also living in a 3 BHK flat and want to decorate your flat with amazing new ideas for flat interior design, then this blog is going to be very informative and mind-blowing for you. You are going to learn about the most popular and inexpensive ideas for the decoration of your flat.

Now you can decorate your 3 BHK house within no time by using the ideas that we have explored from world-famous interior designers. Here are some of the most important tricks for the decoration of your 3BHK flat by amazing interior designers.

1. Play With Different Colors And Patterns

Play With Different Colors And Patterns - 3 BHK Flat Interior Design

If you want to add uniqueness to your place, then this is one of the best 3 Room Flat Interior Design Ideas you can apply to your flat. Mixing different colors and playing with patterns can be the ideal choice for your flat. You can add different colors to the walls. Then, to make a statement, add a beautiful, brightly colored bed to your space.

If your walls are boring and you want to make them unique, then you should choose amazing patterns for them. The color and theme of your floor, walls, and custom made furniture should all be completely contrasting, and then you can see how lovely your home looks.

2. Mix Traditional Design With Amazing Trendy Ideas

Mix Traditional Design With Amazing Trendy Ideas

If the idea of different colors and patterns does not appeal to you, incorporate some traditional elements into your space. This is another one of the interesting interior design ideas for a 3 BHK flat where you can combine traditional design with a modern look. You can now use your old furniture in your apartment and simply add some trendy touches.

You can add colorful walls with the traditional sofas and then cover half of your sofa with some traditional handmade curtains. This is the most popular idea nowadays for 3 BHK flats.

3. Use Every Small Corner For Decoration

Use Every Small Corner For Decoration

If you disregard small nooks and corners in your home because you believe they are useless, you may be mistaken because these small corners can serve as an art gallery for you. If you are not using the upper space of the cupboards at your kitchen or bathroom, then you can add a beautiful traditional vase here.

This idea not only makes use of small spaces but can also add a touch of elegance to your home. You can also use the space under your stairs to add an unusual rank. You can add books and old plates with abstract art on them.

4. Use Fake Window With Mirror

Use Fake Window With Mirror

The fake window idea is my favorite one. You can use this idea even in a tiny space, even on your study table, to make it more beautiful and perplexing. To create a fake window, you just need to add two mirrors and a wooden frame. And to make it more attractive, you can install best curtains or luxurious blinds on your fake window.  This can create an amazing effect on your place.

This idea is also very useful in places where you don’t have any windows to make your place more presentable. You can also add a computer table with a revolving chair in beautiful colors under this window.

5. Introduce Beautiful Art

Introduce Beautiful Art

One of the most calming ideas is to incorporate beautiful art into your 3BHK flat. Make an art gallery on any of the free walls in your home, or add unique art pictures to your gallery. You can even make your own art for your new home and hang it on the wall. This idea can make your home more loveable for you.

If you have a love for birds and animals, then you can add amazing pictures of flying birds, cats, and dogs to your gallery. You can also add a picture of your pet to this gallery.

6. Cover Appliances With Interesting Wallpapers

cover appliances with wallpaper

If you have too many appliances in your kitchen and they are all in ugly condition but work well for you, then while shifting into a new apartment, you don’t need to change them. You just need to buy different beautifully designed wallpapers for these appliances, and after fixing them, you can cover them from the outside with wallpaper.

This is the best kitchen 3 BHK flat interior design idea that you can follow. You can buy the same wallpaper for all appliances, such as refrigerators and oven doors. Or you can add contrastive and bright colors to your kitchen to make it more beautiful than before. You can also follow the theme of your kitchen by adding wallpapers of the same color.

7. Choose Right Lamps And Bulbs

choose the right lamp

Lamps and bulbs are the essences of your place. So you should handpick them. There are many types of lamps that you can choose from for your place according to your budget and the needs of your apartment. You can select among arc lamps, tripod lamps, buffet lamps, torchieres, floor lamps, or tree lamps.

It’s up to you what you would select for your place. Personally, I like the Arc lamp because it adds a beautiful royal touch to your place. The light of your house depends on the true choice of bulbs. You should use LED bulbs in your apartment and place them where they are needed.

8. Install a Fake Tree with Stones On Its Sides

Install a Fake Tree with Stones On Its Sides

One of the most beautiful ideas for your small 3 BHK flat is the installation of a fake tree with stones on all sides. You only need a small corner in your home and then use stones to create a boundary. You can make a boundary in any shape that you like, such as an oval or square according to your space.

Then add a fake tree of your choice to this spot. It will give a stunning look at your place. Everyone who comes to your house will adore this idea of a fake tree. You can use any fake tree that you like.

9. Add Wicker Baskets as Decoration Pieces

Add Wicker Baskets as Decoration Pieces

Decorating pieces of homes is very expensive these days, so if you want a low-cost solution for decorating your flat, you can add wicker baskets to it. You can put one of the beautiful wicker baskets on your dining table with fruits in it, or you can also put a big basket beside your door and put umbrellas in it.

This is one of the most impressive ideas for middle-class 3 BHK flat interior design and decoration. You can easily add these baskets to your kitchen, along with some fake flowers, to enhance the appearance of your kitchen. And you can use these ideas to improve your restaurant decoration.

10. Decorate the Ceiling

Decorate the Ceiling (1)

The ceiling is one of the most important parts of your house. You should beautifully decorate the ceiling of your house. You can select peel-off tiles for the ceiling, or you can also install wallpaper on them. If you are interested in art, you can also do abstract art on the ceiling of your house to make it more presentable. This is one of the surprising 3bhk interior design ideas.

11. Brighten Up Simple Spaces With WallPaper

Brighten Up Simple Spaces With Wallpaper

If your apartment has some boring walls and extra spaces that are ruining the looks of your flat, then introducing colorful wallpaper is the best idea for you to make them productive in the decoration of your house. You can add different patterns of wallpaper on the boring walls and ceilings and add some hanging decorating materials to the place to make it beautiful.

12. Use Small Lights In Your House

Use Small Lights In Your House interior

Using small lights in bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens is trending these days. You can add small hanging lights on the baseboard of your bed or the back wall of your bed. You can also add these small led light stripes to your bathroom to make it more adorable.

The use of LED light strips is very common these days on outdoor curtains and blinds. So you can adjust these small led fairy lights wherever you want in your house according to your aesthetic sense.

13. Select Some Beautiful Indoor Plants

Select Some Beautiful Indoor Plants

The idea of adding indoor plants never gets old. If you want to beautify the interior of your house, then you can add a beautiful flowering plant to your BHK flat. The fragrance of flowers will spread all-around your house and will refresh the environment of your place. Adding natural things also adds peace and calmness to your apartment.


A house is the world’s best place for everyone, so the interior decoration of it must be good. You now have a plethora of 3 BHK Flat Interior Design Ideas to choose from, and you can decorate your space to suit your preferences and budget. Most of the ideas that we have mentioned are really appealing and pocket-friendly, so select some ideas and beautify your house with them!

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