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At our blackout curtain company in Dubai, we ensure the maximum effectiveness of our light-blocking curtains.

Office Blackout Curtains 2024
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best quality blackout curtains 2024


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Most Reliable Blackout Curtains Dubai Shop

We have the most beautiful and functional blackout window curtains in our store. Our top-notch services made us the first choice to buy light-blocking curtains in Dubai.

Quality Assurance

From fabric to accessories, we ensure the highest quality of our blackout curtains in Dubai. Buy our most durable curtains with efficient blackout lining, which are made to last for 30 years without fading.

Perfect Craftsmanship

You might want to get the curtains with no imperfection on your sun-facing glass windows. Our blackout drapes are made with precision for every customer. Our flawless finishing is the reason for our reputation.

Best Selling Blackout Curtain Types in Our Store

Explore the different options from our blackout curtains Dubai store. We ensure that you buy the right one that matches your needs.


Soundproof Blackout Drapes

This is the best choice for your meeting rooms or bedrooms to reduce the external noise to a significant level. Add serenity to these curtains.


Motorized Blackout Curtains

At our store, you get the option of getting automatic blackout curtains in Dubai. They make the light-blocking process easier with automation.

Blackout Eyelet Curtains 2024

Blackout Lined Eyelet Curtains

You can get our blackout curtains in eyelet styles. It gives a very welcoming and inviting look to your home. Call us anytime to get free quote.

Buy Blackout Curtains Online in Dubai for Every Space

We understand that every area has its own needs and decor style. To satisfy every customer, we have categorized our blackout curtains in Dubai for different kinds of places.


Conference Rooms


Home Theaters


Kids Room

Blackout Curtains Project 2024

Choose Blackout Fabric From Our Collection

From fabric type to color and texture, everything is chosen by our customers. This way, we are 100% satisfied with the blackout curtain design and material.













03 Most Amazing Features of Our Blackout Curtains

Our blackout curtain Dubai company believes in adding value to every room with our modern window coverings. These features will make a significant difference in your daily life.

100% Privacy

Enjoy complete privacy in your bedrooms or workspaces by hanging our thick-fabric curtains in Dubai. They are made of thick fabric, which ensures 100% privacy when closed.

Sound Insulation

Their insulation feature makes them the most preferable window treatment. You will notice reduced noise and a peaceful environment in your room after installing our curtains.

Light Blockage

Block the extreme sunlight or artificial lights during the night with our light-blocking curtains in Dubai. They have effective blackout backing, which ensures complete darkness.

Modern Blackout Curtains Dubai

Hire Us for the Perfect Blackout Curtain Installation

We have a certified team for blackout curtain fitting in Dubai. You can rely on our professionals for the flawless installation of light blocking drapes. They ensure the perfect fit for maximized flexibility.

  • Free Measurement
  • Perfect Fitting
  • Quick Services
  • Mess-Free Installation
  • Curtain Alteration
  • Secure Rod Mounting

Call Now for Free Home Visit Across Dubai

We offer free visits to our clients for their convenience. You can ask for free samples, measurement, quotation and consultation during the visit by our team.

Order Blackout Curtains in 3 Steps

Get ready to experience the hassle-free blackout curtain installation in Dubai. We aim to give peace of mind to every customer with our simple process.


Order Confirmation

You can call us or visit our blackout curtain shop in Al Quoz to place an order. Get the best quote online from our team.


Free Home Visit

We come to your place at your convenient time and date. Get free samples, measurements, and consultation during the visit.


Professional Installation

Our team of certified blackout curtain installers in Dubai is known for providing the most efficient and quick services.

What Can Be Customized in Our Blackout Curtains?

We understand that you might want to make your window decor personalized just like your room interior. So, book a meeting with our team to get suggestions for customizing the curtain for your unique window. Our customized blackout curtains in Dubai will increase the functionality and beauty of your window decor. Try maximum customization with our creative team.

Fabric Type

Color Choices

Pattern Selection

Lining Options

Custom Size

Header Styles

Acoustic Layer


Get Inspirations!

We have featured our gallery of blackout curtain projects here. Get inspired by these pictures and choose the best curtain design from our collection or customize it according to your choice.

best quality blackout curtains designs
Blackout pinch pleat curtains
blackout curtains project 13

Why Choose Us

You might want to buy cheap blackout curtains in Dubai with durability and privacy assurance. Call us now to get 15% OFF at our sun-blocking curtains.

Extensive Choices

At our blackout curtain shop in Dubai, we have a wide variety to pair with any interior.

Expert Staff

The expertise of our staff ensures perfection in every blackout curtain project.

Transparent Pricing

We do not surprise our clients with hidden charges. Call now for the best quote.

Hear From Our Customers

Being the leading blackout curtain supplier in Dubai, we get so many positive reviews from our customers. Here are some of the recent ones.

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Have Questions?

We understand that you might have any question about our blackout window coverings and our professional service. Here we have listed some commonly asked questions for your quick help. Call our team anytime if you have any other questions.

Our blackout curtains are designed to offer a complete and flawless room darkening. Their light blockage is up to 95% which means an entire blackout. Besides, you can also have these curtains in lighter versions for a partial room darkening, depending on your requirements.

Blackout curtains offer noticeable noise reduction and are a great option to increase comfort for the interiors. That’s because they are manufactured with thick Polyester or microfiber fabric, and they also have a pre-attached quality backing, which is fuller as compared to regular window curtains.

Blackout window curtains are incredibly favorable when it comes to their usage in bedrooms as they have a completely non-toxic profile which creates a healthy and VOC-free air quality for the interiors. Besides, their room darkening and noise reduction properties also make great reasons for bedroom windows.

Yes, our premium blackout curtains in Dubai offer great insulation for the interiors and are a great approach to reduced energy expenses. In the same way, they keep interiors cool by preventing excessive sunlight from entering the room.

To avoid any confusion, we offer free measurement service to our customers. Every window has a unique size and dimensions, thus they require professional measurement. Call our team at your place for meaning your windows and suggesting you the right blackout curtain design.