How To Layer Sheer And Blackout Curtains-Handy Hacks

Both sheer and blackout window curtains can be rightfully called heroes in the world of window treatments since they totally ace at providing beautification and benefits. Their foremost plus point or let’s say major importance lies in their light divergence (room darkening and brightening) and the fun and calmative environments created respectively. And it goes without saying that sheers and blackouts are the kind of curtain treatment that work wonders for every usage and one can’t possibly go wrong with their choice!

So when there are tons of obvious perks of sheer and blackout curtains, it must be an even great idea to combine the two, in order to double up the benefits. This way, there won’t just be a whole lot of benefits but the surrounding room space can get a significant beautification, as well.

Layer Sheer And Blackout Curtains

Combining Blackout And Sheer Window Curtains For Enhanced Looks 

In case you’ve got either of the two or at best the both, Design Furniture has got you this super incredible info with which you can totally benefit beyond an extent from your otherwise not-so-functional window curtains. Besides, our ahead mentioned tips and tricks will also prove to be extremely handy for you if you’re looking forward to a change and are somewhat (or too much!) bored with the drapes you own at the moment.

Speaking of being handy, why not first go through a couple of perks of combining blackout and sheer window curtains before we actually move on to doing so.

What Makes Sheers And Blackouts A Great Window Treatment Collectively?

The answers are pretty mainstream though!

  • You can enjoy room darkening and illumination just the way you like with this one-time effort and investment. And this turns out to be greatly helpful in various parts of the day or let’s say parts of the year.
  • The energy expenses are meant to drastically reduce with such a window treatment approach, since your rooms will be more energy-efficient.
  • In addition to a complete control over the extent of light, you can totally adjust the temperature of the room this way, depending on your preferences or whatever the weather asks for (It’s insulation most commonly!)
  • You get to enjoy the satisfaction of a double window coverage which does mean better privacy protection and more peace of mind.
  • Improved noise reduction is another undeniable bonus of installing both sheer curtains and blackout curtains on your windows.

It’s now time to take a look at how to do it perfectly. And while you might not essentially require any equipment other than, of course, the two curtain types, there could be a need for some curtain installation hardware and/or accessories. So make sure you keep everything in hand. 

Smart Ways To Install (And Flaunt) Sheer And Blackout Curtains Together 

We’ve major high hopes that you’d find a way (or ways) that’d work wonders for you!

Sheers Atop Blackouts 

  • This, of course, is one of the simplest manners of playing with the beauty and making the most out of the benefits of sheer and blackout curtains.
  • All you have to do is hang your blackout window curtains as the base layer and sheers as the top one.
  • And you can totally have this alignment on both sides, i.e. the window-facing side and the one that faces you.
  • Though a more preferable idea is to do this on the side that’s facing the room, so that the whole window profile looks attractive and adds to the room’s overall beauty.
  • At times, you can keep the sheers gathered with a tieback, so that the blackout curtains can be visible from the sideways, a sight which will be more breathtaking than you can possibly think of!

Blackouts Atop Sheers

  • This method, technically is just the other way around of the first one, i.e. sheers as the base and blackouts on top of them.
  • It does come with the bonus that you can tie away your blackout curtains whenever you feel like enjoying natural light (in a filtered and pleasant version of course!) around you.
  • And this way, you can make the most out of the room darkening feature of the blackout curtains, without any trouble or even compromise on the ornamentation factor.
  • Sheer curtains, (while it might be hard to believe due to their delicate profiles) are made of polyester, so putting them next to the blackout ones simply means more room insulation and better privacy protection, as well.
  • While you can have sheer curtains as a single panel (since they won’t be moving too much) it’s better to have double or triple panels of the blackout curtains, basically centrally opening panels of the blackout ones, so that you can easily open and close them whenever you want, without having to move the sheer curtains along.

Alternate Hanging 

  • Think of this like a checkered pattern of the colors (black and white to be precise) as in this very setting, the sheer and blackout curtains will be hung in an alternate manner.
  • This method works best with eyelet curtains since you can simply hang one panel of sheers and one of the blackouts in one rod and keep on doing so, in accordance with the length of your curtain rod.
  • Also, you can try doubling up the panels by either putting the top layer of the same curtain or of the other one for more coverage and privacy.
  • When tied to the side ways, both the curtains will depict a fine double-colored curtain panel, which is to say that this alignment is a win-win deal in both open and closed states.
  • Add in a couple strips of golden or silver fairy/string/strip lights and your very own mind-blowing spot for the most aesthetic photos is all set for you. You’re very welcome!

Sheers In The Middle (Grab your curtain accessories for this one)

  • While you can totally guess about this idea just by the name, chances are that you haven’t given a thought before. So do consider this the high time to place your sheer curtains in the middle of the rod and have them surrounded by the sleek panels of blackout curtains.
  • It’s a preferable idea to have the sheer curtains take the full width of the window, i.e. cover the entire window profile, for a sheer sunlight delight!
  • For doing so, you’ll need a curtain pole that’s significantly longer than the window width, so that there’s enough room for the installation of blackout curtains.
  • You can tie up the blackout curtains at times and let the sheers remain open, as this will make your room well-lit with filtered and softened natural light.
  • Another great idea to play with this kind of curtain hanging is to tie the blackout curtain panels (on the sides) in the middle with a complementing tieback. This will create a kinda cut-out (most probably a triangle shape) of the sheer curtains being visible through the blackout and creating an incredible light divergence.

Side-by-side Hanging (This will require you some additional hardware)

  • This method is pretty much similar to that of the alternate hanging of the sheer and blackout curtains, except for the fact that this does require a base curtain panel, with sheer and blackout curtain panels being on the sides.
  • You can have either single (and wide) panels of the two curtain types or can also increase this to a triple or tetra panel together. Just keep this setting similar on both sides of the window.
  • For the base layer, it’s best to stick to sheer curtains in a somewhat different but still neutral hue, so that it does not overpower the combined look of the sheer and blackouts present on the sides.
  • Depending on your mood and decor preferences, you can keep the top curtains (blackouts and sheers) open which will cover the base layer or tie them to the sideways so that the base curtain panel gets visible.
  • You might, as well, require specialized curtain rods such as double, triple or rounded rods for this purpose. And to bring in some more charm, you can also invest in motorized curtain rods for either the base layer or the top layer, so as to make one move according to the requirements.

To Tie Up

This was our take with some brilliant ideas on “How To Layer Sheer And Blackout Curtains” for an improved and most importantly functional window treatment. And it’s totally obvious that you’re going to benefit majorly from this setting of the sheer and blackout curtains together, focusing on both styling, usage convenience and practicality. You can consider these ideas for literally any room of your house, with bedrooms, living rooms and personal space being the foremost recommendations. Besides, this entire curtain setup is super versatile and you can have it for literally any surrounding decor. Not to mention that combining the two curtains won’t cost you money or any additional effort at all.

Wishing you breathtaking curtain decors ahead!

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