How To Fix Artificial Grass In Quick Manner (2024 Guide)

Artificial grass is the most trending floor covering nowadays, especially for outdoor areas. People use it in indoor areas as well to create a natural environment in their places. Most probably the reason behind the extensive use of fake grass is its durability.

This grass can be used for a long period of time without any need of maintaining it. The maintenance of this grass is very easy, that’s why people are using artificial turf carpets on their lawns, balconies, patios, and gardens.

No matter how durable the fake grass is, it can still get damaged in certain circumstances. If the turf grass on your lawn or balcony gets damaged and you want to fix it on your own, then this article is going to be very informative for you.

Today I am going to tell you how you can fix the damaged grass on your lawn. I have discussed all these procedures with a professional repairer of the fake grass so you can easily trust my article and fix your grass like a pro by following my tips.

How can Artificial Grass get Damaged?

How can Artificial Grass get Damaged

The first question is how the artificial lawn can get damaged? The answer to this question could be very long because there are many situations in which careless behavior can damage the most durable grass.

You must know the common damages to the artificial grass so after repairing your grass, you can avoid all these situations and can keep your fake grass safe for a long period of time.

  • One of the most common damages to the grass is from fire. Fire can be from cigarettes, fire pits, or during barbecue parties.
  • Another situation that is very common is the use of chemicals on artificial garden. Many people want to make their grass safer and safer so they start using fertilizers and pesticides on synthetic grass that can damage the texture of the grass.
  • Synthetic turf can also get damaged by sharp objects such as gardening tools and furniture edges. Sometimes your shoes bring something sharp with them and damage the grass fiber.
  • If you accidentally drop oil based paint on the artificial fake grass, it will completely damage the area of the grass where it has fallen.
  • Some people start using fake grass for applications that are not safe for it so it will start damaging.

Is it Possible to Repair the Artificial Grass without a Pro?

Artificial grass repair

Now the question is can you fix the damaged grass unassisted? The answer is absolutely yes. When you can install the artificial grass on your own then you can definitely fix its damages unassisted.

The repairing of the synthetic grass is much similar to the repairing of the carpet as you just need to replace the damaged part with the new part and the floor will look like new. You can easily fix small damaged patches of the artificial lawn very easily.

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If a large area of the fake lawn is damaged, then I shall advise you to please call a professional and then decide that either you should fix that portion or install the entire lawn again.

Before Starting the Procedure: Let’s do the trick

Trick Artificial grass

Before repairing the artificial grass lawn, it is necessary for you to find the old patches of the grass in your storeroom. If you find some patches of the grass then you are very lucky because you can easily repair the grass from these pieces.

If you are unable to find the leftovers of your grass lawn then it is very difficult to find the same color grass from the market. Even if you buy the grass from the same retailer then it is still very much difficult to find the exact green shade.

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If you are facing this situation then ask the retailer what to do, maybe he has some leftovers that can match your artificial turf color.

Step-by-Step Process to Repair your Artificial Grass

Now we are starting the procedure to fix the damaged piece of our synthetic lawn. So let’s discuss the tools and materials first and then the steps to replace the damaged piece of the artificial lawn.

Tools and Materials

Here are the tools and material that is required for the fixing of the artificial garden so you must have all these things when you are replacing the old and damaged piece of artificial grass from your garden.

  • Piece of a fake grass that is almost exactly matches your grass lawn
  • Sharf knife or a box cutter
  • Fake grass glue
  • Tape or nails
  • A piece of cardboard

1. Create a Solid Base

Create a Solid Base

In the replacement of the damaged piece of grass, the first step is to remove the damaged piece. For the removal of this piece, you have to cut the target piece with a sharp knife or the box cutter. You have to cut the piece in a circular shape so you can use a lid or circular cardboard for the cutting of the grass.

Many people cut the damaged piece in a rectangular or square shape, but you must know when you reinstall the piece of grass in a rectangular shape it becomes prominent that there is something new in this area.

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But if you cut the piece in a circular shape then it easily merges in the surroundings and no one can recognize that you have replaced this area. When you are cutting the area, make sure that you are making deep cuts because if you only remove fibers, you can’t properly adjust the new patch in this area.

2. Prepare the New Piece of the Fake Grass

Prepare the New Piece of the Fake Grass

When you completely remove the damaged piece of fake grass, now it’s time to adjust the new patch of the grass according to the area in which you have to fix it. For the cutting of the artificial grass in the required shape, use the same circular cardboard which you have used to remove the damaged area.

In this way, you can easily get the exact shape of the artificial turf that you needed for the fixing of the fake grass lawn.

3. Lay the grass

Lay the artificial grass

It’s the step to prepare the area to fix the fake grass. Place the adhesive tape of the fake grass on the underlay which you can see through the hole which you made from a knife. Completely cover the area with the adhesive tape.

Self-adhesive tape is very efficient in this process but you can also use regular seaming tape if you can’t find the adhesive tape for turf. Now use adhesive glue for the artificial turf on the tape and spread it through the tape.

Be careful, you don’t need to place the glue on the undamaged parts because it can destroy their beauty and make the patch visible.

4. Now Fix the New Piece

Now Fix the New Piece artificial grass

Now, it’s time to fix the new piece of grass in the targeted area. Place the patch carefully in the area, and then press it until it completely sticks to the glue and the tape.

Make sure that you are placing the new piece in such a way that the piles of the new piece of artificial grass are in the same direction as the old grass. So the piles will mix into each other and the patch will completely become invisible.

5. Lets Dry the Replaced Area

Lets Dry the Replaced Area artificial grass

When you install the new piece of grass in your garden, don’t walk in this area, let it dry completely so you can easily use it for years. If you walk on the newly installed piece it can lose its strength and can easily detach from the floor.

So leave the area for almost 20 to 24 hours, and then use it.

Mistakes that You Should Avoid To Maintain the Artificial Grass

If you want to keep your artificial grass safe from all types of damage, you should avoid some mistakes that are usually made by homeowners. Here are some common mistakes that people usually make.

  • Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals: first of all many homeowners make the serious mistake of using harsh chemicals for the cleaning of the fake grass. The harsh chemicals destroy the texture of the grass and can also decrease the pile quality of the grass. So never use harsh chemicals on the grass.
  • Maintain the Infill: another mistake that homeowners usually do is not to maintain the infill of the grass. They think that there is no need to maintain the infill. But actually, the infill is the thing that makes the grass evergreen and keeps the piles pointed upward. So you have to maintain the infill of the fake grass if you want to keep your grass safe from all damages.
  • Do Regular Cleaning: although artificial lawn requires very little maintenance, it requires cleaning on a regular basis to maintain its beauty and texture. So clean the grass once a week or twice a month, the harmful things from the grass can be removed and it will be safe from future damages.


Now you know all about fixing the damaged piece of the artificial grass very quickly so you can easily fix all the damages to your grass. I have also mentioned some mistakes that you should avoid if you want to keep your artificial lawn fresh and green. Best of luck with the fixing of the artificial turf on your lawn.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits to artificial grass, such as that it is very easy to maintain as compared to real grass. Children and pets are safe on artificial turf because if they fall on it, they will not get hurt. Fake grass is also free from the growth of fungi and algae.

No, you can easily fix the damaged piece of the fake grass on your own because the fixing process is very easy. You just need to find a grass patch that is very much similar in color to your grass and then remove the damaged piece and install it in place of it.

Yes, fake grass is very beneficial for the lawn because it does not require too much maintenance and looks more beautiful as compared to real grass. It is safe for children and pets. It is also environmentally friendly because it doesn’t need pesticides and fungicides.

The fastest way to fix the artificial turf is to use the glue-down method. Remove the damaged patch of the grass, place the adhesive tape and glue on the underlay and then place the new piece of fake grass on the required area of the grass.

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