How To Clean Window Blinds Without Taking Them Down

Window Blinds, for sure, are the most incredible choice of window treatment considering all the functional advantages and most importantly the aesthetic significance. They are a lot more flexible and easy to deal with as compared to any other given form of window covering, like curtains or even shutters. However, this serviceability comes with a kind of downside, which is the difficulty scale of maintenance.

It’s an obvious aspect that window blinds can be nearly a bummer on the nerves when it comes to taking the right care of them and not doing so will simply end up worsening the situation. Besides, the most common concern in this regard is how to clean them in such an effective way that does not involve taking them down. Because that’s of course a great deal of effort and is meant to require a reasonable time of yours, as well.

So here we are, once again at your service, with our expert guide on how to clean your window blinds most effortlessly. Let’s get started and get to know about all those expert and effective ways.

Cleaning Your Window Blinds Without Removing Them

Ahead are some of the useful hacks with which you can easily carry out the blind cleaning job without indulging in a lot of detailed or tiring procedures. Also, this will save those bucks that you would otherwise need to spend on professional cleaning services!

1. Vacuum It Away

Vacuum It Away

This might seem really obvious (yet you didn’t give it a thought before!) but it actually works wonders. Using your vacuum cleaner can magically address the very concern of dirty blinds in the most effective way. And it goes without saying that it will neither require you a lot of effort nor a ton of tools and of course the cleanup will be done without removing your blinds from the windows.

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P.S. This method works fine for nearly all of the blinds whether they are fabricated or feature solid construction, such as Mini Blinds, Venetian Window Blinds, Vinyl Blinds or even fabric blinds.

Here’s How To Do It Safely

Simply take your vacuum cleaner along with the brush attachment and go over the slats or panels of your blinds thoroughly. Make sure to do one slat or portion of the blind panel at a time and don’t act way too quickly at any point.

2. Make Some Feather Magic

Make Some Feather Magic

Dusting is one of the most foolproof ways of keeping your homes clean and perfectly decluttered, and your window blinds aren’t an exception either. You can even do this on a regular basis, since this super quick cleanup won’t require the removal of blinds in any way.

So let the wizard/witch spirit kick in and get going with the blind cleaning!

Doing It The Right Way

As obvious as it may sound, dusting your window blinds in a harsh way or with very rough cleaning tools can actually worsen the situation, eventually leading to long-term damage. With that said, using a feather is a good idea as it will ensure the safest cleaning of your blinds and the most effective one too. As an alternative to the cleaning feather, you can make use of a Microfiber cloth, which actually brings about really impressive outcomes.

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3. The Good Old Soap Solution

The Good Old Soap Solution

This method ensures a deep cleaning for the blinds and is also a good way to address the problems of staining or spots. It works for most blind types and gives rise to maximally effective consequences. However, Never use water in case you’re dealing with wooden blinds. Also, you need to be really watchful with the choice of your soap or detergent as a harsh one can actually damage your blinds a lot.

Making The Cleaner

Start by mixing a suitable amount of mild dish soap or detergent into around a tub of lukewarm water. Take a clean and soft cleaning cloth, have it saturated thoroughly in the soap solution and wring it well. Use this damp cloth to go over the blind slats or the panel, while being careful to thoroughly address every single spot.

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Once you’re done with the cleaning, wipe off the entire blinds with a clean and dry cloth, so as to clear out any of the solution residue, which is likely to attract more dirt and dust. Also, wiping with a dry cloth is essential to address those areas that are likely to be left out during the soap solution cleanup.

4. Beat The Dirt With Baking Soda (Or Some Similar Agent!)

Beat The Dirt With Baking Soda

Baking soda, the time-tested crucial shelf ingredient, has always been the most crucial part of all DIYs and homemade cleaning recipes. So why not use it for cleaning the blinds and also to get rid of any staining or spotting, as well. Besides, doing so will also ensure eliminating any lingering odor which you might experience with dirty blinds.

Starting With The Cleaning

Mix around a tablespoon of Baking Soda to the appropriate amount of lukewarm water to make a cleaner. Take a cleaning cloth (at best a microfiber one), have it dipped in the Baking Soda solution and use it to thoroughly clean all of the blinds. Be careful about proceeding in a gentle yet effective manner, so that no spot or slat is left out. You might as well, need to go over a certain more than once, in order to ensure perfect cleaning.

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Do wipe off the entire treated area of the blind with a clean and dry microfiber cloth, so as to get rid of any of the cleaner residues.

Alternatively: You can make use of Vinegar in the same manner, which will also provide the same level of effectiveness.


Hoping for our effortless window blind cleaning guide to be really helpful for you in dealing with dirty blinds. Once you’ve gone through all of the above-mentioned easy yet effective methods, you’ll get to know that it isn’t always necessary to do it the hard way. And you just need to act a little smart in order to get your desired home maintenance job done.

Over and above, none of our cleanups requires a lot of cleaning tools or a high extent of efficiency, rather all we do is focus on the DIY tips and tricks, using even easier cleaning techniques.

We have high hopes for your next blind cleanup to be the most convenient for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Though window blind dusting can be one of the most unwanted everyday chores, you still gotta do it, so that your blinds last long. Dusting them at least once a week works pretty well and it’s also a good idea to consider washing them occasionally for a deeper cleanup.

Always start by dusting the blinds first and then you can either proceed to vacuuming or washing. That’s because dusting helps get rid of all the loosened dirt and dust particles, not leaving them to scatter and pollute the surrounding space. It’s also really crucial to dust the blinds first if you’ve got any allergies.

Using a damp cloth is always a way better idea as compared to using the dry one. That’s because a damp fabric attracts dirt and buildup more efficiently and helps in quicker cleaning, whereas dry dusting is the most likely to end up polluting the surroundings even more, as it tends to move the dust particles around.

Always dust/clean the window blinds in the direction of slats so as to avoid creating any mess and most importantly leaving any spaces unaddressed. Besides, doing so lets you clean the entire blind profile with much convenience and with better outcomes.

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