How To Clean Artificial Grass in Balcony | Pro Cleaning Tips To Know

The installation of artificial grass on balconies is trending these days. People who are thinking of decorating their balconies are now considering artificial turf for them because it can give an amazing garden to the area without the need to maintain it too much.

Fake lawns have a number of benefits, such as they are the best alternative to real grass gardens, they remain healthy throughout the year, and they don’t need any fertilizers. so everyone can easily use it on balconies.

If you also have artificial turf on your balcony and want to know how you can clean it, then this article is going to be very informative for you. Today, I am going to tell you how often you should clean the artificial turf, how to clean the turf, and what the ideal cleaners are for the fake grass. So, continue reading this article and learn all about the cleaning of artificial turf on balconies.

Cleaners to Clean the Artificial Grass

Commercial cleaners are not safe for the cleaning of artificial grass because they have a number of chemicals and preservatives in them, so before starting the cleaning process, I am going to tell you the homemade cleaners for the turf that you can safely use on your balconies.

A vinegar solution is the most common cleaner for the cleaning of artificial turf. Vinegar can not only clean the spots from the grass but also remove the foul smell present in the grass because of the animals. To prepare the vinegar solution, take 1 liter of water, 5 ounces of white vinegar, and 2 to 3 drops of essential oil. Mix all the ingredients well and fill the spray bottle.

A detergent solution is very easy to prepare because you just need a liquid detergent from your laundry. and 2 tablespoons of liquid detergent in one liter of lukewarm water. Fix them well, make a solution, and then use it on the fake grass.

Baking soda can also be used on artificial turf because it is also effective in cleaning stains and removing odor. For this, you just need to sprinkle the baking soda on the grass and then rinse it with water.

2 Methods to Clean the Fake Lawn of Balcony

Although artificial grass requires very little maintenance, there is still a need to clean it because if you leave your grass unattended for a long time, it will lose its beauty and attractiveness.

So, the cleaning of the artificial turf on the balcony is very necessary. There are two methods for the cleaning of the turf; one is regular cleaning and the other is occasional cleaning, which is the cleaning of spots and spills.

1. Regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning Artificial Grass in Balcony

Regular cleaning of artificial turf does not mean that you have to clean the grass daily; instead, it means cleaning the grass once a week or twice a month. Regular cleaning of the grass includes the following steps:

Get rid of Debris using Leaf Blower

The most essential step in the regular cleaning of the artificial grass is the removal of the debris from the grass. No one can bear the debris on the grass, so you should clean it as soon as possible. If you have tree stems on your balcony coming from your lawn, then there are too many leaves on your balcony, so you must remove them.

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Use a leaf blower for this purpose. Gather all the leaves and other debris at any of the corners of the balcony, and then collect it. It will make your balcony lawn look neat and clean, and leaf blowers can also remove accumulated dust from the fibers of the grass, so you will feel comfortable while walking on it.

Rinse the Fake Lawn

Leaf blowers are useful for collecting large amounts of debris, but they cannot clean up small dust particles or spills. For the cleaning of small dust particles, the best way is to rinse the lawn. You can use a garden hose for the cleaning of the artificial turf.

Make sure you are not applying too much water pressure on the grass because it can damage the fibers of the grass. Always rinse the turf lightly so it can clean the lawn and make it look fresh as it is new. Start rinsing the lawn from one corner and then move to the other corners, moving the hose in a circular motion to completely clean the grass.

Brush the Grass

This step is very effective for maintaining the beauty of the artificial grass lawn because it will make your grass always look like natural grass, not like a green carpet. You should brush the grass with a brush or a plastic rake twice a month so the blades of the grass always remain pointed upward.

Always use a brush with soft bristles because hard or sharp bristles can affect the quality of the grass. For the brushing of your balcony grass, start from one corner and move horizontally to the other corner. When you’ve finished one side, take a few steps back and begin brushing from the opposite corner.

2. Removing Spills and Stains

Removing Spills and Stains artifical grass

After learning all about the regular cleaning of the artificial turf, it’s time to learn about the removal of stains from the grass so you can keep your grass always clean.

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Stain removal is also very necessary because stains can damage the fibers of the grass and provide an opportunity for germs to accumulate in a specific area. So clean the stains off the grass as soon as possible. Here are some steps to clean the spills and the stains from your artificial grass.

Clean Spilled Liquids

The first step is the cleaning of liquid spills on the grass surface. Spills can be of tea, coffee, soft drinks, juices, alcohol, or any other liquid. You should instantly clean up these spills. Use a paper towel and press it on the liquid.

It will soak up the liquid and stop it from spreading to the other sides of the grass. So, the cleaning of the liquids from the grass is very easy.

Clean Stains with a Detergent solution

Now it’s time to clean the stains from the detergent solution. I have mentioned the recipe for the detergent solution above. You can prepare the solution at your home and then clean the ice cream and coffee stains easily with this solution.

Take a sponge or a clean mop and dip it in the solution. Rub the sponge slightly on the stain, and the stain will disappear in a minute or two. After the removal of the stain, rinse the area with a water hose.

Clean Stains with a Vinegar Solution

You can clean pet stains with a vinegar solution. Take a sponge, dip it in the solution, rub it on the stain, and rinse it with water. The stain will easily be removed by this method.

Scrape Pasty or Sticky Residues off

Now, it’s time to scrape the sticky residue from the artificial grass. One of the most famous sticky residues that is very common on grass is chewing gum. Children usually do this with lawns and balconies’ artificial turf.

For the removal of bubble gum from the grass, you can use ice cubes. Place ice cubes in a zip lock bag and rotate the bag around the bubble gum. It will remove the chewing gum after some time. If there is any other sticky material on the grass, then you can use a toothbrush for the removal of this material.

Maintaining Artificial Garden of Balcony

Maintaining Artificial Garden of Balcony

It’s time to learn how to maintain the fake grass garden on the balcony so it can last for a long period of time and retain its beauty. Some of the maintenance tips for the artificial turf are mentioned below, which you can follow and keep your grass looking new.

Use Vinegar Solution to Kill Bacteria

If you want to keep your fake lawn hygienic, then you can use a vinegar solution to kill all the bacteria and germs. Prepare a vinegar solution and then spray it on the entire balcony. Leave it for 40 to 50 minutes.

Rinse the balcony grass lawn with a water hose. This will clean your grass from all the germs and keep it healthy for your family and pets.

Must Clean the Turf Once a Month

Although artificial grass requires low maintenance, it is necessary for the grass to be cleaned once a month so it can maintain its greenish colour and comfortable texture. For the cleaning of the grass, you can use a broom or brush, vinegar solution, water hose, and toothbrush.

Rinse the Grass Twice a Month

If you want to maintain your grass, then another maintenance tip for the fake grass is that you should rinse the grass twice a month with a water hose. The pressure of water removes all the small debris from the grass and never allows it to accumulate on the grass.

Apply Weed Killer Once a Year

Although an artificial lawn is safe from the growth of algae and fungi, you should use weed killer once a year on the grass, so if there is any growth of weeds on the grass that is not on your notice, weed killer can easily kill them and your fake garden remains safe.


Now you know all about the cleaning of the artificial grass on the balcony, so you can easily clean your grass like a pro. I have also mentioned the recipes for homemade cleaners, so you don’t need to buy cleaners from the market.

Just follow all my instructions and I will guarantee you that your grass will last for years without any need to replace it. Best of luck with the maintenance of your fake grass balcony lawn.

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