What Color Blinds And Curtains Go With Navy Walls?

Choosing the right color of blinds can improve the aesthetics of your room. But if they do not properly match the decor of your room they will look boring. An important factor to consider when choosing your curtains is the color of your wall. From deep navy to pastel blues, blue is an excellent wall color but it can be hard to choose window coverings that will bring elegance to your wall. In this article by Design Furniture, you will get to know what color blinds and curtains go with navy walls.

Color Blinds And Curtains Go With Navy Walls

10 Blinds And Curtains Colors For Navy Walls

Soft Gray Curtains

Navy blue is a unique color making your walls tonal and vibrant. You need to find the perfect curtains that go well with your walls. Soft gray combined with white curtains is an excellent color choice. These colors create a soft look in your room. You can make your bedding gray with a cushion of vibrant color to complete the look of your bedroom. The textured style and linen look of these curtains enhance the room while letting the light pass through them.

Beige Curtains

If you are looking for lighter-colored curtains that match your dark or navy walls, neutral colors are the best choice. These curtains are made with a thick blackout lining and a natural linen-look material. They can be used in living rooms as well as in the bedrooms. Beige curtains create a perfect timeless look. They can work with different color schemes. Even if you would like to change the color of your walls, these curtains will still look good.

Taupe Curtains

If you are looking for curtains that match your navy blue walls, taupe is the best choice. It is a traditional option and works well with deep navy walls. The fabric of these curtains is usually thermal and heavy. Their silk-like appearance makes your bedroom more luxurious and relaxing. These taupe thermal curtains can trap the heat and make your room warm.

Orange Blinds

Contrasting your navy walls with orange color blinds is a bold choice. But if you look at the color wheel, both orange and blue complement each other very well. These blinds Dubai will create a bold and striking look. You can even use orange pillows and other orange furniture to complete the look of your room.

Rich Navy Velvet Blinds

This rich color of blinds will perfectly go with your navy walls. They can make your room look more elegant and sophisticated. Your wall with white flooring will give a perfect appearance for these velvety blinds. These curtains give a stylish and luxurious experience. You can use these curtains to cover the entire section of your wall. You can even use them as window or door curtains to block out sun rays and heat with their blackout solid lining.

Blush Pink Curtains

Blush pink curtains are one of the most underrated curtain choices when it comes to navy blue walls. Other pink shades like dusty pink also go well with these walls. This color of pink not only brightens the room but it also makes it look softer and lighter. Blush pink curtains create an eye-catching and pleasing experience. The navy blue wall color will also prevent the pink color from looking overly sweet.

Blue Patterned Blinds

The blue patterned blinds on the navy-colored walls give a well-fitted appearance. If you want to go with this look, choose a curtain that has different textures and patterns. Monotone color would make the room look dull. You can choose popular curtain designs to give your room a traditional look. However, the eyelet of these blue patterned curtains gives them a modern and smart appearance.

Rusty-Red Curtains

Another bolder choice for your dark navy walls is the rusty red curtains. This color can also be paired with color blinds. You can opt for red and white patterned curtains to enhance the look of your room. Rustic red can complement beautifully the navy color of your wall. The geometric shapes and textures on the curtains can also make it a perfect choice for modern interiors. You can use these curtains in your living room or even in the master bedroom.

Sheer White Curtains

You can contrast your bold navy color walls with sheer white curtains. These curtains are a classic choice and give your room a clean and sophisticated look. Sheer white curtains also let the light enter the room that can illuminate your space. Although it is a light-colored curtain, it can give your room enough privacy. You can have a light and airy atmosphere even if the color of your walls is dark. It is also a prominent color that can be used with any theme.

Medium Gold Curtains

You can use vibrant colors with dark navy walls to make them shine. Pairing your navy wall with a medium gold curtain is a good idea. You can complement it with the color of your hardwood floor. A red-colored item or furniture can draw out the medium color more. You can opt for jacquard-style fabric with different textures that give a warm golden glow. They can darken your room while giving it a silky finish.

In the End

Now you know what color blinds and curtains go with navy walls. You can choose from various color options when it comes to blinds and curtains for your navy walls. You can go from light to more bold colors. Take the material and texture of the blinds into consideration too. You can also add furniture with the same color as your curtains.

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