How To Choose Between Horizontal & Vertical Window Blinds For Your Home

The selection process of blinds for your home is very important since window treatments are expected to provide for a number of different requirements. The question is whether you should choose horizontal blinds or vertical blinds for your room. It is an endless debate because both blinds have their own pros and cons.

If you are also confused about how to choose between horizontal and vertical window blinds for your home, then this blog is for you. Today I am going to explain all the aspects of the choice of horizontal and vertical blinds so you can have the correct selection for your place.

Continue reading this article to gain a better understanding of horizontal and vertical window blinds, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, so you can make a favourable decision.

What Are Vertical Blinds? Pros And Cons.

What Are Vertical Blinds Pros And Cons

Vertical blinds are those in which the fabric of the blinds is arranged in a vertical pattern, i.e. vertical-shaped slats form the entire blind’s profile. These blinds have chains at the bottom of each slat and look very outstanding on the sliding windows and doors. Also, they are the particularly best choice for odd-shaped or bay windows.

They are environmentally friendly and absorb negligible amounts of dust, which makes them very easy to maintain.


  • Vertical blinds can block maximum light
  • Best for large windows
  • Ideal for sliding doors
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Completely versatile
  • Highly affordable


  • Can get dirty easily when touching the floor
  • Not highly durable
  • Vertical blinds make noises while moving
  • They block all the views

What Are Horizontal Blinds? Pros And Cons.

What Are Horizontal & Vertical Window Blinds Pros And Cons

Horizontal blinds are those in which the fabric of the blinds is arranged in a horizontal pattern, creating several horizontal slats. The slats of these blinds are movable, so you can open or close them when needed. There is a vast range of horizontal blinds for homes and for commercial purposes, as well, so as to let people have a suitable purchase.


  • Horizontal blinds can provide you with maximum outside view
  • Available in many fabrics
  • There are excellent designs available in these blinds
  • Don’t touch the floor
  • Don’t make noise
  • Ideal for narrow windows


  • Take more time to clean
  • Can’t block all light rays
  • Not ideal for all windows and doors
  • Not ideal for large windows
  • They are slightly expensive

Difference Between Vertical And Horizontal Blinds

Vertical Blinds Horizontal Blinds
Ideal For Large Windows Ideal For Small Windows
Block Maximum Light Can’t Block Maximum Light
Les Durable Highly Durable
Easy To Clean Difficult To Clean
Get Dirty Easily Can’t Get Dirty Easily
Block Outside Views Allow You To See Outside
Highly Affordable Slightly Expensive
Give Less Privacy Give More Privacy
Fewer Designs More Designs
Not Widely Used Widely Used
Three Inches Wide Slats One To Two Inches Wide Slats
Use For Sliding Doors Not Use For Sliding Doors

Points You Need To Consider While Choosing Vertical Or Horizontal Blinds

Now you know all about the pros and cons of both vertical and horizontal blinds. So, you can easily select which blinds you want for your windows. Before buying horizontal or vertical blinds for your place, you must consider some necessary points that will help you with the best window blinds selection.

1. Size And Shape Of The Room

Size And Shape Of The Room

The first step in choosing the ideal blinds for your place is to consider the shape and size of your room. Considering the shape and size of your place will help you with the selection of vertical or horizontal blinds. If your room is small, then you must use horizontal blinds because they give a wider look to your place and make it look more spacious.

Vertical blinds give an enlarged look to your place and make your ceiling higher. They are best for rooms with lower ceilings and are also ideal for large windows and large rooms.

2. Privacy


While deciding whether to choose horizontal blinds or vertical blinds, privacy maintenance is another necessary factor that you need to consider. If you need complete privacy at your place and want to keep all intruding eyes away from your home, then you should always consider horizontal blinds. These blinds are best for places facing streets or roads. You can easily adjust the slats of horizontal blinds upside down to keep all the disruption away from your place.

Vertical blinds are also good for privacy, but not as good as horizontal blinds. You can easily use vertical blinds in your living room, dining room, and guest room, but they are not ideal for bedrooms because there are chances that if anything sticks in the slats, they will remain open and your room will be visible from outside.

3. Direction of Light Rays

Direction of Light Rays

Before shopping for horizontal and vertical blinds, you must know the direction of the sun’s rays at your place. The direction of your room facing the sun is very important to know. Determine the direction of your room so you can choose the right blinds for it.

If your room has a west or east window, then you should buy vertical blinds for it to stop the glare of the sun rays from entering your room. In such rooms, there are more light rays in the morning or afternoon, so vertical blinds can block all the unnecessary rays from entering your place.

If your room’s windows are facing north or south, then there is a need for horizontal blinds in your place. These blinds help you protect your room from the sharp glare of the sun during the day.

4. Maintenance


When you install horizontal or vertical blinds at your place, you must ensure perfect maintenance for the beauty of your blinds and the cleanliness of your place. If you have pets and children at your home, then you need to clean your blinds frequently.

The maintenance of both blinds is very easy, but you have to give some extra time while cleaning horizontal blinds because their small slats make it difficult to reach them. The cleaning process of horizontal blinds is a little tricky and time-consuming.

You can easily clean vertical blinds with an upholstery brush or a vacuum cleaner. They have wider slats, which makes them easier to clean. As you know, dusting from top to bottom is easy as compared to cleaning the slats horizontally. Although vertical blinds are noisier than horizontal blinds, you can reduce the noise by regularly greasing the blind tracks.

5. Opening Style Of Window Or Door

Opening Style Of Window Or Door

You should also consider the opening style of your windows and doors. If you have sliding windows and doors, then you should choose vertical blinds for your place because they never block their way and you can comfortably open or close your windows.

If your windows open from top to bottom or bottom to top, then you have to select horizontal blinds for them so they don’t block the view of your windows, and also enhance the rooms’ beauty as much as possible.


Now that you know all about how to choose between horizontal and vertical window blinds for your home, you can easily choose the ideal blinds for your place. Before selecting the true blinds for your room, consider the direction, maintenance, and privacy needs of your place and you can easily have an ideal window treatment purchase. We wish you the best of luck with the selection process of your favourite blinds!

FAQs| Frequently Asked Questions

Although vertical blinds were popular in the 1980s and 1990s, they have remained popular to this day. They are versatile. That’s why people use them as their favorite window covering. They can control the maximum amount of light and are ideal for large rooms, so they will always remain in fashion.

No, it is unnecessary to have the same blinds throughout the house. If you have different interior decor for every room in your home, then you can use different blinds in each place. You can use horizontal or vertical blinds at your place in different colors according to the paint on the walls in your rooms. But if you have the same theme throughout the house, then you can use the same blinds.

The blinds can be lighter or darker than your walls, there is no hard and fast rule in selecting the color of your blinds. You can use any blinds on your windows which you like the most according to the interior decor of your place. You can comfortably use lighter color blinds, darker blinds, or the same color blinds with your walls.

One of the biggest benefits of white walls is that you can use any color of blinds with them. You can use either black or white, grey or pink, blue or mustard, or any other color you like the most. You can also use dull green with your white walls to create a soothing environment in your place.

Choosing blinds for your room is not a tricky task. You just need to be aware of all your requirements regarding blinds, and then you can buy your ideal blinds. You should notice the color of your walls, privacy needs, opening style of your windows, and size of your windows. Then you can easily select the ideal blinds for your place.

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