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blackout curtains in UAE

Blackout Curtains Dubai Make The Most Comforting Decor Element

Blackout Curtains Dubai by Design Furniture is the most functional and advantageous approach to a window treatment. As you can guess by the name, these curtains do the fundamental job of the most flawless room darkening, thus providing you with ideally cozy environments to rest in. These extraordinarily useful curtains not only style your spaces finely but will also add an impressive deal of comfort and relaxation to your lifestyle.

The Incredible Crafting Of Our Blackout Curtains Dubai

Our quality room darkening and blackout window curtains feature premium construction which explains how they outperform all regular curtains. From thicker fabric selection to the fullest profiles and higher thread count, these curtains are one of the most favorable versions of window dressing. As for the construction material, they are either made of quality Polyester or a blend of polyester along with cotton.

These Blackout Curtains Dubai are woven using triple-weave technology and are induced with a blackout lining, too, so as to improve the room-darkening function. The most recommended version of these curtains is the floor-to-ceiling profile which ensures complete coverage and incredible room darkening.

The Timeless Functionality Of Our Blackout Window Drapes

Our room darkening curtains are super convenient to maintain as well, and you can have them in multiple profiles of your choice, and you’ll always find them to be of the best build quality. This versatility could either be related to styling, such as the white blackout curtains, or with the addition of some usage efficiency, like the motorized curtains. Last but not least is that these curtains always appear the most inviting to look at.

And unlike their common perception, our room-darkening drapes not only comprise heavy, bulky and dull-colored panels, rather they come in a range of styles, color, pattern, print and texture versions, ideal for every interior setting. Plus, you can also have them in neutral and pastel color options, even in whites too, with the similar extent of efficiency.

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Our Quality Blackout Curtains Dubai Create A Huge Difference 

Besides offering perfect room darkening, these incredible curtains also provide the major advantage of making your space soundproof to the best possible extent. Moreover, they are great at optimizing the temperature of the entire surrounding space by keeping excessive heat out in the summer and vice versa. So if effective heat blockage is your concern, then our quality curtains will be the best solution to go for.


What Makes Our Blackout Window Curtains So Amazing

Here are some of the legit reasons for having these phenomenal curtains in all your places and, most importantly, choosing blackout curtains for bedroom.

  • In the first place, these sun-blocking curtains are the most effective way to prevent the piercing glare from entering your room and disrupting you during resting hours.
  • These curtains prevent UV rays from damaging or fading furniture and other stuff. Many flooring manufacturers also recommend using these curtains along with their floorings and carpets to keep sun damage at bay.
  • Thanks to their thick and heavy profiles, these curtains do offer the additional advantage of noise blockage, something you’re definitely meant to look forward to.
  • Blackout Curtains Dubai are an excellent way to reduce your energy expenses since they are great at balancing out the room temperature.
  • These curtains do carry out the finest room ornamentation too and you can have them in various color profiles, apart from the traditional black color.

Blackout Window Curtains Favor You In Multiple Ways 

These curtains are simply the best recommendation for all residential interiors as well commercial spaces. That’s because these curtains keep all the troublesome factors at bay, from the piercing sunlight to excessive noise from the neighborhood. You can have the assurance of more protected and well-maintained interiors with these curtains, as they lessen the external damage, which is otherwise super likely to take place.

In addition to this, these curtains are greatly satisfying to be around and they are one of the most effective window treatment choices, when it comes to higher coverage. You can even use them outdoors, such as balconies, terraces, patios and every other space where you prefer to have a resilient and long-lasting covering. Moreover, they are always the easiest to upkeep.

Our Blackout Curtains Collection

We Offer Quality Installation Services For Blackout Curtains

And you’ll surely find our expertise the best of all. Our curtain fitting services do focus on the styling factor as well and therefore ensure that your new room darkening curtains become an attractive part of your home décor. Besides, our services are completely timeless and you continue to benefit from them for years on end.

In addition to that, we do offer the quickest and most efficient delivery services for your chosen curtains. That’s how we ensure you get all your required services right at your doorstep without the slightest inconvenience.

Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture is the leading brand for offering a range of superlative window dressing options. And our versatile collection of Blackout Curtains Dubai is a great option to achieve the best functionality in a practical manner. Effectively designed to offer you a huge number of perks, our Curtains are indeed the best ornamental choice for your home. You can acquire our beautiful blackout patterns for bedrooms, living rooms, guestrooms, or any space of your choice. So do browse our latest collection and order your favorite curtains online!

blackout curtains in UAE

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our blackout curtains are designed to offer a complete and flawless room darkening. Their light blockage is up to 95% which means an entire blackout. Besides, you can also have these curtains in lighter versions for a partial room darkening, depending on your requirements.

Blackout curtains offer noticeable noise blockage and are a great option to increase comfort for the interiors.  That’s because they are manufactured with thick Polyester or microfiber fabric, and they also have a pre-attached quality backing, which is fuller as compared to regular window curtains.

Blackout window curtains are incredibly favorable when it comes to their usage in bedrooms as they have a completely non-toxic profile which creates a healthy and VOC-free air quality for the interiors. Besides, their room darkening and noise reduction properties also make great reasons for bedroom windows.

Yes, our premium blackout curtains in Dubai offer great insulation for the interiors and are a great approach to reduced energy expenses. In the same way, they keep interiors cool by preventing excessive sunlight from entering the room.

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