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Get The Top-quality Customized Headboards Dubai

For the embellishment of beds, a lot of people select high-quality Customized Headboard in Dubai from our company. This small yet efficient and customizable piece of furniture can really add to the beauty of your room if selected precisely.

We come into the market with our perfectly crafted custom upholstered bed headboards. Customers can choose their favourite ones from our extensive collection, or they can also get one manufactured by telling us about their requirements and of course, measurements of their beds.

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Our Customized Headboard Dubai Offers Mesmerizing Beautification

Being the best and top-notch company, we always try to provide our clients with the most versatile and amazing services not only in Dubai but in all other states of the United Arab Emirates as well. Besides our precisely crafted customized headboards, our company also provides excellent and precise headboard installation services to our customers.

Our custom wood headboard, because of its durability, perfect creation, and long-term serviceability approach, is the top-selling product. With these custom-built headboards, your bedrooms will present a really beautiful and spellbinding environment, too.

Our Customized Headboards Feature Incredible Build Quality 

These headboards come with a robust and resilient build quality, which explains how they notably outperform the regular headboards. Besides, you can enjoy the addition of all your favorite fabrications, cushionings, paddings and tuftings to these custom made headboards. This proves particularly helpful for when you need to stick to some of the medical recommendations regarding your health or posture problems. From quality leather all the way to sturdy wooden frames, you can have any and every kind of Customized Headboard Creation from us. As for the induced fabrications, the major options include Linen, Cotton, Acrylic and Hemp. You can have a personalization at this point as well. Besides, all of our custom headboard fabrications are super easy to clean and therefore incredibly useful, too.

Explore Our Exclusive Range Of Custom Made Headboards 

At our showroom, we have got the best quality custom headboards. From there, you can select one that can fulfil all your requirements and demands. Our experts have designed these made to measure headboards by keeping the trends and major styling preferences in mind. Choosing headboards from our vast collection will become easy as you have to select from such a wide variety of differently customized headboards.

Our Customized Headboard Dubai Offers Enjoyable Features

Bed headboards are genuinely considered a practical accessory that shows different functional characteristics as well. You can enjoy a lot of plus points in your bedroom by getting the custom bed headboards installed on your bed, you can also add customized wallpaper to add to the beauty of your bedroom. There are a lot of salient features of our top-quality customized headboards, but here we have mentioned only a few. Let us have a look at them.

  • Because custom made headboards are truly practical, your bed can get full support with them.
  • Different abrasions on the walls can be avoided by using headboards.
  • Your bedrooms will have a very personalized finishing touch if you have got customizable headboards.
  • The modern and insulated headboard can also maintain the temperature in your room.
  • Being manufactured from high-quality and high-class materials, these headboards are very durable.
  • They can instantly change the look of your place.

Get The Expert-grade Headboard Installation Services From Us

When at Design Furniture, you can easily have all of your desired home improvement skill set under one roof and with the highest level of proficiency. As for our quality Customized Headboard Dubai, we do provide you the first-rate installation services as well, so that you can easily make the most out of this addition. Our headboard installation expertise will work as the best treatment for your beds, making them appear a lot more attractive, comfortable to use and highly durable, as well. Seamlessness, timeliness and matchless perfection are the notable aspects of our services. Not to mention the fact that they are incredibly budget-friendly, too. Do request your free quote today and get the absolutely skilled services for the finest and most favorable treatment of your bedding furniture.

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Why Choose Us?

We are the top-rated headboards manufacturing and providing firm in the UAE and we’ve got you an entire collection of the highest quality customized headboards for your beds. Our experts are highly experienced and can provide you with bespoke bed headboards just according to your demands. You only have to tell us about whatever you want from your next bedding furniture.

Besides offering top-quality products, we also provide clients with our high-class headboard installation services at their doorstep. Our installation crew workers are always ready with their socks pulled up and can serve you in the entire United Arab Emirates. We offer the most competitive price range as well.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Customizing a headboard is a technical task. For a proper and completely precise type of customization, first, hire a well-reputed and experienced company. Then, after telling them about your manufacturing details, you can get your customized headboard at the promised time.

A standard headboard should be about four inches wide as compared to the bed. The height of your ideal headboard from the mattress completely depends on the size of your bed. Generally, the height of the headboard starts at about 14 inches and ends at 58 inches.

No, your headboard must not be attached to the wall. According to the experts, there may be about a gap of 24 inches between the headboard and the wall. If you do so, your walls will not get damaged by the headboards.