The 10 Best Blackout Curtains of 2024

Blackout Curtains are certainly the most majestic window treatment and are totally worth replacing one’s existing curtains. With their phenomenally mind-blowing and most importantly mind-soothing properties, they do deserve exceptional credit amongst the entire window treating and coverage elements. They do make a lot of difference, as besides eliminating the excessive brightness within a space, they make the environment extremely pleasing, satisfying, and pacifying for the nerves.

We, at Design Furniture, are similarly fond of the blackout or room darkening drapes like the way you do and therefore have come up with a definitive and hugely informative section about them. Known as “The 10 Best Blackout Curtains of 2024”, we’ve got you a perfect compilation of the popular curtain types which will help you pick out the right and most suitable choice.

So let’s not delay this “calming” info anymore and jump straight to those aesthetically trendiest and functionally favorable curtain options.

1. Deconovo Short Curtains for Small Windows

White color short blackout curtains

These 45-inch blackout curtains are available within versatile options of color pallets and undertones and are excellent at noise blocking, as well. You can effectively and timelessly create the most attractive and genuinely functional decors with them.

Given below are some aspects of the bright side and downside of these curtains


  • Offer a wide variety of colors, styles, and draping options
  • Are good at noise blocking
  • Two paneled structure provides effective thermal insulation


  • Are prone to getting wrinkled

2. Brockham Solid Room Darkening Grommet Curtain Panels

White color curtains for a room

This set-of-2 classy curtain choice can make your bedrooms appear a lot more cozy, dreamy, and satisfying in terms of aesthetics. Their creamy pastels and mild beiges shades go perfect with a vast majority of bedroom decor themes while ensuring the perfect light and noise blocking functionality.

Let’s take at those factors what we did and did not find agreeable about these room darkening curtains for bedroom.


  • Sublime quality Polyester material offers excellent light filtering and room darkening
  • The 2-panel design suits all bedroom window profiles
  • Are easy to clean and sustain


  • There is no lining or backing included

3. Mainstay Blackout Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel

Grey color blackout curtains

These classy-looking sleek blackout curtains for small windows are a perfect window treatment and a general coverage approach for all residential requirements. Featuring the vastly suitable length and width of 84-inch and 40-inch respectively, with a high-quality polyester fabrication, these curtains work wonders in terms of energy efficiency.

And there are both advantages and disadvantages of these best blackout curtains for heat, as well.


  • The Grommet design fits all curtain rods and can be easily draped in different designs
  • Provide perfect temperature optimization regarding both room cooling and insulation
  • Are incredibly easy to hang at all altitudes


  • No availability of color choices can be a bummer

4. Sun Zero Oslo Theater Grade Blackout Curtains

theater type blackout curtains

These theatre grade 100% Blackout curtains are excellent at room darkening and come within the form of rod pocket curtain panels. They feature the “extreme blackout technology” and provide room-darkening along with excellent energy efficiency, while also diminishing the energy loss up to 50%.

The high-quality polyester material is machine washable and is an amazing way to induce an everlasting insulation within the interiors. Some quick pros and cons of these curtains are:


  • Easy Installation with the built-in top rod pocket
  • Provide excellent energy efficiency and acoustic protection
  • Don’t require expensive detergents and can be easily machine washed


  • The material appears too satin-like

5. PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains

Folded blackout curtains

These rod pocket curtain drapes feature polyester and polyester blend fabrication, providing heavy-duty thermal insulation. Each curtain panel measures 52-inch and 72-inch in width and length respectively. The rod pocket top and back tabs provide a perfect fit for the majority of the curtain rods.

These curtains feature a triple-weaved fabrication and are great at noise reduction as well as temperature optimization. As for the rest of the positives and negatives, these include:


  • Can be styled in versatile ways i.e. rod pocket, with clip-rings and back loops
  • The 100% Polyester curtain fabrication is available within multiple color choices
  • Keeps UV damage at bay


  • Can cause issues within straight hanging

6. Little Prints Blue Triangle Blackout Curtains


These elegantly printed room darkening curtains for bedrooms work wonders in terms of kids’ room curtains and nursery drapes, because of the cute-looking printed triangles atop neutral backgrounds. They feature a 100% organic soft cotton fabrication along with polyester lining and go well with most of the children’s room bedding styles and décor themes.

If you or your young ones aren’t a fan of black or dark-colored drapes then these curtains are just the perfect white curtains that block light and maintain peaceful environment.


  • These are OEKO-TEX® Certified curtains and provide safety from up to 350 different hazardous materials
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain
  • Can be hung using both hidden back tabs or rod pockets


  • The overall profile is likely to appear uneven

7. Forest Window Curtain C3

3d curtain

Made from children-friendly polyester and eco-friendly inks, these grommet opaque window curtains are a perfect decorative treatment for kids’ room windows. They are available in vibrant design, print, and color choices and are good at providing appropriate privacy, too.

Besides, there is no need for hooks or clips and the rod pocket design of the curtain can be easily suspended on the curtain rod.


  • The fabrication is perfectly non-toxic and safe for children
  • Eyelets on the top of the curtain panel allow easy hanging
  • Vast design customization is available


  • Lighter shades fail to provide room-darkening

8. Evelyn Linen Blend Ruffle Bottom Blackout Curtain Panel

Pink color blackout curtains for girls room

These durable and soft-finished curtains feature 30% linen and 70% cotton fabrication and the vibrant curtain panels are yarn-dyed. The overall appealing profile of these curtains appears to be having soft inverted pleats due to the belt-loop tab top style.

These best blackout curtains for heat offer a 100% blackout effect with their pure polyester lining. You can make a purchasing decision after viewing the aspects below:


  • Environmental-friendly and safe dyeing
  • Multiple draping styles are available i.e. clip-rings, belt loop, pole pocket & drapery rings
  • Excellent Breathable fabrication


  • Cannot be machine washed

9. Sonoma Goods Embroidered Blackout Curtains

Best blackout curtains of 2022

These polyester curtains feature an eye-catching embroidered design of vine and leaves and are highly energy efficient when it comes to functionality. The light blockage extent offered by these curtains is up to a good 100% and the gunmetal style metal grommets make curtain installation the easiest to carry out.

These efficient curtains to block out the sun have been tested for harmful materials as well and are a long-lasting window treatment choice.


  • Versatile measurements available
  • Embroidered blackout curtains make a unique ornamentation statement
  • Are good at blocking out morning light effectively


  • Might not be suitable for commercial use

10. Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtain in new design

These classy curtains stand out with their double-layered Tulle Sheer Lace and Blackout design, appearing suavely stylish. Their 100% Polyester fabrication is best at maintaining the privacy and providing agreeable room darkening. Plus, they can be used for allowing the passage of natural light, as well. The 8 grommets of antique bronze create elegant personalized styling within all spaces.


  • Excellent designer curtains for the value
  • Different layering options are available
  • Excellent insulation with triple weave fabrication


  • Adequate fitting could be demanding

To Curl Up (To Sum Up!)

This was our fairly relaxing yet highly valuable time with the list of The 10 Best Blackout Curtains of 2024 along with certain expert-grade purchasing criteria, as well. We have high hopes for this practically applicable info to be really helpful and comfort-providing for you and most importantly to help you with getting the right stuff for your places. Wish you the most favorable curtain upgrade/replacement!

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Not as long as you go for the three-pass curtain profile since they already feature a thick and rich design, thus eliminating the need for lining. However, you’ll need the lining if you choose twp-pass or less thick curtains.

Blackout curtains actually can make the room space significantly cooler and pleasant by absorbing the excessive heat. This is the reason these curtains are considered an energy-efficient option for temperature optimization.

By all means, you can have a similar room darkening and even blackout effect with any colored curtains. There are several different color schemes available for blackout curtains and you can also have the white curtains that block light.

Noise reduction is one of the most amazing aspects of Blackout curtains as the thick and in most cases, the thermal profile of these curtains keeps all the excessive noise at bay. Having blackout curtains can considerably aid you in achieving peaceful environments.

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