The Ultimate Guide to Clean Vertical Blinds

Most people consider the cleaning of vertical blinds as basic as the cleaning of other blinds because they don’t acknowledge the cruciality of doing it the right way. You must know that the cleaning of vertical blinds is different from horizontal blinds because of the placement and position of slats. You have to take care of them in a rather different way.

Although the cleaning of vertical blinds does not involve any rocket science, you just need to consider some essential factors and then you can easily cleanse your blinds the perfect way and can also make them last longer. So, if your vertical blinds are getting dirty and you want to learn the cleaning process of them, then this blog is going to be worth reading for you.

Today, I’ve come up with The Ultimate Guide on How to Clean Vertical Blinds, so you can easily follow all the essential aspects of it and can clean your blinds right according to the way they’re supposed to be dealt with. So without any delay, let’s get started.

Can I Wash My Vertical Blinds?

Can I wash my vertical blinds? The answer to this question depends on the material of your vertical blinds. If your blinds are made from vinyl or PVC, and you frequently make use of them in wet places, such as kitchens and bathrooms, then you can easily wash your blinds. Besides, most of the fabricated versions of blinds, such as Roman Window Blinds can also be washed in order to have perfect maintenance.

Nevertheless, it’s always best to read the manufacturer’s description on your vertical blinds to know whether they are safe for washing or not. Do keep in mind that washing those blinds that are not supposed to be washed will simply result in their irreversible ruining. The fabric of the blinds can be damaged easily, so you need to be extremely careful while dealing with them. Besides, I am also going to mention the cleaning process of the blinds that are not safe for washing, so continue reading.

Steps To Clean The Vertical Blinds

The maintenance of vertical blinds is very easy, similar to the cleaning of roman blinds. You only need a few simple and easily available supplies for the cleaning process. Here are the steps that you need to follow carefully for cleaning your blinds.

1. Detach Your Vertical Blinds From The Window

1 Detach Your Vertical Blinds From The Window

The very first process while starting the cleansing of your blinds is to detach your blinds from your windows. For this process, you have to open the bottom chain of the blinds connected with each slat. Now slide the weights at the bottom of each slat. Now unhook the slats from the headrail of the blinds. Lay down all the slats carefully on the ground, having a clean sheet. After that, remove all the hangers from the headrail that hang the slats of the blinds.

2. How To Clean The Headrail Of The Vertical Blinds?

2 How To Clean The Headrail Of The Vertical Blinds

Now, after detaching the vertical window blinds from the window, it’s time to clean the headrail first. For the cleaning of the headrail, you can easily remove the headrail from its clips. Now, place the headrail carefully on the ground. Use a vacuum hose to clean all the trapped dust inside the headrail.

Now clean the headrail with a damp mop from outside and inside as well, so all the dust can be completely removed from the headrail. Now after cleaning, dry the headrail with a cloth. Experts advise it to spray any lubricant spray, such as WD40 on the headrail so your blinds can move smoothly on it. Now you can put your headrail in the brackets again.

3. How To Clean Slats Of Vertical Blinds?

3 How To Clean Slats Of Vertical Blinds.jpeg

The next step in cleaning the vertical blinds is to know how to clean the slats of the blinds. The material of the slats determines their cleaning process. Now if your slats are water-resistant, then you can select the process according to it. And if the slats are not safe for water, then you have to clean them in a different way. I have mentioned both the processes below.

4. Steps To Clean Vertical Blinds That Are Not Safe To Soak In Water

4 Steps To Clean Vertical Blinds That Are Not Safe To Soak In Water

The cleaning process of blinds that can’t be soaked in water is very easy. You just need a few things such as

  • Lukewarm water
  • Clean mop
  • Mild detergent or baby shampoo
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Upholstery duster

First of all, you have to clean the dust from the slats laying down on the floor. Start by cleaning the dust with the upholstery duster. Clean all the slats from the front and then use the duster on the backside of the slats to clean them properly. After cleaning the dust from the duster, if you feel that there is more trapped dust in the slats, then you can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt particles.

After cleaning the slats from the dust, now you have to remove all the stains present on your vertical blinds. For this, prepare a solution of lukewarm water with a mild detergent. You can also use baby shampoo for it that doesn’t damage the fibres of your fabric. Now take a mop, dip it in the solution and start cleaning your blinds from top to bottom.

Gently rub the places having stubborn stains. Clean the blinds from the front and back. After this, take a dry and clean mop and dry your blinds. After drying, your vertical blinds are ready to hung again on your windows.

5. Steps To Clean Vertical Blinds That Are Safe To Be Soaked In Water

Steps for how to Clean Vertical Blinds That Are Safe To Be Soaked In Water

If your blinds have stubborn stains and they are also safe to be soaked in water, then it becomes very easy for you to clean them properly. For this process, you’ll need:

  • Lukewarm water
  • A large tub
  • Detergent
  • Upholstery brush
  • Sponge

For the cleaning process of vertical blinds, take a large tub or sink and fill it with water. Put a mild detergent into it and make a solution. When cleaning your wooden window blinds, never use bleach or any other harsh cleaners because they can ruin the looks of your blinds. This goes particularly true for fabricated blinds as there are major chances of the deeper penetration of the cleaner into the fabric of the blind.

Divide the slats of your vertical blinds into sections that can be easily soaked in your tub. And then wash each section of slats one by one. This way, you can thoroughly remove all the stains from all slats by giving each slat a proper time.

For washing the slats that are safe to soak in water, you can use a sponge or an upholstery brush for scrubbing away all the stains. Ensure to give a gentle wash to your blinds and then bring them out from the tub. Now wash all the slats with a rich amount of water. And let them dry completely before you utilize them again.


This was The Ultimate Guide on How to Clean Vertical Blinds, with which you can easily maintain your vertical blinds whether they are water-resistant ones or not. All of the above-mentioned processes can help you make your blinds look new. Follow the steps carefully, and clean your blinds according to your requirements. And you can totally expect them to serve you for longer time spans afterwards.

FAQs| Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can wash fabric blinds very easily. There are two methods for the washing of fabric blinds. You can either wash them in a bathtub or can put them in a washing machine. Washing with hands is safer than to put them in a washing machine because there are chances that they can be tangled.

For washing the blinds in the bathtub, take lukewarm water, add detergent and soak your blinds in the bathtub. After 30 minutes, scrub them and wash them thoroughly. If you want to wash them in a washing machine, then go for a wash on a heat setting no more than 30° Celsius. Put your blinds in a pillow cover to make them safe from any damage.

If you can clean your blinds in a steam cleaner, then it is the best way to protect your vertical blinds from decolorization. First, test a part of the slat of your blind to see whether it is safe for your blinds or not. Then start cleaning slats one by one from top to bottom. This method will remove all stains easily.

Yes, you can clean your vertical blinds without taking them down by just following some simple steps. 

  • Fully extend the blinds and clean them with a duster.
  • Now partially close the blinds in such a way that you can see the inside of the slats, clean all the dust from them.
  • Use a damp mop to clean all the stains from it.
  • Switch on the fan to dry them properly.

To clean the yellowed blinds, you have to use bleach, which is not safe for all blinds. It can decolorize your blinds or can also damage the fibers of the fabric. But if you still want to take a risk, then you can soak the blinds in the tub and fill it with water. Add half a cup of bleaching powder into it, and soaked your blinds in this solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove your blinds from the solution and wash it with cold water.

You can wash blinds with vinegar by making a mixture of vinegar and water in a tub and soak the vertical blinds into it. You can also dip a mop in the vinegar solution and clean the blinds with it instead of soaking them. Vinegar not only cleans your blinds but can also remove the foul smell from your blinds.

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