10 Amazing Decorating Rules For Furniture Arrangement

Adding furniture perfectly into a home enhances the beauty of the interior design. But if the furniture is not arranged properly then it would be a mess for you instead of adding beauty to your home. 

Arranging the furniture can be a tough task for you especially when you are going to apply it in an empty room. Placing the furniture in such a way that gives a pleasant look from both the practical and aesthetic perspectives was an overwhelming task.

Now the interior designers introduced simple and easy ways for arranging the furniture perfectly. You just have to follow these rules and get amazing results. If you didn’t know about these rules and want the solution to the problem like how to place furniture in living room? 

Don’t worry we brought a solution for all your problems regarding this situation. In today’s article, we will discuss the 10 amazing rules for arranging furniture that help in enhancing the decor of your home.

10 Rules For Arranging Furniture

Many people wonder about how to arrange a living room? There are different ways in which you can arrange your furniture as per your requirements. But when it comes to decorating the home by using the furniture it would be a tricky task for you. 

Today we will guide you with the help of the top 10 rules for arranging furniture to enhance the beauty of your home’s interior. Let’s take a look at these furniture placements rules one by one:

1. Determine the Center Point of The Room

Determine the Center Point of The Room

Almost every living room has a focal point for placing the big furniture set up around it. It may be a fireplace, a bookcase or a picture window, etc. Generally, this would be a focal point. 

If your room didn’t have something like that then identify the place where the large furniture pieces can easily fit and putting the couch in the middle of room can create an amazing and beautiful look.

2. Select And Create The Conversation Area

Select And Create The Conversation Area

Place the furniture in such a way that the people can easily make a conversation with each other. Create conversational areas so that no one will roam around the room and shout to talk to each other. 

Put the couch in the right place by thinking about the perfect couch setup ideas for improving the decor of the room

3. Make A Balance While Arranging The Furniture

Rules For Arranging Furniture

We have to balance each and everything for getting the desired results in our life. So that is the case with arranging the family room customized furniture because balancing everything is important for giving amazing décor to your home’s interior.

Arrange the furniture and other items by making a perfect balance between them not making it look too messy or so light. Keep all the things in a moderate manner.

4. Use Rugs of Perfect Size

Use Rugs of Perfect Size

Placing the rugs under the furniture creates an amazing and luxurious look. But if they are not placed perfectly or are big or smaller than the desired size then they would look so ugly. 

Get the customized rugs and carpets Dubai  according to your furniture which can cover the area easily where the furniture is placed. You can also expose a little bit of area from the edges of the room. But after making sure that it covers all the furniture above it.

5. Analyze the Walking Area

rules for arranging furniture

It is one of the most important rules for arranging furniture. Whenever you have to arrange the furniture in any room, you must analyze the traffic flow from which all the members walk through it. Leave that area empty so that people should not walk over the furniture or the rugs.

Always leave some space between the table and the sofas or chairs so that anyone can easily walk from that area.

6. Don’t Stick The Furniture With The Walls

Don’t Stick The Furniture With The Walls

Many people made the mistake of arranging the furniture in such a way that the sofas or chairs are sticking to the walls. That is a very poor approach. Even if your room is very small you have to leave some space between the furniture and the wall.

This method also helps you in giving a bigger look to a small room. Because there is a popular belief that the little space we leave between the furniture and the walls will make our room look bigger than its actual size.

7. Place a Large Coffe Table

Place a Large Coffe Table

Putting a large coffee table in between the sofa or chairs will give an aesthetic look and also provide a great functionality of covering the entire seating area. People from all the corners can easily get access to the table for taking the drinks and other eatables. 

A large table is much better than putting the two small tables between the seating area.

8. Put The Table At Perfect Place

Put The Table At Perfect Place

Place the table at the right place that can easily be accessible to all the people seated around it. Try to make sure that no one feels difficulty or make the people move from their seats to getting something from the table. This would be an awkward situation. 

So, put the table at a perfect place where anyone can easily access all the things placed on the table.

9. Choose The Amazing Artwork

Choose The Amazing Artwork

Everything that we place on the wall, no matter if it is a mirror, art, photo frame or a sculptural thing, all of them needs to be placed perfectly. Every artwork needs to be placed strategically at a perfect place on the wall. 

Don’t hang small or tiny frames that are difficult to view. Also, don’t put the artwork on the back wall of your sofa. Always try to put a large piece of art at a place which can be seen by every individual sitting on the sofas.

10. Install Outstanding Lights

Install Outstanding Lights

Lighting is one of the crucial elements for any room. Lights provide great help in enhancing the beauty of your home’s interior design. Try to use various types of lights like floor lamps, overhead lights, table lamps, ceiling lights, etc.  

For example, a floor lamp looks great while we put it on the side of a sofa or a chair. The table lamp gives a fantastic view when we place it on the shelves or the side tables. Apply the lighting on at different places of the room for creating a proper balance.


This is all about the most important rules for arranging furniture in any area of your home. You can apply these rules for updating the decor of your home’s interior. I hope this article will be helpful for you. 

If you didn’t understand something or have any queries regarding this then you can ask by pasting a comment.

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