How To Solve The Problem Of A Stiff Roller Blind Chain?

Blinds are the most popular window solution nowadays because of their affordable price and attractive looks. Blinds are highly durable, and when you install them, you can use them for over 10 years. The only problem that you have to deal with while using the blinds is the stiff roller blind chain.

There may be many causes of rigid chains, but it is very difficult for you to fix this blind moving mechanism without having complete knowledge of its workings. If you are fed up with your stiff blind chain, then you just need to read this blog and all your problems related to roller blind procedures are going to be solved in just a few minutes.

In this blog, we are going to tackle all the potential problems related to the moving process of your blinds. The winding mechanism of roller blinds is based on just a few simple things, so you can easily find the problem in the movement of your blinds. Without wasting time, let’s start with a few common fixing techniques for your stiff roller blind chain.

Fixing Of Roller Blinds That Stiff because of Fabric Sticking


If you are facing a problem in such a way that sometimes your blinds easily open and close, and sometimes they are completely stuck and won’t move from their place, then there are many chances that the fabric of your roller blinds gets stuck and won’t allow your blinds to operate.

If you notice any loose fabric or asymmetry in the fabric of your blind, then the fabric has a problem and you need to fix it. To solve this issue, fully extend the roller blinds when they start working and check where your fabric is loose. Tighten the fabric and let your blinds operate smoothly.

Fixing Of Sidewinder Issue Of Roller Blinds

Fixing Of Sidewinder Issue Of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have chains, and they rely on the sidewinder for the smooth operation of blinds. If fabric sticking is not the problem with your blind, then there are chances that there is a problem with the sidewinder of your blinds. Sidewinder problems occur when you rarely use blinds regularly and the chain is stuck in its place because of a lack of movement.

To solve the problem of sidewinders that are noisy or stiff, you need to remove your blinds from the rods, and then separate the sidewinder machines from them. After separating the machine, now you should have a WD40 spray. Check all the moving parts of the sidewinder and then spray them. It will definitely start moving properly. After this, you can fix your blinds again.

If you don’t want to remove your blinds, then you know that WD40 spray can leave stains on your blinds, which you can’t remove when you spray WD40 on the sidewinder attached to the blind.

The solution to this problem is that you can extend the blind fully, and then spray the sidewinder. If it gives stain to your blinds, then the stain would be restricted to the upper part of the blind, which is usually rolled with the rod. So in this way, the beauty of your blinds remains as before.

Fixing Of Snap Roller Blinds Chain


Fixing Of Snap Roller Blinds Chain

Snap roller blind chains are very annoying because of their tearing sounds. If you want to get rid of these snapped chains, then you just need to notice the blind chain that is sticking anywhere in the blind mechanism. Most probably, the beads of the blind chain are stuck in the gear of the blind operating system and it causes annoying sounds when you open or close the blind.

To solve this issue, you just need to remove the connector from your blinds and remove the old chain from them. Put a new, shorter chain into it and your luxury blinds will start moving smoothly making no sounds that are unpleasant to you.

Fixing Of Blinds That Don’t Back Up

Fixing Of Blinds That Don’t Back Up - Stiff Roller Blind Chain

This is almost the same situation that we first dealt with. Here, the fabric of your blinds is loose. For this, you just need to detach your roller blinds from the mounting system and re-roll them so the fabric tightly gets into the system and never gets stuck in it again. After this, your blinds can easily back up.

Fixing Of Blinds That Don’t Stay Up

Fixing Of Blinds That Don’t Stay Up

This is one of the most tricky problems that we have mentioned on our list. Here, your blinds are falling from their position. And when you extend them, you notice that their length is increasing. Don’t consider that your blind length is increasing because it can never happen.

This is actually the problem with the springs in the blind channel. The springs get old and now they can’t bear the weight of your blinds, so you need to remove the system of your blinds or change it altogether. You can also install new springs in it.

It is recommended that you do this process with the assistance of a professional so that your blind mechanisms remain smooth and can withstand the weight of your blinds.

Fixing Problems Of Spring Roller Blinds

Fixing Problems Of Spring Roller Blinds

If your spring roller blinds are creating problems in the opening and closing procedure, then you need to reset them. Remove the blinds from the window and then gradually roll them up halfway. Now rehang your blinds and then check the mechanism. Do the same process 3 to 4 times until you get the desired results.


Now you know all about how to solve the problem of a stiff roller blind chain and all the other problems related to blinds. So you can easily fix all your issues related to the chain or folding of your roller blinds. So what are you waiting for? Go and solve your blind problems.

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