Add Convenience To Your Life With Our Motorized Blinds 

Our smart blinds are perfectly the best choice for a window covering solution. They are considered the best option for all types of modern home decor. With amazing manufacturing quality, these blinds are crafted to offer you exemplary convenience.

The ease of operation that these motorized blinds in Dubai offer is unique and very impressive. These blinds offer the most outstanding aesthetics, besides outperforming regular window coverings. You can get entirely presentable and visually pleasing interiors.


Our Motorized Blinds Are the Perfect Choice for Every Space

We provide blinds that are designed for the modern lifestyle and offer a perfectly irresistible interior decor statement. These automatic blinds seamlessly integrate technology with functionality. With the remote-controlled option, you can effortlessly adjust light and privacy levels.

Our automatic blinds in Dubai are not just a practical choice; they elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space. At our showroom, you can choose from a diverse range of materials, colors, and designs.

So be ready to experience the luxury of remote-controlled window blinds in Dubai. These blinds will definitely add a touch of modernity and elegance to any residential or commercial place. It’s a perfect solution for a modern lifestyle.

Remodel Your Place With Our Easy-to-Operate Electric Blinds in Dubai

As by the name, these blinds are a truly amazing choice because of their innovative and time-saving operation. They operate (open and close) in just a blink of an eye. This means that you do not have to move from your place to open or close them. Only touch the button and that’s it.

We always prefer using a top-quality operation motor that ensures a long-lasting serviceability approach. The operation of our smart blinds is extremely smooth and noise-free. Besides, you can select your preferred mechanism for operating these blinds. Some of the common control options include wall mounted switches, remote control, and voice-activated apps.

Purchase Premium Motorized Blinds in Dubai At Affordable Rates

Looking for top-quality automatic window blinds in Dubai under a fair budget? If yes, then you are present at the right place. We at Design Furniture aim to deliver the most luxurious automatic blinds at the cheapest prices. In addition to already low and market-competitive rates, we also offer amazing discount offers on a regular and occasional basis. So get in touch with us now and bring technology to your home today.

Enjoy the Irresistible Pros Of Having Our Motorized Blinds in Dubai

These blinds ensure you a long-term serviceability approach and come up with a wide range of benefits as well. Following are a few notable advantages of these automated blinds. Come let us have a look at them.

  • Convenient Operation: These blinds serve as the most efficient window covering accessory because of their convenience to operate. You can get these blinds opened and closed with just a single click of a button.
  • Increased Security Level: Helps you get a better security layer. You can integrate these blinds with your smart home integration system. So even if you are not at home, you can even open or close these blinds via mobile app or schedule a time.
  • Elevated Aesthetics: With their most amazing and contemporary looks, these smart window blinds are readily available to add to the beauty of your place. Their premium feel will definitely enhance the visuals of your interiors.
  • Voice Command Option: If you do not want to leave your place to open or close your blinds then our motorized blinds Dubai are designed just for you. For convenience of operation, we have integrated a voice command option in these blinds. You can operate them with your voice only.
  • Extra Privacy Layer: For people who want to have increased levels of privacy in their place, these smart automated blinds are the best choice. You can have an extra layer of privacy with our thick blinds with automatic motors and create a perfectly cozy ambience.

Hire Our Professional Motorized Blinds Installation Team in UAE

After the purchase of top-notch electric blinds in Dubai, the very next thing the customers are worried about is the installation of these window shades. So with us, do not get confused about making this decision as well. Because we aim to deliver you the most premium quality motorized blind installation services in Dubai and all the other states as well. Our team only uses modern techniques and tools to ensure hassle-free installation of motorized blinds in Dubai. So hire us today at cheap rates and add to the beauty of your interiors.

Electric Blinds Collection 2024

Explore Our Custom-made Motorized Blinds Options

Get on a journey of personalized luxury by opting for our custom-made motorized blinds in Dubai. Elevate your living areas by choosing from a sea of design options, materials, and colors. Our professional blind experts tailor each blind to your unique style and preferences. Our expert craftsmen ensure precision in every detail.

So enhance the overall aesthetic of your home with us. Explore the endless possibilities of personalized elegance and innovation with our exquisite range of electric blinds in Dubai. These window coverings are crafted to suit your individual taste and lifestyle.

Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture is a reliable supplier of all the latest home improvement and home decor services. We strive our best to make every single decorative element the best add-on for your interiors. The perfectly crafted motorized blinds in Dubai by our company are a timeless window covering solution that tends to outperform for long time intervals. Get in touch with us today and get the best comfort enhancement for your lifestyle. Our customer care staff is active 24/7 to answer your queries promptly.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, there is no need to have any plug or port for operating motorized blinds. These electric blinds are battery powered and can be operated with the remote control, mobile app or voice commands without the need for any plug.

Well, generally the battery timing depends on how often you open or close your blinds. The more you operate your motorized blinds, the more batteries they consume. The standard battery life of electric blinds is 15-18 months.

Motorized blinds can be controlled in a number of ways, depending on your preferences. The most common manners of doing so, is through a wall-mounted switch, a remote control, smart home integration and you can even do this via a voice command.