Get The Timeless Beautification Of Artificial Grass Wall

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Boost Your Wall Décor With Artificial Grass Wall

Design Furniture has come up with the finest and most versatile way of adorning your interior and exterior walls, which is with the addition of an Artificial Grass Wall. This artificial turf for walls is one of the most incredibly effective ways of enhancing the appearance of your walls and making them way more delightful to look at.

This treatment can be done to both indoor and outdoor walls as it seems entirely mesmerizing and is certainly a great option for ornating all the greenery-induced decors such as room gardens, balcony gardens, greenhouses, etc.

Artificial Grass Wall; The Infallible Wall Accentuation

Our artificial grass for walls, besides serving as wonderful wall décor, also works to amplify the entire surrounding beauty. It can be used to conceal even the most dull-looking walls and to make them stand out in an extremely eye-catching manner. This wall Astro turf is a valuable home décor addition and is impressively durable too.

It’s an excellent investment regarding your mental health since it feels delightful to be around and is meant to soothe your eyes every time, as well. Also, this is a super versatile kind of addition that can be synced to literally any given décor, specifically those having personalized styling and furnishing.

Have The Most Refreshing Spaces With Artificial Grass Wall Décor

Our quality astroturf Dubai will bring about a major positive and healthful change in your lifestyle as it offers both mood-boosting and wellness-boosting advantages. The surface texture of this wall grass is very plush when used as an incredible floor covering and it gives off the sensation of being in a completely natural environment.

Moreover, this artificial grass wall is completely non-toxic itself and does not emit any of the VOCs either. It brings about good indoor air quality and also provides an incredible room for other green decors, such as faux plants and trailing or climbing plants.

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Fake Grass For Wall Is The Supremely Functional Treatment

The artificial grass wall panels are completely maintenance-free and highly durable too, as an added benefit. This synthetic grass stays lively, attractive and completely perfect even after years of usage, and you don’t need to care for it in any way like real grass would require you to. Besides, astroturf is ideally low-cost and the most cost-effective at the same time, too.

It’s the perfect alternative to real grass and the one with the highest advantages in terms of functionality, as well. You get multiple styling options for creating your desired home décor as it’s the most flexible to work with.

Enjoy The Most Timeless Comfort With Our Quality Astroturf

An Artificial Grass Wall is one of the most mood-boosting ornamentations to be around, as it gives off the entrancing look of real grass, but with the enhanced extent of beauty and functionality. The vibrant, delightful, and green space created by this wall astroturf is more than pleasant, and it’s a super customizable area décor approach, as well.

You get a lot of decorative spectrum to play with the artificial grass wall design ideas, as you can have multiple desired additions to your desired area. And if you’re more into minimalist decors, then you can simply have the installation of this grass only, as an eye-catching indoor or Outdoor Floor Covering.

Endless Advantages of Artificial Grass Wall

Here are some of the major perks and pros of our quality artificial wall for grass:

  • This wall décor is really entrancing to look at and adds a fundamental extent of beauty to the whole surroundings. Also, you can choose your preferred styling from the nearly endless indoor and outdoor artificial grass wall ideas.
  • It’s a completely green and non-toxic product.
  • Low maintenance and high resistance are the major plus points of this artificial turf for walls. You can easily use it under all circumstances.
  • This grass is the most long-lasting and free of all the concerns associated with real grass, such as insects, the need for irrigation, pesticides, insecticides, etc.
  • It’s a completely low-cost treatment and a smart way to conceal all the wall imperfections, as well.

Get Our Expert Services For Artificial Wall Grass Installation

Design Furniture is the platform which will make it the easiest for you to acquire all the required services for home décor and home improvement, featuring the finest expertise. Besides offering you the best interior artificial grass wall designs, our installation services for the Artificial Grass Wall Décor Dubai are one notable example of our renowned excellence.

These services will eliminate all of the discomforts and misconduct that you are likely to encounter in your DIY fitting attempts, providing you with the best results for your money. Call or email us today to get a free quote and we promise to uplift the look of your place like never before!

What We Offer

Why Choose Us?

We are the providers of premium quality products and services, and the excellence that you get to acquire at Design Furniture is primarily aimed toward maximum comfort provision for you. That’s how we make all the home décor additions and upgrades the most favorable for you, that too, for a considerable time period.

Our Artificial Grass Wall is one major example in this regard, with which you can experience a whole new level of pleasure and convenience around you. So do reach out to us as we’ve got a ton of incredible home improvement ideas for you to explore!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The simplest way to do so is to use a cardboard template for attaching the artificial grass. You’ll need to attach the backside of your artificial grass to the cardboard template, followed by cutting around it to the right size. Afterwards, you can mount it on the desired wall with the help of an electric drill.

The first and foremost example in this regard is the faux living wall, with which you can easily create the most eye-catching décor. Moreover, artificial wall grass is a perfect way to conceal ugly-looking walls and to induce the most effortless greenery into the interiors.

In the first place, you don’t really need to care for artificial grass, whether it’s on the floor or on the wall, since, of course, it isn’t the real thing. What you can do in this regard is to ensure you keep your fake grass well cleaned and away from extreme atmospheric impact.

Our quality astroturf features a completely non-toxic construction, as it is a much more favorable option to consider than a natural garden or lawn if you have kids and/or pets. That’s because it does not host any harmful insects or bacterial growth, so you don’t need to be concerned about the safety factor.