How To Choose The Best Shower Curtain For A Walk-In Shower?

Nowadays, walk-in showers have become increasingly popular because of the large number of benefits offered. Adding further, they make the best choices for confined spaces (as in most modern households), are easier to be cleaned, and offer multiple other perks, too. These walk-in showers are fully open with no doors or glass panels but rather have curtains enclosing and defining the space.

Having that said, the choice of shower curtains has to be made ideally and considering various aspects of significance. And if you want to educate yourself on how to make the ideal choice of shower curtains for walk-in showers, then this informative post by Design Furniture will prove to be the most helpful for you.

Because in this article, we’re going to disclose all the necessary factors that should be kept in view when picking shower curtains for an ideal choice. So, stay with us and get yourself a know-how on the directions for a perfect choice of shower curtains.

Choose The Best Shower Curtain For A Walk-In Shower

A Detailed Guide For The Best Choice Of Shower Curtains

Having a shower curtain in a walk-in shower not only provides you with much-needed privacy but also is an excellent way to adorn the bathroom space. Also, shower curtains will prevent water splashes and moisture from going outside the defined space alongside keeping the area warm while taking a bath.

All these benefits and many more are dependent on your choice of shower curtains. Below, we’ve listed all the important elements that you should take into account for choosing the best shower curtains.

1. The Type Of Material & Its Selection

The first and most crucial factor to take into account is the material selection for shower curtains. When making a choice, you’ll find shower curtains available in a wide variety of material options like vinyl, polyester, cotton, rayon, nylon, etc.

All these material choices have a distinctive property brilliance and therefore, you should be careful while having a selection. Here’s our take on the different types of shower curtains in terms of material varieties.

Vinyl Shower Curtains

Vinyl shower curtain liners are available on the market in a diverse collection of amazing ready-made options regarding pattern, color, style, and size. Adding further, you can have them in a variety of design choices including solids, flecks, novelties, floral prints, etc.

Vinyl for shower curtains is a water-repellent and low-maintenance material that can also be easily cleaned. Not to mention the option to have them customized for satisfying personal aesthetic concerns.

Shower Curtains In Polyester

Polyester shower curtains are extremely durable and give an improved aesthetic appeal in comparison to vinyl. And similar to vinyl curtains for showers, you’ll find them in an extensive range of options. However, you’ll find them somewhat expensive in comparison to vinyl shower curtains.

Cotton Curtains For Showers

Speak of the best quality and unmatched aesthetics for shower curtains and you’ll find them manufactured using cotton material. That’s because of the proprietary excellence of cotton i.e. being exceptionally durable and easy to wash. These curtains Dubai can be cleaned using a washing machine and offer promising results when paired with shower liners i.e. absorbs moisture quickly.

2. The Weight Of The Shower Curtains

Right after the material selection, you need to consider the weight of the shower curtains. That’s necessary because lightweight curtains when used in the showers are most likely to billow when exposed to moisture.

And that will definitely happen in the walk-in showers because they’re designed to create water splashes. So, the rule of thumb is to choose heavier curtains for walk-in showers so as to prevent undesirable outcomes.

For this purpose, you should buy shower curtains heavy enough that don’t gravitate towards you while taking a bath (a common phenomenon due to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the shower).

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3. The Style Of Shower Curtains

In the past, shower curtains were not used to be stylish. Nowadays, you can have curtains for walk-in showers in a diverse collection of astonishing options in terms of design, style, color, pattern, size, and many other factors.

Hence, you can easily make an ideal choice of shower curtains that complements the bathroom decor alongside satisfying your aesthetic taste. In this concern, the most popular choices are nautical prints and oceanic patterns.

4. Hook Or No-Hook Shower Curtains

There are two options for making the shower curtains move when hung from the curtain rod i.e. using hooks and not using hooks. If you opt for shower curtains with hooks, then you’ll have more flexibility in the usage of curtains. But, these hooks can come off the curtain rod at times and you’ll have to adjust them.

The other option (no-hook shower curtains) requires you to pass the curtain rod through the curtains and therefore, hold them in place. For such situations, the only disadvantage is that you will not find a smooth, trouble-free functioning of the curtains.

5. The Length Of Shower Curtains

One can’t overlook the all-important element of curtain length choice. That’s because short curtains won’t provide much-needed privacy protection and also water splashes will outspread the shower area. In contrast, shower curtains that are too long give an undesirable appearance and also get easily dirty in the shower.

Keeping all that in mind, you need to have shower curtains that touch the bathroom floor or maybe ½ inches high from the floor surface. Thus, neither too long nor too short in length. Most standard-sized shower curtains are 72 inches in length. However, you will also find shower curtains up to 78 or even 90 inches long designed specifically for high-roof bathrooms.

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To Conclude

The ideal choice of curtains for walk-in showers has been made easy for you with our above-mentioned info. And, to make the best choice of curtains for walk-in showers, you need to keep in mind the curtain elements of style, material construction, weight, and length. Besides, you can either have hook or no-hook shower curtains for functional efficacy depending on your choice.

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