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Create a Comfortable Interior with Our Blackout Curtains

Hanging our blackout curtains in Dubai is the most functional and advantageous approach to covering your windows. As you can guess by the name, these curtains are efficient in room darkening. They provide you with ideally cozy environments to rest in. These extraordinarily useful curtains style your spaces finely and add extreme comfort to your life.

What Makes Our Curtains Fully Blackout?

Our quality room darkening and blackout window curtains feature premium construction, which explains how they outperform all regular curtains. With a thicker fabric selection and higher thread count, these curtains are one of the most favorable versions of window dressing. They are made of the finest quality polyester or a polyester blend with cotton.

These blackout curtains in Dubai are woven using triple-weave technology and are induced with a blackout lining to improve the room-darkening function. The most recommended version of these curtains is the floor-to-ceiling profile which ensures complete coverage and incredible light reduction.

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Enable Insulation in Your Room with Our Blackout Curtains

Besides offering perfect room darkening, these incredible curtains also provide the major advantage of making your space soundproof to some extent. Moreover, they are great at optimizing the temperature of the entire surrounding space by keeping excessive heat out in the summer. So if you want to add insulation to your room, our quality blackout window curtains will be the best solution.


What Makes Our Blackout Window Curtains So Amazing?

Here are some of the best reasons for having these amazing curtains in all homes and offices.

  • In the first place, these sun-blocking curtains are the most effective way to prevent glare from entering your room and disrupting you during sleep or working hours.
  • These curtains prevent UV rays from damaging or fading furniture. We use thicker material with a back lining toe effect to block the harmful rays from the sun.
  • Thanks to their thick and heavy profiles, these curtains offer noise reduction. It will make your room more comfortable and quiet, helping you focus on your work.
  • Our energy-efficient blackout curtains in Dubai are an excellent way to reduce energy expenses since they are great at balancing the room temperature.
  • We offer these curtains in various color profiles, apart from the traditional black. These luxury curtains are available in the most attractive patterns for an enhanced interior look.

Our Recently Installed Blackout Curtains in Dubai

We Offer Blackout Curtains For Every Place

These curtains are the best recommendation for all residential interiors and commercial spaces. That’s because these curtains enable comfort in your place by keeping all the disturbing factors away. From the extreme sunlight to excessive noise from the neighborhood, you can avoid all these things with our curtains.

You will find various designs and colors at our store to hang at every window and interior style. You can even use them outdoors, such as balconies, terraces, patios, and every other space where you prefer to have a long-lasting covering. Call us now to order these versatile window coverings.

Hire Our Quick Blackout Curtain Installation Services

You might be finding a reliable service provider to install your light-blocking curtains. Our expertise sets us apart from other companies. We also focus on innovative styling options to bring uniqueness to every project. Our team ensures that your new room darkening curtains become the most attractive part of your interior.

They ensure secure mounting without damaging the walls to ensure lasting treatment. You will get flawless curtain fitting from our experts at very affordable rates. We are waiting for your call to book a free appointment. You can book your installation date as per your available time and date.

Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture is the leading brand offering a range of luxurious window dressing options. And our versatile collection of blackout curtains in Dubai is a great option to achieve the best functionality at an affordable price. Our curtains are effectively designed to offer you many benefits. Besides adding insulation and light-blocking features, they come in a very adorable pattern for residential places. In addition, you can get customized curtains with logo printing or custom color combination for your brand promotion. Call us today to pick the latest design from our inventory or order custom designs according to your preferences.

blackout curtains in UAE

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our blackout curtains are designed to offer a complete and flawless room darkening. Their light blockage is up to 95% which means an entire blackout. Besides, you can also have these curtains in lighter versions for a partial room darkening, depending on your requirements.

Blackout curtains offer noticeable noise blockage and are a great option to increase comfort for the interiors.  That’s because they are manufactured with thick Polyester or microfiber fabric, and they also have a pre-attached quality backing, which is fuller as compared to regular window curtains.

Blackout window curtains are incredibly favorable when it comes to their usage in bedrooms as they have a completely non-toxic profile which creates a healthy and VOC-free air quality for the interiors. Besides, their room darkening and noise reduction properties also make great reasons for bedroom windows.

Yes, our premium blackout curtains in Dubai offer great insulation for the interiors and are a great approach to reduced energy expenses. In the same way, they keep interiors cool by preventing excessive sunlight from entering the room.

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