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Enhance Your Room Interior With Our Wooden Wall Panels in Dubai

Our Wooden Wall Panels Dubai are one of the trendiest wall treatments. We use natural, finest-grade wood to give your place a classy look and natural ambiance. We’ve got the finest panels to transform your interiors.

They will preserve your home and office walls in an incredibly sustainable manner. Our decorative wall panels in Dubai are a valuable interior upgrade. Our stylish wooden wall treatments will add value to your living rooms or office cabins. Contact now to get the most affordable quote.

Discover Our Diverse Collection of Wall Panels

Our high-grade wall panels in Abu Dhabi & Dubai come in different wood species to offer versatility. In addition to the traditional wooden panels, we provide 3D wall treatments using quality wood. These paneling treatments contain multiple stabilizing agents to make them last long by resisting all damaging factors. You can pick the wood species to match the desired texture of your interior.

  • Oak Wall Panels
  • Walnut Wall Paneling
  • Ash Wood Wall Panels
  • Cherry Wall Panels
06 Amazing Benefits of Our Wooden Wall Panels

You are about to know why people love choosing our wooden wall panels. These are the top benefits of these wall treatments.

  • Timeless Elegance: Wooden wall treatments can never be outdated and always look elegant with every interior style.
  • Superior Insulation: You will experience thermal insulation and soundproofing after installing our premium wall panels in Dubai.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Cleaning them is very easy because they come with a waterproof coating for easy maintenance.
  • Customizable Designs: You can ask our team to customize the finishes of wood panels according to your room’s interior theme.
  • Lasting Durability: Our panels will surely last 30+ years because we use the finest quality wood to craft them.

Buy Customized Wood Wall Panels Dubai From Us

We have 10+ years of experience designing and developing eye-catching hardwood wall panels. You can choose any design or wood for a perfect interior look. Our company has a team that can install additional features, like extra storage or lighting options, on the wall panels Dubai.

Getting customized wood panels for your walls will surely create an innovative interior look. You can order different layouts of these panels according to your needs and preferences. We always consider the creative ideas of our clients and give them free suggestions for creating a customized panel design.

Hire Our Professional Wooden Wall Paneling Service in the UAE

After finalizing the design and finishes, you need a professional wall panel installation in Dubai. Our quick and efficient services are available in all the local areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You just have to book an online appointment with our experts to decide the installation date. Our expert team has experience installing decorative wooden wall panels on various residential and commercial buildings across the UAE. It’s going to be the most attractive wall of your interior. Call us anytime and get our top-notch wood paneling service for your walls.

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Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture is the ultimate source for enhancing the beauty of your walls. Our stylish wall panels Dubai provide the most effective improvement of your room surroundings. Choosing our company for these modern treatments will give you peace of mind because we ensure complete transparency in pricing, stress-free installation procedures, and on-time project completion. Add durability and beauty to your walls with our most durable wood panels. Feel free to contact us for a custom design or book our paneling service.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

As you know, wood is likely to get ignited with a spark. We apply finishes that make it fire-resistant and safer for offices and walls. Our experts install the wood wall panels with special care, ensuring the secure fitting for maximum strength.

PVC Wall paneling is the paneling treatment made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) along with a number of plasticizers and strengthening compounds. It’s actually a very heavy-duty treatment which comes with the advantages of being waterproof, fireproof, easy-to-clean, stain and scratch resistant, and incredibly durable, too.

Our wooden panels can be customized to use on the walls of cinema rooms, conference rooms, or TV lounges. Give your interior a stylish look with our panels with innovative layouts. You can ask for storage to place TV screens, PlayStations, or additional speakers on our wooden wall panels.

The entire cost of a wall paneling project depends on the area that has to be treated, essentially the number of rooms or the square footage, like a wallpaper treatment. Besides, the difficulty scale of the project, such as excessive preparation or any fixing treatment of the former wall can also be deciding factors for the overall expenses.

The thickness of wall paneling depends on the condition of the wall that has to be treated. Damaged or severely affected walls tend to require more thick paneling due to the need of additional support, as the paneling also has to make up for the scrubbing done for the treatment. Whereas newer walls or those that are in a good condition should be okay with a regular thickness of paneling.