The Pros and Cons of 7 Different Curtain & Drapery Styles

A globe of curtains and draperies consists of an endless selection of colors, fabrics, designs, styles, hardware, and sizes. Although it is an advantage for you to select from a versatile range and make your place unique, having too many options makes the selection process time-consuming and confusing.

If you want to select curtains and draperies for your living room, bedroom, dining room, guest room, or kitchen, then this blog is going to be very informative for you. Today, I am going to tell you about the pros and cons of 7 different curtain and drapery styles, which can help you choose your curtains.

1. Continuous Wave Effect Drapery Style

Continuous Wave Effect Drapery Style

This is one of the most popular trends these days. The uniform waves on the curtains create a very beautiful look and make the room more modern than any other curtains. These styles of curtains usually give your place a soft look and make it more presentable. Using sheer fabric is very common in the making of these styles of curtains.

You can also use heavy fabric for these curtains because they can be made from any type of fabric. The ripple-fold curtain rods used in this drapery style are also exquisite. You have the option of displaying the rod or concealing it completely with your curtains. Interior designers mostly use these curtains in modern interiors, so if you are going to make your room antique, then you should choose any other style.

These curtains are mostly used in living rooms and dining areas to make them more attractive to your guests. These curtains are usually lightweight and you can move them across the window easily.


  • They look neat and cool in your room.
  • They are ideal for every place.
  • They are perfect for long windows.


  • Light can enter through them if any of the waves are loose.
  • Can’t give complete privacy

2. Programmable Curtains

Programmable Curtains

If you want something modern for your place, then programmable curtains could be the ideal option for you. People widely use motorized curtains in homes and offices to get rid of the struggle of opening and closing curtains. You can control these curtains with a remote or an app on your mobile phone.

These curtains also have a timer, so you don’t need to open and close them again and again with a remote. Instead, you just need to set the opening and closing time of your curtains and then they can operate on their own. If you are not at home, the opening and closing of your draperies can show the presence of people and protect your home from robbers.

These curtains give you complete privacy and can block all the light coming into your room. They allow you to have a sound sleep at night and also allow you to install insulators in them to maintain the temperature of your place.


  • You can set the timer for the opening and closing of curtains.
  • They allow you to choose from a variety of styles.
  • Large range of fabrics to choose from.


  • They mostly need electric power to operate.
  • They don’t work if their batteries are dead.

3. Back Tab Curtains

Back Tab Curtain & Drapery Styles

The style of curtains that is free from all the problems of pins and clips is back tab curtains or hidden tab curtains. The rods of these curtains are almost invisible and give them a look as if they are floating in the air. These curtains look amazing in any place, but they are specially made to be used in bedrooms and living rooms.

You can use these curtains with any of the interiors in any of the colors. The advantage that you are going to get from these curtains is that you can sew them using any fabric of your choice. You can use silk, velvet, sunbrella, or any other fabric for these curtains according to your interior décor.

If you like uniformity and neatness in your place, then these curtains are specially made for you. The design of these curtains never gets old, so you can use them for a very long time without needing to change them.


  • They can give a very beautiful, uniform look.
  • Have regular curtain folds.
  • It is extremely simple to set up.


  • Most people confuse them with grommets or pocket curtains.
  • Round rods can make the opening and closing mechanism difficult.

4. Sliding Layer Panel Curtain Styles

Sliding Layer Panel Curtain Styles

If you want something different for your windows than vertical curtains, then these sliding panel curtains are ideal for you. You can have single or double-panel curtains according to your requirements. These curtains are ideal for large windows and patio doors. You can use any type of fabric in the making of these curtains according to the demands of your interior décor.

They can enhance the beauty of your room by giving it a completely majestic look. Your room will look more fascinating to your guests and visitors after installing these curtains. The installation process for these styles of curtains is very easy, and you can install them on your own. The stitching of these curtains is in such a way that it makes them highly durable.

You can easily use these curtains for a long time without any need to maintain them. You can also clean them by using an upholstery brush or a mop.


  • They are cordless.
  • It can be installed in such a way to completely or partially block light.
  • Excellent for big rooms.


  • Not suitable for small rooms.
  • Not perfect for the use of tiebacks.

5. Pleated Curtains Style

Pleated Curtains Style

Pleated curtains are not in a continuous fashion. Their time usually comes and goes as the needs of interior design styles change. We are mentioning these curtains because they are very classic and give your place a completely cool feel. These curtains can be adjusted to any type of interior because of their style.

The pencil pleat curtains are flexible in fitting, so they can easily adjust to large as well as small rooms. They never look heavy in small rooms, and this gives them a versatile look. They are equally perfect for living rooms and bedrooms because of their royal looks. These curtains are mostly used in retro interior styling for people who want a retro look from the 80s and 90s in their places.

Another benefit of pleated curtains is that you can make them in any fabric you want. This benefit makes them popular among people, as they can select their favorite fabric with an excellent drapery style.


  • They are versatile.
  • They are easy to install.
  • Can be customized with any fabric.


  • They are expensive.
  • Hard to find.

6. Window Tier Curtains

Window Tier Curtains

This is another popular option for your windows. These curtains look very beautiful when they are hanging on your windows. If you want to provide your home with a high-quality set of curtains, this could be the best option for you. Window tiers are usually used for small kitchen and bathroom windows, but they look equally enchanting in your living room windows because of the difference in their hanging styles.

These curtains are best for places where you allow light to enter your place. They completely cover the lower part of your window, but the upper part remains open because of their hanging styles. These curtains are very flexible for every place and easy to control. Even your children can easily handle them.

They are also very easy to maintain. Because these curtains don’t have rings and hooks, you can clean them very comfortably. If their fabrics are safe for machine washing, then it will be easier for you to remove stains from them.


  • Have modern style.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be manufactured in every fabric.


  • Don’t give complete privacy.
  • Not ideal for bedrooms.

7. Ripple Fold Curtains

Ripple Fold Curtains

This is the last curtain and drapery style on our list. This is one of our favorite curtain because they don’t create a heavy look in the room. The beautiful zig-zag hanging pattern of these curtains makes them unique and beautiful in all places. These curtains look similar to grommet curtains, but they are different from them because of their simple and sleek look.

If you want to add grommet curtains to your place but don’t like their heavy look, then the ripple fold curtain style is the best alternative to them. One of the biggest benefits of these styles of curtains is that they maintain their shape and never get out of them. In this way, your room will always look uniform. They are highly durable and excellent for those places that have heavy traffic.


  • Simple and sleek look.
  • Easy to move.
  • Very long-lasting.


  • Can be expensive.
  • Need for special hardware.


So now you know all about the pros and cons of 7 different curtain and drapery styles, so you can easily choose from them. All the styles mentioned above are recommended by interior designers and are the best choices for people. You can also select any of them and get your place decorated with these beautiful curtains and drapery styles.

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