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Bamboo Flooring Dubai; The Luxury And Durable Flooring Treatment

Bamboo Flooring Dubai, is a smart alternative to wooden flooring with a number of added benefits, as well. Design Furniture has come up with the trendiest styles of this supreme quality flooring to bring about a favorable change within your surroundings. Made from bamboo plant, this engineered flooring has an entirely green origin and will let you enjoy incredible aesthetics in the form of an all-natural décor.

Shop The Trendiest Styles Of Bamboo Flooring Dubai From Us 

We are the renowned Bamboo flooring suppliers in UAE and will help you upgrade your home floors in a noteworthy and lucrative manners. This luxury and at the same time very serviceable flooring will give you a great value for your money, and will continue to serve you for long.

Our Bamboo Flooring Dubai stands out with its classy looking natural wood patterns and entrancing color choices. Not to mention the high character wood grain, which gives the flooring all of its realistic appearance. This flooring goes equally presentable for both residential and commercial spaces and seems particularly attractive within traditional decor themes.

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Get The Eco-friendly And Sustainable Décor Of Bamboo Flooring Dubai

Our quality bamboo Dubai Flooring is a way too incredible approach to floor treatment that comes with a lot of favorable aspects. This flooring is super budget-friendly and can be used as an amazing and cost-effective substitute to the most high-end floor treatments, such as hardwood floors. You get the highest durability and the same goes for the physical attractiveness, as well.

Moreover, you can shop suave styles from our bamboo flooring shop in UAE, in the perfect accordance with your home’s décor scenario. All the hues and patterns depict the natural beauty and warmth of real wood.

Reasons To Go For Our Quality Bamboo Dubai Flooring

The perfect combo of beauty and benefits, i.e. Bamboo Flooring Dubai is one of the most beneficial home improvement projects. Here’s why:

  • This flooring comes with extensive color options, a lot more than you’d find with wood flooring.
  • The build quality is tough and heavy-duty enough to be used within commercial areas too, in addition to the residential ones.
  • Bamboo Flooring Dubai can be installed over any given subfloor type, including those with radiant heating systems, too.
  • It is quite DIY friendly, low-maintenance and will save you on the energy expenses too.
  • The most major plus point of this flooring is the entirely eco-friendly and highly sustainable structure.

We Provide Highly Adept Installation Services For Bamboo Flooring Dubai 

Getting your new home flooring installed the right way is as crucial as the selection of the floor itself. And to help you make the most out of this home improvement decision of yours, we’ve got you the expert-grade installation services for the bamboo flooring in Dubai. These installation services will bring about the entire beauty of the floor with the right fitting and the same goes for all the functional perks too. Get a free quote today and have your homes scheduled for a game-changing flooring installation, right away!

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Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture is the ultimate gateway towards the most functional, comfortable and visually pleasing homes, particularly on a budget. One noteworthy example in this regard is our premium-quality Bamboo Flooring Dubai which will give rise to major advantageous changes in your lifestyle. From improving the indoor air quality of your interiors, all the way to the notable cost-cutting in your energy bills, this flooring will serve you in multiple ways. The cost is affordable and the maintenance is the least you can imagine. So let’s not delay this spectacular treatment for your homes anymore, give us a call now!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Premium quality bamboo flooring requires at least 72 hours to acclimate, while lower quality brands require 1-2 weeks.

No, it is easy to maintain the bamboo flooring you just have to vacuum or perform sweeping to give a perfect cleaning.

If proper acclimate is not performed, your stunning and brand new floor will start to shrink, distort or expand. It will sustain significant structural damage as a result of attempting to properly acclimate it.

It depends on the care and maintenance. Some bamboo floors can last 50 years if properly cared for and maintained. The average lifespan of bamboo flooring ranges from 20 to 25 years.