Can Artificial Grass Be Laid on Decking

One of the most common questions about fake grass is: Can artificial grass be laid on decking? The answer to this question is an absolute yes. It can easily be installed on the decking to make the place adorable and beautiful. The only thing that is different in this process is the installation technique.

The installation of fake green grass on decking differs from the installation of astro turf on the floor. You don’t need to worry about the installation of grass on decking because I am here to guide you through the installation of the astro grass.

Today, I am going to explain to you the benefits and installation process of astro grass on decking. Continue reading this article to find out all about fake grass.

Benefits Of Laying Artificial Grass On Decking

There are endless benefits to installing artificial turf on decking. Here are some of the primary benefits of laying grass on the deck that you must know before the installation process.

  1. Artificial grass will give the decking a natural look and fulfill the craving for grass on the second story deck.
  2. You can easily cut the fake grass on the decking according to the requirements.
  3. The maintenance of this grass is too easy.
  4. It is free from all allergens, so people who are sensitive to real grass can easily use astro turf.
  5. Its installation is very easy and people don’t have to wait for months for the growth of grass like with real grass.
  6. There are no bare spots or ruts on it.
  7. You don’t have to apply fertilizers to the grass for its growth.
  8. Astro turf is completely safe for children and pets.
  9. It does not give grass stains to children when they are playing on it.
  10. It doesn’t need sunlight to remain green.

Steps To Perform Before Laying Artificial Grass

Steps To Perform Before Laying Artificial Grass

Here are some steps that have to be taken when you are thinking of installing artificial turf on the decking.

Check the quality of Decking

First, check the quality of the decking to know whether it is suitable for the installation of artificial grass. Check the gaps between the decking boards. The gaps should be 1 cm or less.

If you have wider gaps, then it may be possible that fake grass will sag into the larger gaps. So, there is a need to fill the gap as much as required.

Clear The Area

Now, clear the area around the deck. Remove all the furniture, planks, and other things from the deck to make it completely clear for the installation of artificial grass.

Clean The Decking

Now, after the removal of furniture from the deck, it’s time to clean the deck completely. Scrub the surface of the deck completely. If from anywhere, the protective surface is removed, reapply the protective surface to make the deck secure.

Now remove algae or fungi from the surface of the deck so that, after the installation of astroturf, there is no growth of such things under the fake grass.

Apply A Damp-proofing Treatment

Now apply a damp proofing treatment to the floor of the deck. This step is optional; it depends upon you whether you want to apply it. But you must know that the damp proofing system will protect the deck from water and keep the interior of the deck safely.

Allow To Dry For 48 Hours

If you have applied the damp proofing treatment to the deck floor, wait for 48 hours to let it dry. Once the proofing system has dried, start the installation of the fake turf.

How To Install Artificial Grass On Decking?

Now that we have prepared our deck for the artificial turf, it’s the best time to start the installation process with no delay.

1. Start By Laying Boards

Start By Laying Boards | Artificial Grass Be Laid on Decking

The first step in the installation of fake grass is the laying of boards on the surface of the deck. It will fill all the gaps the deck boards have and prevent the grass from sagging. This will level the floor and make an ideal installation of fake green grass.

2. Lay Down An Underlay

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Now it’s time to add underlay to the floor of the deck. Underlay is very necessary for the deck floor because it will cushion the grass floor and prevent it from sinking into the lower deck floor.

There are many types of underlay available on the market, but the most common underlays that you can use for the installation of artificial grass on decking are the Foam Shock Underlay and the Marine Plywood Underlay. Foam shock underlay comes in big rolls; spread the roll from one corner of the deck to the other corner and then cut the unnecessary pieces.

After placing the underlay, leave it for a few hours so it can settle on the floor. Foam-shocked underlay can easily bear the weight of heavy furniture and also protect children when they fall on the floor during games.

The alternative to foam-shocked underlay is marine plywood underlay. It is not as good as a foam underlay, but it is still beneficial. When you place plywood underlay directly on the deck, it will create a completely level surface for the grass. Make small holes in the plywood boards so the water can easily pass through them.

3. Lay The Grass Onto The Level Area

Lay Down An Underlay

Now it is the most important step of the entire process to lay the astroturf on the decking. For this step, first, measure the area of the deck completely and precisely and order the fake grass from a good seller. After receiving the grass, place the rolls of grass on the deck floor.

Spread the grass completely on the floor in such a way that it will cover every corner of the deck. Leave the grass for 2 to 3 hours so it can be set on the deck. Now it’s time to fix the grass on the deck. There are two methods for fixing the astro turf.

Glue and Tape Method

For this method, we have to use adhesive glue that is specially made for the installation of artificial grass. And also tape to fix the grass on the deck floor completely. After laying the grass roll on the deck, fold the first corner of the roll and apply a generous amount of glue to it, and in the middle of this corner, apply the tape to fix it.

Now cover the second corner in the same way. Then go to the center of the grass. Fold the other two corners of the grass that are still untreated to the middle of the grass carpets. Apply glue and tape to the middle of the grass and then re-spread the grass rolls. Do it carefully to avoid any bumps in the fake grass. Now glue down the remaining two corners and the installation is completed.

Nail Down Method

The other method for the installation of fake grass on the deck is the nail-down method. Use nails to fix the fake grass. This method is comparatively easier than the glue-down method because it takes less time. Fix the nails on the edges at a distance of 40 mm x 2.5 mm. It will secure the artificial grass carpet on the floor of the deck.

Important Note: The nail-down method is much more beneficial as compared to the glue down method. If you have to remove the grass from the deck floor for any reason, Nails can easily be removed and separate the grass floor from the deck floor. But if you fix the grass floor with glue, then removing it from the deck will tear the grass carpet.

4. Cut And Trim Artificial Grass

Cut And Trim Artificial Grass

Now, after the installation of grass on the decking, cut the grass to the required size. Level the grass throughout the floor. Trim the grass carefully from the corners to make the fake grass look presentable on the deck floor.

Allow to Settle The Grass

Now the installation process is completed. Leave the grass for at least 24 hours so it can completely set on the floor, then place furniture and plants on it to make the deck according to your will.


Now you know, can artificial grass be laid on decking? Its benefits are on deck and in the installation process. So easily choose fake green grass for your second story deck and lay the grass without the help of a professional. Best of luck with the installation of the grass carpet on the deck.

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