7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Renovation

Before you start your renovation project, take note of these strategies homeowners or officials wish they had known or done before they started remodeling. Do you wish to start a renovation process but don’t know how to start and where to start? Then you are not a single one in this confusion, a lot of home or business owners are there who want to renovate their places but they’ll lack in renovation mishap. Follow these guidelines by Design Furniture.

Starting My Renovation

Renovation Costs

When the very first time you get the quotation from a renovating company, you‘ll not expect the amount but it might be significantly high for your budget. It can be as much as half of your house price. You had done your bargaining process to make compliance at first to get your deal done.

After getting your quotation the renovation company suddenly discusses their options about every single detail in their renovation process. Both of you have worked on the way that your deal is fixed in a perfect manner that is ideal for both parties. The perfect match for both parties is essential before starting the renovation. It makes both of you clear about the processing and budget

Timelines for Renovation Project

It can be time-consuming as there are a lot of jokes about the contractors giving you an estimate and then adding a year. For the perfect company, that couldn’t be more true. The process can be delayed by things like:

  • Weather
  • National Holiday
  • Neighbors Disputing Access Rights

Choose Your Plan

Before you start to renovate or rebuild, you should be clear with yourself and consider any pros of what you like, and the project’s scope. After getting clear with yourself, if there is the option for concrete and marble top for your counter you can say that the Marble is not in our budget and then the final decision is made that you are not going to use marble in renovation.

Similarly, if your renovator says about how it would be awesome to install a new LED in our living room. Then, you can say that we are going to renovate our house without making it a cinema. So, it would be beneficial if you make a prior plan and then go with your villa renovation process.

  • Limit Your Options

You should have minimized your options for selection of the things that are required before going to make a decision. It can be explained as, if you have to select the thing from three options it would be easier rather than selecting the one out of 10 options.

It helps you to make a better and quicker selection of the renovating material that you wish to utilize in your space. If you have a broad list of options go for the breakdown which makes it easier to select your desired one. The best option you can get by this strategy to keep in mind before starting renovation of your place.

  • Choose Functionality Over Fashion

Before starting renovation you should have to choose the option of functionality. Keep in mind that the required spaces have enough options that can improve functionality. Fashion is also a part of your renovation but you need to enhance your lifestyle. There is another drawback that if you opt for fashion instead of functionality it might cost you a little bit more than your budget plan. So go with the functionality instead of fashion but if you want to spend more then there are a lot of options available for you.

  • Choose Quality Over Quantity

Before you start your renovation process for your home or office space, the thing that you have to keep in mind is that there is the option that you can choose the quality at the same cost as you can get the quantity.

The better option in this case should be of quality because renovation of your project should remain for a longer period. You can get more quantity, in a similar amount but these things are not authentic.

  • Regulations and Procedures

When you start the renovation project, you should keep in mind that local codes and regulations can significantly vary, and It is necessary to be aware of these regulations. If these codes and regulations aren’t fulfilled promptly it can lead to heavy fines if you don’t fulfill these regulations.

This is a very important factor that you should keep in mind for the regulations that are prepared for your areas to effectively overcome these burdens as the regulations define the proceedings that are associated with your project requirement.


These are the main considerations that you should have to keep in mind before starting the renovation project as these are the common mistakes for which people usually don’t bother about. By keeping these points in your mind you can more effectively renovate your house or any other place without facing the challenges.

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