7 Different Types of Carpet For Your Home

There are different flooring types available that can make your home look stunning, luxurious, and modern. Whenever you are going to select a flooring type for your home that is soft/comfortable, and affordable, the foremost idea that comes to your mind is carpet flooring types.

Many people prefer to choose carpeting options to cover their floors because it comes in such a vast variety of colors, designs, patterns, and styles that you can get exactly what you want. The second reason is that it is not a permanent solution for your floor and you can change it easily when you want.

There are different types of carpet styles that are designed with different types of carpet materials like nylon, wool, linen, bamboo, jute, Tencel, etc. Choosing the best type of carpet is so important because some materials are prone to absorbing toxic particles and causing allergies and health issues for you.

Many people have the question: what type of carpet do I have? To guide you we brought you today’s article, in which we will discuss 7 different types of carpets for your home.

Top 7 Types Of Carpets That Are Best For Your Home

Whenever you are going to choose the style of carpet for your home, you must know a few things about them. Always choose the types that are not hazardous to your health and that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Let’s look at the top 7 different types of carpets for your home one by one:

1. Wool Fibre Carpets

wool carpet

Wool is a soft, delightful, and natural fiber that gives a luxurious touch to the interior. You can get these fancy carpets in both synthetic and natural materials. When you blend a natural fiber into the synthetic one, it will become more resistant to stains and also increase the durability of the product.

These multi-level loop of natural fabric sisal carpets are eco-friendly and a very popular type of floor carpet that has been chosen by many homeowners. You can get them at different prices depending on the material and quality that the manufacturers are offering.

The lifespan of wool is 25 to 50 years, but you can also increase its durability by taking proper care of them and keeping them clean every time. This is the best option for people who are suffering from several allergies because no chemical or toxic material is used during its manufacturing process.

They are not used for outdoor areas and also avoid being used in high humidity areas like the kitchen to keep them safe from getting any damage.

2. Nylon Carpets

nylon carpet

Nylon carpets are the most traditional flooring type that has been used since 1935. It is the most common type of carpeted flooring. Apart from this, it is the most popular type of carpet fiber that has been preferred to choose from. It has a very soft touch that you can feel when you walk on it barefooted.

They are also resistant to wear and tear, which means they don’t get damaged easily. It also didn’t get permanent stains on its surface and can be easily cleaned.

They come in a wide range of designs, colors, sizes, and textures that you can easily match with your interior and enhance the beauty of your room’s décor. The lifespan of nylon carpets is 10 years, but if you take care of them and properly maintain them, they can last up to 15 to 20 years with no damage.

You can easily afford to buy these carpets, and they are cheaper than wool. It is the best option for placing in high-traffic areas as it is stain and wear-and-tear resistant. It is also an excellent material for people that have pets in their homes.

3. Polyester Carpets

polyester carpets

Polyester is a man-made fiber that is hypoallergenic and comes in vibrant colors that are fade-resistant. Polyester is also made from recycled plastic bottles. They are eco-friendly and one of the best choices of flooring.

Although polyester is not as durable as nylon, it also costs less than nylon. There are trendy and high-end polyester carpets available for your home that add charm to the interior décor of your home.

They are highly resistant to wear and tear. You can place them in guests’ rooms to make them appealing to everyone who visits your home. Always try to choose the right style, design, and color that blends with your interior.

You can easily afford to get them, but you have to take extra care of them because they can absorb stains and oil. Take proper care of them and perform regular cleaning to keep their appearance fresh and make them more durable.

4. Olefin Carpet

olefin types of carpet

They are also known as polypropylene carpets and are made from petroleum products that are less expensive to manufacture as compared to nylon. It is also soft/comfortable to walk on, like the nylon ones.

It can be easily afforded and is also stain and dent-resistant and gives a resemblance to wool carpets. These are best for installing in outdoor areas and basements because they are highly mold and mildew-resistant.

As it has similarities with natural wool material, it is used as a synthetic wool substitute. It is stain-resistant and wear-and-tear resistant. Perform proper cleaning to keep it safe from getting oil stains and dirt on its surface.

5. Acrylic Carpet

Acrylic Carpet

Acrylic carpets are difficult to get as compared to olefin and nylon. They are also known as “synthetic wool” because they look like natural wool but come at very cheap prices. It is an affordable alternative to wool carpets. They are best to use in dining rooms and home-based offices carpet.

It can be the best choice for you because these carpets are resistant to color fading, moisture, staining, and mildew. But they can’t be used in high-traffic areas because they can get damaged easily because of the high volume of traffic.

6. Plush & Velvet Carpets

Plush & Velvet Carpets

Plush and velvet are also one of the best choices among the top 7 different types of carpets for your home. Plush types of carpet are best for giving an amazing texture and appearance to the place where you install them. It also feels soft/comfortable when you walk on it.

It gives an elegant look to your home and takes your interior décor to the next level of modernity. It is also manufactured so carefully and makes the plush piles perfectly flat. That is the best thing about these carpets.

You can choose from a wide range of colors, styles, textures, and patterns that blend perfectly with your interior décor. They are versatile and can be easily mixed with any type of interior design. They are also highly durable and can be placed in high-traffic areas. You just make them safe from moisture and maintain them properly by keeping them neat and clean every time to increase their lifespan.

7. Berber Carpets

barber carpet

These are the most traditional types of carpet flooring that were very popular in the ’90s and are now again one of the trending modern carpets. They are so perfectly made in thick loop style they are extra soft to walk on.

They require low maintenance, are highly durable, and can prove to be the best option for covering your floor. You can place them in high-traffic areas having no fear of damage.

It is also best to place it in the most slippery areas to save yourself from getting slipped on and having injuries. They are also easy to clean and affordable as compared to other options.


So these are the top 7 different types of carpets for your home that you can place and make your interior so beautiful that it’s appealing to everyone who gets even a glimpse. We have discussed every perspective of every type that helps you make the right decision while choosing the carpets for your place.

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