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Upholstery Fabric Dubai by Design Furniture is the most premium-quality and cost-effective treatment for all your furniture items, ensuring maximum comfort provision and practicality. Our cheap upholstery fabric in Dubai comes with endless functional pros and will guarantee you the most long-term favorable upgrade of both your new and old furnishing stuff. With colorfast dyes, rich textures and plush profiles, this upholstering and reupholstering fabric is the ultimate best choice for all purposes and will promise you the most worthwhile home improvement. Moreover, we’ve got you a whole lot of incredible choices in this regard, as icing on the cake.

Our Cheap Upholstery Fabric In Dubai Comes With The Finest Construction

We’ve come up with the top-notch range of quality upholstery fabric for all furniture items, most importantly sofa upholstery, headboard upholstery and outdoor upholstery. Speaking of the choices, you get multiple Upholstery Fabric Dubai options such as Cotton, Wool, Hemp, Linen, Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon, Rayon and Polypropylene and not to forget the luxury Velvet Fabric for Sofa. You’ll find the most premium quality within every single thread of these cheap yet quality furniture upholstering materials and can therefore give your furniture pieces the finest makeover. There are versatile and ideally suitable color, print, pattern, tufting and finish options available and you can always have the customized stuff in this regard, as well.

We Are The Matchless Upholstery Fabric Suppliers In Dubai

And we’ve come up with a whole lot of incredible and most comforting choices for you to get your home and office furniture treated with. From quality Velvet Fabric for Sofa to the best polyester fabric for sofa, we stock multiple options for each and every dimension and have totally got your back regarding all the upholstery services as well. With that said, you’re more than welcome to shop for the best choices for all your home furnishing and styling requirements, namely bed headboard upholstery, Sofa Upholstery Dubai Fabric, outdoor upholstery fabric and a couple of other purposeful options. So do get in touch to buy cheap upholstery fabric Dubai from us.

The Everlasting Benefits Of Our Best Upholstery Fabric 

Our premium-grade upholstery fabric for sale in Dubai is the ultimate foolproof way to not just treat your furniture pieces but also to make them the coziest and most practically favorable for you.

  • These fabrics work as the perfect restoration of all furniture pieces, making them a lot more comfortable, easy to deal with and visually pleasing.
  • All of our fabrics like Sunbrella fabric, upholstery etc are really convenient to clean and maintain and can be utilized for years on end.
  • Our outdoor upholstery fabric Dubai is highly resistant to Sun damage and can efficiently withstand all the atmospheric effects and moisture damage, as well, therefore make the perfect recommendation for outdoor usage.
  • Our high-quality upholstery is totally free from the damage caused by abrasions, mold and mildew accumulation, fading staining and wrinkling.
  • It offers the complete, cheapest and most cost-effective transformation of the given furniture piece and is a particularly useful idea for reviving old and worn-out furniture, thus saving the expenses of buying new.

Sample of Upholstery Fabrics

Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture is where you can get all of your desired and required home improvements with the most incomparable quality and this goes the same for the efficacy of the services we provide in the UAE. Speaking of the home betterment, we are the first-rate suppliers of upholstery fabric in Dubai, which will work wonders for the finest treatment of all your residential and commercial furniture. Over and above, you can also get all the service essentials from us whether it’s the upholstering treatment or the reupholstering one. Do prefer us to buy cheap upholstery fabric in Dubai and enjoy everlasting comfort!


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When choosing the perfect fabric for upholstering purposes, there are multiple key factors to look for, which include abrasion test rubs that have been completed, the fact that you choose woven fabrics instead of printed ones and those with tight weaves, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean choices.

Synthetic Microfiber is the most long-lasting choice for both furniture upholstering and reupholstering requirements. It’s super flexible, comfortable, low-maintenance, hard-wearing, and stain-resistant. Also, it can resist impact damage really well and is a great recommendation for heavy usage.

Regular dusting, sweeping and wiping off the dirt and dust are the procedures that must be carried out on a regular basis, when it comes to upholstery fabric upkeep. In addition to that, you can consider giving it deep cleanups at times, and invest in stain-protectant sprays. Besides, it’s really crucial to address all the stains, splashes and spills in a timely manner.