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Adorn Your Interiors With Luxury Chaise Lounge Dubai

Design Furniture brings you a classy furniture choice which is the Chaise Lounge Dubai, a perfect furnishing approach for all spaces. Available in a number of mesmerizing and entirely cozy styles, our Chaise Lounge sofa offers the most pleasant seating and its ravishing profiles seamlessly becomes an outstanding part of any and every décor theme or furniture setup. And you’ll absolutely love the selection process with us, as well.

The Finest Build Quality Of Our Chaise Lounge Dubai

Our luxury chaise lounge sofa is one of the most incredible furniture choices and the kind of selection you can never go wrong with. This classy-looking custom made sofa goes supremely fine with each and every furnishing and you can have it in multiple design profiles too. Our chaise lounges in Dubai are made of both softwood and hardwood, with Oak, Pine, and Teak being the major species. Besides you can also get Aluminum and HDPE Lumber constructions, too.

As for the upholstery, our chaise Lounge Dubai features premium-quality leather, Microfiber, canvas and velvet upholsteries. And we’ve got multiple size options too, for every usage.

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Enjoy Everlasting Coziness With Our Chaise Lounge Sofa

Our all-exclusive chaise lounge in Dubai is simply the perfect combo of style and comfort, making it the most delightful seating one can ever experience. This Sofa with chaise lounge is a way better idea than any regular sofa and couch, since you can easily stretch your legs atop it and enjoy a half-seating position, perfect for naps and resting. Besides, it provides incredible comfort to your back and keeps the entire body in the most relaxed state, ideal for reading, watching, etc. Our featured collection of the Chaise Lounge Dubai includes both classic and modern styles and you’ll totally love adding them to your interiors.

Buy Custom Chaise Lounge Dubai From Us All Over The UAE

At Design Furniture, we’ve got the trendiest options of Chaise Lounge Sofa at our showrooms and also offer exquisite custom made options for the ideal statement décor creation. From construction materials to upholstery options, you can have each and everything customized with perfection from us. Over and above, all of our sofas with chaise lounge styles are incredibly affordable and this goes the same for the custom made chaise lounge sofas, as well. Do request your free quote on this amazing product right away!

Chaise Lounge Styles 2024

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Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture is the most promising option for shopping all of your desired home decor stuff, totally on a budget. We not just stock the most exceptional collections of custom made furniture in Dubai but also make the home furnishing experience entirely extraordinary for you with our furniture customization services. This goes all true for our Chaise Lounge Dubai which combines elegance, comfort and elegance like none other. So do ensure choosing yours today!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The seat area of a chaise lounge measures between 42 inches and 48 inches with the height ranging from 35 inches to 40 inches. The width is usually up to 25 inches to 30 inches. And of course you can have all the dimensions modified according to your requirements.

A sofa chaise lounge is actually a really versatile piece of furniture which is to say that you can enjoy its placement in any space of your choice, such as within bedrooms, lounges and guest rooms. Besides, a really amazing idea for the addition of a chaise lounge is its placement in a swimming pool surround.

Chaise lounges are totally perfect to rest and sleep and they make a great bedding for overnight guests, something multiple sofa styles fail at. Besides, you can also get it in convertible versions from us for additional comfort and less space consumption.