Everything You Need To Know About Removing Carpet Stains

Carpet stains are a certain bummer to everyone’s nerves and the point no one wishes to come across in life. However, no matter how much you try “Not to” have them, it’s nearly impossible to avoid them. And since we can’t do anything about this legit home maintenance concern, we can still work on certain ways to fix this. 

We, at Design Furniture, believe in remedying anything and everything that seems troublesome and therefore have got you the best guide on how to get stains out of carpet. Not to mention, without getting bothered and in smart and effective ways. Whether it’s your pet that’s been mean to the carpet lately or you want to remove old stains from the carpet, we’ve got you the best solutions for all scenarios!

10 Best Tips & Tricks About How To Get Stains Out Of Carpet

Now we all know that there are tons of different factors that serve as genuine and annoying threats to our favourite carpets and rugs. And to put it simply, that means various different types of stains that do require distinctive treatments. 

So it goes without saying that the very first step in our mission (yeah! Let’s call it that!) is to have definitive knowledge about the very factor that did “evil” to your precious floor covering, followed by acting upon the suitable carpet/rug stain removal method. 

Ahead are the major scenarios of getting stains out of carpets that one is likely to experience!

Pet Stains

Pet Stains

Being a parent(s) to four-legged, webbed or clawed babies (or literally any organism you’re the most into) comes with certain disappointments as well. And while your dearest Pomeranian or the plushest feline queen might be your stress busters, they can give rise to serious home maintenance issues.

The majority of the pet staining experiences include pee or poop, scratching/digging impact or in rare and worst cases, bloodstains. The best way to get rid of such stains is to make use of an enzyme-based carpet cleaner and you can easily find a number of them online. To do it the DIY way, you’ll need to make a mixture of warm water, white vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid and cleaning the affected carpet or rug with it should do the job for you.

Coffee And Tea Stains

Coffee And Tea Stains

Coffee stains or tea stains are a phenomenon that is experienced on a daily basis and can really ruin the look of any and every floor covering. The first thing to do, as soon as you spill your coffee or tea or the culprit is someone else, is try to blot as much amount of the liquid, as possible. This will keep huge damage at bay and will also make the cleaning process easier as compared to the one with old stains. 

The best way to remove such stains from carpets is to use a small amount of dish soap along with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, followed by letting it sit for a couple of seconds and then finally washing it off with water. You can repeat this step if needed or can also increase the cleaner amount if it’s a larger carpeted area you’re dealing with.

Vine Stains

Vine Stains

Probably the worst nightmare after house parties (a real one, we aren’t referring to those generated by hangovers) is a badly stained carpet either by you or by someone else. Vine stained carpets or rugs, even when happened accidentally can seriously make you curse the moment when you decided to have fun the last time or went for calling friends over. 

Irrespective of the root cause, the situation does ask for getting stains out of carpet and the best way to do so is to consider using a specified vine cleaner such as the popular ones from Vine Away. And if you don’t want to spend in this regard and are a fan of DIY’s we’ve got this aspect covered for you, as well. Just mix handwashing soap and white vinegar to warm water and apply it to get rid of the stains, after blotting the excess liquid. 

Blood Stains

Blood Stains

Our major sympathies your way if you got into some sort of accident or injury and wish you a speedy recovery. However, another adverse consequence of such times is a bloody bloodstained carpet or rug that you wouldn’t surely want to look at any longer. Coming to the fixing part, the handwashing or dishwashing liquid from your kitchen/bathroom will come to your rescue at this point. 

Mix whatever hand or dish cleaning agent you get to place your hands over, in cold water and use this mixture as a stain removal solution for your stained rug and carpet. And be very careful afterwards!

Fatty Stains

Fatty Stains

Such messy situations often include stains of either margarine, butter, gravy or at worst oil or grease. And the former damage often happens to outdoor carpetings. In the first place, you’ll be needing to sprinkle the affected area with baking soda, followed by letting it sit for as more as 6 hours. Post that, you can either use specialized carpet cleaning solutions to get the job done.

And if those aren’t handy at the moment, still you can fix the situation perfectly. All you need to do is rub a cleaning cloth or sponge dampened with rubbing alcohol over the stain that you had left with baking soda on. Rub it a little bit and finish off with rinsing if needed and you’ll be good to go. 

Ink Stains

Ink Stains

The remedy situation gets a bit different when you come across an ink stain since, at this point, you need to shift the cleaning ingredients. For the stains of ink on your  Luxury Carpet or rug, you have to use cornstarch and milk to make a paste, followed by, of course, applying it to the affected area. 

After that, you can either go for rinsing it under running water or can also remove the stain by scrubbing gently with an absorbent cloth or sponge. 



This isn’t generally a matter where you need to carry out a particular “stain removal” because what you’re dealing with is technically a solid (very messy and irritating) object. For the initial remedy, try removing as much of the stuck part as you can. Post this, you’ll have to make that particular area “hard” and for this, you can either rub ice cubes over it or cover it with a plastic bag.

Next up, comes the physical removal of the gum with either a dull knife or a spoon and you’ll be able to get rid of the maximum part of that mess, this way. For the elimination of the stains, vacuum that area really well and don’t let anyone eat chewing gum around your precious carpeting afterwards.

P.S. You can also go for a specialized cleaning solution meant for gum stain removal.

Nail Polish

Nail Polish Stains

Your nail polish remover, (considering the fact that you own one because you are a nail polish fetish) can be used for the stain removal from your carpet as well, just the way it does to your nails. All you need to do is drop some of it on the stained area and you should be able to remove the stain with a bit of rubbing. 

However, you need to be very careful with the amount of nail polish remover you use, or else you’ll end up with a faded carpet. The alcohol present within the nail polish remover can cause serious bleaching of your carpet fabric. And if you don’t find yourself willing to take the risk, alternatively you can go for using a solution of water with dish soap for fulfilling the similar purpose. That too works for most of carpet types.

Foot Traffic Impact

Foot Traffic carpet stains Impact

Foot traffic isn’t actually some sort of physical damage but still is likely to dull out the look and appeal of your carpets a lot. This particularly is a phenomenon experienced with carpetings within super busy spaces. The visual “dullness” effect that you notice is a consequence of the carpet or rug pile being damaged or shed (often lost too) with excessive dragging of feet, shoes or what is generally referred to as footfall.

To remedy this situation and to get rid of the defacing, all you need to do is make use of baking soda and white vinegar along with lukewarm water. Spray it all over your affected carpet and this should revive the look of it, soon. 

Dirt Marks

Dirt Marks

For dirt stains or marks, the first thing you need to do is let the affected area get dry completely before you proceed with any cleaning measures on it. Scrape or remove as much as possible and try to vacuum out the rest. Post that, you can either apply a cleaning detergent over it or make use of a solution of warm water, dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. 

The latter mixture works quite similar to that of the cleaner and you’re most likely to achieve the desired outcomes from it. 

Final Thoughts

A stained and of course, bad-looking carpet or rug is pretty enough to spoil our mood and ultimately ruin our day, specifically when there’s something important such as a gathering or meet-up coming over. And even if there is no particular situation, still there does arise the dire need for thorough cleaning of your floor treatments, so as to make them appear nice again. Those stained carpet fixes we mentioned above aren’t specifically aimed to help you during the “stained” situations. 

Rather, you can make use of them in order to revive the look of your carpet, as well and give it a good clean, if you’re not in a mood for having it cleaned much fancily (machine washing, steam cleaning, etc.) or what we call professionally. Besides, the carpet/rug stain removal methods we’ve gathered and compiled for you do not involve any expensive elements or tiring methods, but simply some everyday home-based elements and the easiest-to-carry-out-hacks. Hoping for this guide to be useful for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For this, you can make use of a mixture of dish soap, white vinegar and water. You’ll need to spray the stained area with this mixture, let it sit for up to 15 minutes, followed by rubbing it with an absorbent cloth or sponge. 

The mixture of water and vinegar along with baking soda always works best in this regard. Having such a cleaning effectively removes the visual effect of high footfall from your carpet, making it look new again. 

Liquid dish soap and white vinegar mixed within warm water is an excellent way to remove the signs of your very own customized carpet-based barista. If possible, do the cleaning right after the staining. 

For this, you’ll need to mix one tablespoon each of table salt and liquid dish soap and half a cup of vinegar to around 2 cups of warm water. Use this mixture to get the urine stains out of your carpet or rug.

Dishwashing detergents (liquid soaps) specifically the scent-free ones work best for the removal of bloodstains. For making the cleaning mixture, mix the dishwashing liquid into cold water and use it to remove the staining.

Baking soda is one of the most effective home-based cleaning agents and is a part of many DIY projects, as well. For the cleaning purpose, you’ll need to sprinkle it over the entire affected area and spray water over it.

In order to get rid of those stains, you’ll have to make use of a solution of detergent (dishwashing liquid) and vinegar along with up to 2 cups of warm water. Use a soft sponge or absorbent cloth for scrubbing. 

White vinegar and warm water solution always works best regarding the removal of tea stains from a carpet or rug. Start by spraying the solution with a spray bottle and finish off by gentle rubbing and scrubbing.

You can make use of Hydrogen Peroxide (up to 3%) for getting rid of fruit juice stains. However, the best way to remove them is to clean the affected area immediately with a damp towel and keep it placed there for a couple of hours. 

The solution of vinegar and warm water works wonders in this regard but you need to be generous when spraying the mixture over the stained area and be gentle with the rubbing, as well.  

Try to clean the stained area immediately with water. Post that, you can make use of a little dishwashing detergent over the affected area and rub it with a soft cloth in circular motions. 

You can either apply the dishwashing liquid (detergent) directly to the area affected with oil/grease or can mix the detergent along with warm water and can use that mixture to get rid of the stains. 

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