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Beautify Your Home Exterior With Our Outdoor Flooring in Dubai

Outdoor Flooring Dubai by Design Furniture is one of the most effective home décor approaches to making your outdoors more useful. It’s also the best way to make the receiving areas more welcoming and durable.

Our flooring is one of the most hard-wearing and adorable solutions for outdoor use. We offer a wide range of flooring material options to beautify your outdoors. Contact our team to find the right type of outdoor flooring for your preferences.


We Are The Renowned Supplier Of Outdoor Flooring Dubai

At an outdoor flooring shop in Dubai, we’ve got you the widest range of floor treatments to pick out the most suitable choice from. Every flooring product of ours comes with the most impressive build quality and is meant to serve you for the longest time spans without losing any performance or beauty at all. Connect with us to shop for the latest and trendiest outdoor floor treatments with us. Here are some of the best-selling floor types that we offer for outdoor spaces.

Worth-Buying Features of Our Outdoor Flooring Dubai 

Getting suitable outdoor flooring can significantly increase the amount of quality time you can spend outdoors, either for essential chores or occasional meetings.

Take a look at how our flooring is the treatment that will never stop benefiting you:

  • Beautiful Appearance: Our flooring features the most trustworthy durability and never loses its beautiful appearance. You can enjoy the highest styling and versatility with this flooring.
  • Non-Slip Surface: Another significant plus point of Outdoor Flooring in Dubai is that it tends to enhance safety with a non-slip surface. You will feel the grip on these floors just like Gym Flooring.
  • Versatile Usage: This flooring is available in various structural versions. For instance, the tiled and stone floor gives a perfectly leveled and firm surface for walking.
  • Weather Resistant: Our specialized outdoor tile flooring features amazing resistance to all the major outdoor factors, such as moisture, UV damage, and weather impact.

This flooring features a detailed structure, just like the Quality HDF Flooring, and therefore offers the greatest levels of strength and stability for any and every extent of usage, most importantly higher foot traffic.

We’ve Got Many Flooring Options For Outdoor Areas

Feel free to discuss your place’s landscape, utilization scenario, and functional requirements with us, and we’ll provide you with the best sustainable and practical outdoor flooring solutions. Our extensive range of modern flooring options for the outdoors includes concrete (stamped, stained, poured), stone paver, brick paver, tile flooring, rubber flooring, wood decking, composite materials, and artificial grass.

Besides, you can also achieve various effects with our Outdoor Flooring Dubai. We help you induce the style effects of stone or wood flooring tile design.

Our Outdoor Flooring Comes with High-Quality Manufacturing

The foremost factor that makes our premium standard flooring worth consideration is the durable quality and the most heavy-duty usage. This flooring features an incredible build quality and is highly resilient against most of the damaging aspects since, of course, it’s particularly meant for exterior usage. Moving further, you can have multiple versions when it comes to the choice of our Outdoor Flooring Dubai.

The most commonly used and highly recommended options include tile flooring, stone and brick paving, and concrete flooring. You can select according to your major requirements. If you aren’t very particular about what to settle for, dour professionals are always available to assist you at every point.

Get Our Cost-Effective Outdoor Flooring Installation Services

We’ve got top-quality flooring solutions for your patios, garages, walkways, gazebos, pergolas, swimming pools, decks, pavements, and other exterior areas. Our outdoor flooring is versatile, sturdy, and heavy-duty enough for commercial and industrial use. Call us anytime to book an appointment with our team for outdoor flooring installation in Dubai at a very reasonable budget.

Over and above, our Outdoor Flooring Dubai price is within entirely affordable ranges, and you can have the most phenomenal changes without breaking the bank. So, don’t delay the transformation of your outdoor spaces with our modern floor treatments. Our team is well equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure seamless installation of outdoor floors.

Outdoor Flooring Projects 2024

Why Choose Us?

We at Design Furniture feature the most durable and 100% waterproof floor treatments for exterior spaces. Our success stories of completing 1000+ outdoor flooring Dubai projects set us apart from others. We use only top-quality flooring materials to beautify your outdoors so that it can last for many years without fading. Ask for free samples before starting a project with us, whether it’s for sports flooring or residential outdoor flooring. Give us a call now to get a free quote.

Outdoor flooring

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Composite wood decking, traditional wood decking, concrete, porcelain and ceramic are some of the most notable outdoor flooring ideas. It’s best to have a negotiation about the area you’re planning on upgrading and get the flooring accordingly.

An approximate expense range for the outdoor flooring is 2.70 dollars per square foot. Of course, the entire value does depend on the coverage area and most importantly the type of material you choose as your outdoor flooring.

You can go for brick style, vinyl, foam or rubber tilling for the purpose of treating outdoor floors. Always ensure getting the material with the highest extent of resistance against moisture and atmospheric damage.

Concrete, wood, artificial grass, vinyl and foam filling are some of the most economical choices in terms of outdoor flooring. They don’t get damaged easily and can outlast extreme footfall in addition to the atmospheric impacting, as well.