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Upgrade Your Exterior Spaces With Our Attractive Outdoor Carpet Dubai

Opt for our exclusively designed outdoor carpet Dubai for making your outdoor spaces outstandingly attractive. At Design Furniture, we offer the most finely designed range of outdoor area carpets that are great for upgrading the looks of your outdoor decors and to make those spaces most comfortable for you, as well. Get in touch with us to find the best carpets for dynamically transforming your garden & patios on a budget.


Choose Premium Quality Outdoor Carpet Dubai For The Incredible Upgrade

We are the most renowned carpet traders & manufacturers in the UAE and have got you the finest range of quality carpeting for your places. Our carpets come with both natural and synthetic constructions such as Nylon, Polypropylene, Wool, and Cotton Blends. Our outdoor carpet Dubai comes in a wide range of sizes, textures, colors, and patterns.

These carpets are exquisitely designed to outlast regular carpeting and to resist all atmospheric intensities without getting damaged. Besides, they are really easy to maintain and don’t get affected with factors like mold, mildew, moisture, UV damage and excessive foot traffic.

We Provide The Most Comprehensive Carpeting Choices For Outdoors

We have years of expertise in designing and installing carpets in outdoor places. We have been working with a diversified portfolio of commercial & residential carpets. Besides, we are also great at offering high-end event carpets like red carpets, blue carpets, or other exhibition carpets. You can connect to us for any of your needs as we are the only trustworthy contractors to provide you with top-quality outdoor carpet Dubai at affordable rates. So do choose us if you want to avail yourself of our budget-friendly services!

Noteworthy Features Of Our Outdoor Carpet

Adding an outdoor rug to your garden, lawn, or any other outdoor space is a perfect way to create a cozy & comfy sitting area. Our high-quality carpets feature excellent build quality to provide a number of functional and practical benefits.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important features of outdoor area carpets in Dubai.

  • Our  Outdoor Carpet Dubai does not fade even under direct Sunlight.
  • They are incredibly moisture-resistant and don’t host mold and mildew growth, as well.
  • You can easily clean these carpets without a lot of effort or investing in costly cleaners.
  • These carpets make a great combination with outdoor furniture and can be used to create floor-based seating setups, as well.
  • They are odor-resistant so won’t become a problem for you if you have pets in your home.

The Aesthetic Perks Of Our Luxury Carpets In Dubai

Our premium-grade outdoor carpets UAE are a perfect way to add major ambience, comfort and attraction to your exterior spaces and make them cozy to be around. Besides, they are ideally versatile and can be placed in a number of different spaces such as gardens, balconies, decks, patios, pergolas, and terraces. You can have them in all size and shape ranges and can also request our exceptionally amazing customization services for the perfect styling of your dream carpet. Just reach out to us and we shall make you acquire the most pleasing carpeting for your places.

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Have Us For The Adept Exterior Carpet Installation All Across UAE

For those settings that require a permanent or large-scale floor covering, Design Furniture has got you the most precise skill set of outdoor Carpet Dubai installation. Our services will ensure the perfect flaunting of your chosen outdoor carpets and most importantly will save you from the entire inconvenience of DIY carpet fittings. Besides, you can also reach out to our professionals for learning the most trendy decor ideas to adorn your outdoors with. Not to mention that our services are entirely affordable and your desired spaces will be all-ready to be used in the shortest periods of time.

Why Choose Us

Design Furniture is a well-known firm in Dubai that sells high-quality indoor and outdoor carpets. Our high-quality Outdoor carpet Dubai is available in a wide range of traditional designs and color palettes. This way, we help you pick out the best choices for all settings and purposes you look forward to. Moreover, the prices of our luxury carpets are ideally pocket-friendly so you can totally enjoy making impulse purchases on a budget.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about outdoor carpets

Outdoor carpets are technically designed to resist water & moisture. But on the off chance if due to heavy rainfall or water spills the carpets get moldy then you need to go for air dry to ensure the moisture is perfectly out of the carpet.

Like every other assortment, outdoor rugs need to be cared for properly in order to lengthen the lifespan. So, if properly maintained then your outdoor floor carpet can last for 5-7years.

No, outdoor carpets are not ruined if they get wet due to rain because they are designed to be waterproof & don’t let the rainwater absorb in them.