Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding Doors?

Lots of homes nowadays have big sliding glass doors. These doors let you see great views outside and bring sunlight inside. But sliding doors also create some issues around privacy, light control, and making your home look nice. Are curtains or blinds better for sliding doors? The truth is both options work very well! The best pick depends on your own needs. Stay with Design Furniture.

window treatment for sliding glass doors

Top Curtain Options for Sliding Doors

  • Blackout Curtains: Blackout curtains are lined with a special backing that blocks outside light for sleeping, home theater rooms, and insulation.
  • Sheer Curtains: Breezy, lightweight sheer curtains soften views and lighting while still enabling visibility.
  • Embroidered Curtains: Beautiful embroidered curtains add a decorative element with eye-catching textures and details.
  • Thermal Curtains: Insulated thermal curtains improve temperature control and energy efficiency.
  • Noise-Reducing Curtains: Specialized noise-reducing curtains buffer exterior sounds from traffic, playgrounds, or noisy neighbors.

Benefits of Curtains on Sliding Doors

1. Elegant, Stylish Look

Curtains Dubai can provide an elegant, decorative look that blinds cannot match. The folds and creases of fabric cascading from the top of a sliding door add a soft, sophisticated design element to a room. Curtains come in a nearly endless variety of colors, patterns, textures, and thicknesses to complement your interior décor. Whether you prefer airy sheers, rich velvets, crisp linens, or textured cotton, sliding door curtains inject stylish flair.

2. Softened Natural Light

Unlike most blinds that are either fully open or fully closed, curtains can cover a sliding glass door while still enabling some natural light to filter into a room. Soft, diffused lighting creates a warmer, cozier interior environment. Lined curtains in lighter hues and sheer fabrics work especially well to filter and scatter incoming sunshine gently. This softer light is less harsh on eyes and décor than the direct glare that can stream through uncovered glass doors.

3. Increased Privacy

Curtains on folding doors give you a lot of privacy while still letting you see outside. When the curtains are all the way closed, you can keep out noisy neighbors or people walking by, but you can also leave them open if you want to. Even more protection can be added with curtain overlays, valances, and layered panels. Motorized blinds can open and close themselves with smart home technology, making it easy to control privacy and views.

4. Better Light & Noise Control

Curtains block more light than many types of blinds for sliding glass doors because they cover the whole window. Blackout and thermal curtains can help block light in bedrooms, home entertainment, and other places where you want the room to be darker. Light blocking and room darkening can also help keep the temperature inside better. Lined and insulated curtains reduce noise from traffic, lawn equipment, playgrounds, and other sources.

5. Easy to Install

Curtains are easier to install than blinds on the large sliding glass doors, saving you time, money, and frustration. Hang a curtain rod above the door opening and hang curtains for an almost instant update. Avoid complicated sizing and infrared sensors needed for some motorized blinds. Change looks effortlessly by swapping out curtain panels and valances each season or when you redecorate.

Top Blind Options for Sliding Doors

  • Pleated Blinds: Pleated blinds offer a decorative look and take up little space when opened.
  • Blackout Blinds: Minimize glare and UV damage to interior furnishings with sun-blocking window blinds.
  • Cordless Blinds: Cordless blinds provide added safety for homes with small children and pets.
  • Faux Wood Blinds: Vinyl faux wood blinds realistically mimic real wood looks while being moisture and warp-resistant.
  • Motorized Blinds: Motorized blinds enable convenient app or voice-controlled raising, lowering, and tilting.

Benefits of Blinds on Sliding Doors

1. Open Outdoor View

Unlike curtains constantly draped across sliding doors, most blinds can retract fully into compact housings above or beside doors when open. With blinds fully raised or tilted up out of the way, sliding doors maintain complete, outdoor-to-indoor views and sightlines. Open expanses of glass doors allow you to feel more immersed in outdoor patios, decks, and panoramic vistas beyond.

2. Long Lasting

Minimal physical contact equates to substantially longer-lasting blinds Dubai over frequent handling and laundering of curtains. Durable aluminum, vinyl, wood, and faux wood blind slats retain their function and appearance for years with minimal maintenance required.

3. Better Insulation, Light & Noise Control

Most curtains lack insulation and sound dampening compared to specialty blinds. As an example, thermal cellular honeycomb shades that work very well have hollow cells that catch air to keep heat and cold from moving.

Blackout roller blinds and noise-reducing acoustic shades also manage light, privacy, and noise. People who are picky eaters, work the third shift, or live near busy roads or noisy parks should get blinds that are properly protected.

4. More Child & Pet Friendly

Kids and pets are less likely to damage blinds than hanging curtains because they are easy to operate with a push button or a remote. Vinyl and metal blinds are much more durable than most curtain fabrics and can handle being scratched, chewed, torn, and ruined by active kids or pets. It’s also easier to clean dusty blind slats than it is to wash curtains often.

5. Uniform Appearance Over Windows & Doors

Having similar blinds on both windows and sliding glass doors makes it much easier to give the whole room a consistent, unified look. When you mix stationary window blinds with flowing door curtains, the result is a broken mess instead of a smooth design flow. Blinds of the same shape, size, texture, and color can be used on windows, doors, and buildings.

In the End

Now you know what color blinds and curtains go with navy walls. You can choose from various color options when it comes to blinds and curtains for your navy walls. You can go from light to more bold colors. Take the material and texture of the blinds into consideration too. You can also add furniture with the same color as your curtains.

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