What’s the Price of Artificial Grass? 2022 Installation Costs

The cost of artificial grass is the most common question asked by people. The answer to this question is not as simple as it appears because there are many factors that affect the cost of the astroturf.

Nowadays, fake grass is not only installed on lawns and patio areas but it is also installed on balconies and indoor areas that are suitable for it. So the location of the installation also affects the cost of the Astro grass.

In this article, we will try to cover all the aspects that can affect the installation cost of artificial turf. So, this article will help you better understand the cost of artificial turf, as well as advise on how to reduce its cost. So don’t go anywhere and read this article. We promise you that this article will never bore you.

What is the Cost of Artificial Grass?

The exact cost of artificial grass is very difficult to predict. But here is a rough estimate of the astroturf cost depending upon the quality of the grass.

Comparison Table

Type Cost Per Square Meter Small Garden (50 Square Meter) Labor Costs Estimated Total Costs Time Required
Budget Artificial Grass $5 to $7 $250 to $350 $5.50 to $18.75 per square foot $700 to $800 1 to 2 days
Mid-range Artificial Grass $10 to $15 $500 to $700 $5.50 to $18.75 per square foot $800 to $1000 1 to 2 days
Premium Artificial Grass $18 to $22 $800 to $1000 $5.50 to $18.75 per square foot $900 to $1100 1 to 2 days

As you can see, the premium quality astroturf is more expensive than the budget-friendly, slightly lower quality grass. You can select the grass according to your budget.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Artificial Grass

Factors Affecting the Cost of Artificial Grass

The factors that affect the cost of artificial turf are almost the same for all types of lawns, except for some that have terrible surfaces. So here are the factors that can increase or decrease the price of your fake turf.

Garden Size

The size of the garden is the most important factor that affects the cost of artificial grass. As large as your garden is, the cost of the installation is high because you need more grass to cover all of your areas.

But one thing that is beneficial for homeowners who have larger gardens is that they have to pay less per square foot when they buy Astro grass in bulk. Small garden owners have to pay more per square foot.

Garden Shape

The shape of the garden can also increase or decrease the cost. The artificial grass rolls come in rectangular shapes, so when you install them in rectangular gardens, the wastage is at a minimum, so the cost will automatically lower.

There are many chances that the rolls of grass will be wasted in gardens that are circular, oval, or any other shape because fitting the turf into the shape of the garden will cost more. In this way, square and rectangular gardens have low installation costs.

Material of Artificial Grass

The material that you choose for your fake grass will either increase or decrease the installation cost of the grass. High-quality materials are expensive as compared to low-quality materials. Artificial turf is commonly available in nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. The price range of all three materials is different.

Type Estimated Cost Per Square Meter Small Garden (50 Square Meter) Medium Garden (75 Square Meter) Large Garden (125 Square Meter)
Polypropylene $1.90 to $6.75 $100 to $600 $150 to $750 $250 to $900
Polyethylene $2.55 to $3.85 $127 to $700 $170 to $800 $300 to $1000
Nylon $5.05 to $$5.83 $250 to $1000 $350 to $1200 $450 to $1500

As the cost of grass will change as the material of the astroturf is changing. So you can select the best suitable material for your area according to the needs of your place. If you want to know which material of artificial grass is best for your place, then here are the pros and cons of each material.


  • It is the best Decorative indoor grass
  • Highly affordable
  • Ideal for shady areas
  • Not ideal for places having drastic environmental changes for high sunlight


  • Look like real grass
  • Very soft texture
  • Excellent for all outdoor areas
  • Highly durable
  • Never absorb water
  • Not durable like nylon


  • Withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Bear heavyweights
  • Excellent for sports areas
  • Bear high heat
  • Very Expensive
  • Don’t have a smooth texture like polyethylene


underlay grass carpet

Underlay or shock pads are used to provide cushioning effects on the fake turf. Underlay can make your artificial turf safer for your children and pets. It will save your children when they fall on the grass.

Underlay is necessary for the artificial grass to make it functional and protect it. The installation of underlay can increase the budget for the installation of turf. The cost of underlay depends on the material that you are using for the underlayment.

Always try to use a thick underlay so it can easily help the rainwater drain away from the fake grass and never allow water to seep into your floor.


Accessories grass carpet

Underlay is not the only thing that you need for the installation of this grass. There are many other accessories that can increase the cost of Astro turf. One of them is the anti-weed membrane, which stops all the weeds and herbs from growing on your grass and keeps your grass green and beautiful.

The safety of grass is important because if fungi or algae grow on the grass, it will create a smell in your area and ruin the look of your place.


Brand grass carpet

It is another factor that can affect the cost of artificial grass. When you buy astro turf from a brand whose rates are very high, then you have to pay more for your grass.

Brands with a medium price for Astro turf are ideal for you because you can get premium quality grass at affordable rates from them.

How Can I Save Money on Artificial Grass?

How Can I Save price of Artificial Grass

Fake grass costs more compared to natural grass, but after the installation, the maintenance cost of the astro turf is almost zero. So you just have to pay once and your garden will remain beautiful for over 10 years with no maintenance.

If you want some tips that can decrease the cost of artificial grass, then here is some expert advice that you can follow to decrease the cost of the grass.

Get Samples

Get Samples artificial grass

The first and most important precautionary measure is to have a sample before buying the entire grass for your garden. Many times, things that look beautiful on YouTube will never entertain you in real life, so getting a sample of the grass is the best idea to test whether the astro turf looks beautiful in your area or not.

If you don’t like the grass in your place, then getting samples will save you money and stop you from buying the turf for your entire garden.

Get Offcuts for Small Areas

This is another way to save money by buying offcuts for small areas. Offcuts are available at discounted prices in the market, so if you are short on money, then you can definitely use them to touch up a small portion of your home.

Offcuts are usually in odd shapes and sizes, but you can easily use them to cut into the required shape according to the size of your place. This will decrease the installation cost by half. Buying offcuts also gives you another benefit. You can get high-quality turf at low rates.

Install It Yourself

The installation of artificial turf does not involve rocket science, so you can easily save money by installing the Astro grass on your own. You can see 2 to 3 videos on YouTube and then learn how to install the astroturf like a pro and try to install the grass.

It will save you between $300 and $500. The installation of artificial grass is very simple; you just need to follow some steps.

  1. First, cut the grass rolls to the required size of your garden.
  2. Now, apply the weed membranes to the surface where you have to install the grass.
  3. Place the roll of the grass on the surface and then spread the roll over the entire floor.
  4. Use joining tape and adhesives to fix the turf on the ground.
  5. Fold the turf from one corner, apply tape and adhesive, and carefully place the grass on the ground. Repeat this step on all four corners of the turf.
  6. Your grass is installed. Leave it for one day and then start using it.


You now know how much you have to pay for the artificial grass and the factors that can increase or decrease the cost of the artificial turf. So you can now easily choose the material and other components for your lawn without difficulty. Best of luck with the purchase and installation of the fake grass on your lawn or balcony.

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