7 Different Types of Headboards – Bed Modern Designs 2024

The year 2024 is not just about the headboards being a practical part of the furniture. This year, the interior decor trends are changing as these headboards are making a statement as a functional part of the bedroom’s decor. Nowadays, there are literally an infinite number of design ideas to choose from.

However, you need to choose the one that matches your personal aesthetic preferences while providing the best functionality. Design Furniture aim for today’s blog is the same; telling you about the 7 different types of headboards & the best modern designs for 2024. So, without waiting any longer, put on your interior decorator hat and enter the world of bedroom decor.

custom headboards in UAE 2024

7 Best Types of Headboards for Modern Look

1. Upholstered Headboards

First up on the list is the always present and preferred headboard type, the upholstered headboards. These headboards have been in demand since the early days of home decor because of all the comfort & luxury they offer. The upholstery on these comes in different fabric options like leather, linen, & velvet.

As for the padding, it can be either plush or firm depending on the way you like it. To make them more decorative, you can customize them with button tufting or go plain – yet both styles offer soothing warmth to your bedroom. There are various styles from the button-tufted modern design to sleek traditional designs with plain lines offering a versatile look.


  • Modern Simplistic: a contemporary style with clear lines of upholstery with simple patterns & designs.
  • Traditional tufted: you can go traditional with this style having button tufts to offer an elegant look, plus keeping the padding in place.
  • Chesterfield: create a luxurious vintage look for your bedroom with some rich leather and finer details to ornate the headboard.

2. Wooden Headboards

Wood is all-natural and is the best way to bring the natural element inside any room of the house and the same is the case for bedrooms. Customized headboards of wood are known for bringing in a rustic charm with natural warmth to your bedroom. You can experiment with various kinds of wood types such as oak, cherry, walnut and more.

Each of these wood species offers different shading and has its own unique grain pattern. These wooden headboards can be sleek, simple or even have intricate carvings on them. All these ranges are here to satisfy each individual’s specific style & taste for interior decor.


  • Traditional: Since the early times, this is the ever-present style featuring intricate design carvings & shapes to give an old-world charm.
  • Modern: get the contemporary style for these wooden headboards with stunning geometrical designs with smooth & polished surfaces for a simple look.
  • Rustic: Give your bedroom that cabin-like feel with the roughly hewn wooden headboard and compliment it with a distressed finish.

3. Metal Headboards

Are you someone who is all about durability but still wants that classical appeal for their bedroom decor? Why not try these metal headboards? Get these special headboards made from popular metals like aluminum, brass, & iron.

Oftenly, they are presented with different designs – adding an industrial charm to your bedroom and apartment interior design. To create a focal point in your bedroom, there is nothing better than a metal headboard as they are both stylish & bold in appearance.


  • Modern: they feature a simple design with sleek lines giving a modernized look.
  • Industrial: another simplistic design feature with utilitarian designs but with an edgy feel.
  • Victorian: One-of-a-kind design for headboards; ornate with refined scrollwork and intricate shapes for a vintage appearance.

4. Leather Headboards

There is nothing better than leather headboards if you wish to present sophistry & luxury in your bedroom. They feature a firm padding for extra spine & neck support and comfort. You can have these made in different shades of leather like the classic black or brown and experiment with other color choices as per your aesthetic preferences. The best part of them is that headboard upholstery is easy to clean which makes them a stylish yet practical choice for any household.


  • Traditional: get the leather upholstery in neutral color tones with a smooth surface for an elegant look.
  • Vintage: create a mystery ambience for your bedroom with a headboard furnished with distressed leather – a retro vibe.
  • Modern: for a more contemporary look, go forth with unique shapes with some bold colors.

5. Storage Headboards

Who says that headboards only need to be stylish and not practical? For those people, there are these modern and innovative headboards with storage spaces. You will get enough space to store things just like any wooden custom table of big size. Common examples include bookcase headboards with small cabin spaces.

You can have these headboards custom-made with shelves, compartments, and drawers to offer a functional storage space to place decorative pieces, store books, put alarm clocks and keep bedding. For any bedroom with small enough space, these stylish headboards are the premium choice.


  • Minimalistic: a simple design with hidden storage to keep the bedroom clutter-free.
  • Modern: contemporary designs with LED lighting and charging stations.
  • Rustic: a practical design with wooden shelves & small drawers.

6. Floating Headboards

They might be a type of headboard but they are not actually attached to your bed, instead they are attached to the wall. This is why they are named the floating headboards creating an illusion as if floating.

The design features a modern look for a clutter-free space, making the room feel more space for modern bedroom furniture. They can be made from different types of materials including wood, metal, & plastic. The best part, you can have them with decorative lighting built-in and shelving for practical use.


  • Modern: get a minimalistic design with clear lines for a contemporary appearance.
  • Industrial: create an edgy vibe for the bedroom with construction materials like wood and metal.
  • Luxury: create a luxury statement with the use of materials like velvet or leather.

7. Platform Headboards

This is another amazing headboard design featuring a minimalistic look for the platform beds for a modern look. They often present a simplistic design with a focus on practicality. They can be doubled in size and even offer storage space for shelves & cabinets. The style range is limitless with frames made from wood or metal with upholstery & padding of your choice.


  • Scandinavian: get the airy feel for the bedroom with a simple headboard made from light wood.
  • Modern: for a more futuristic appearance, try the innovative materials featuring geometric shapes.
  • Traditional: for the classical appearance, choose the sleek designs with straight lines.


The headboard you choose for your bedroom will add to its overall ambience and practicality. Bedroom decor in 2024 is all about personalization yet practicality, with many designs giving a blend of style and needs. We have laid down 7 different types of headboard with modern design ideas for 2024. Making the choice for any one of them is yours. The right choice will add to both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your bedroom.

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