10 Amazing Decorating Rules For Furniture Arrangement

Adding furniture perfectly into a home enhances the beauty of the interior design. But if the furniture is not arranged properly then it would be simply a mess for you instead of adding beauty to your home. 

Arranging the furniture can be a tough task for you especially when you are going to deal with the organization of an empty room. Placing the furniture in such a way that gives a pleasant look from both the practical and aesthetic perspectives is a demanding task.

Nowadays, interior designers have introduced simple and easy ways of arranging furniture perfectly. You only need to follow a few basic rules and can get amazing results. The most common concern regarding perfect home decor is how to place furniture in living room? 

You don’t need to worry as we’ve got a solution for all your problems regarding this situation. In today’s article, we will discuss the 10 amazing rules for arranging furniture that will help you enhance the decor of your home and make your surroundings a lot more comfortable for you, as well.

10 Rules For Arranging Furniture In The Living Room

Many people wonder about how to arrange a living room since that’s a space of major significance and does call for watchful organisation conduct. There are different ways in which you can arrange your furniture as per your everyday requirements. But when it comes to decorating the home by using the furniture it would definitely be a tricky task for you. 

Today we will guide you about the 10 rules for arranging furniture to enhance the attractiveness of your home’s interior. Let’s take a look at these furniture placement rules one by one.

1. Determine the Center Point of The Room

Determine the Center Point of The Room

Almost every living room has a focal point for the placement of big furniture set up around it. It may be a fireplace, a bookcase or even the bedding spot, etc. Generally, such an area works as the focal point of the room. 

If your room does not have something like that then you need to identify or create that specific spot beforehand proceeding any further. In most cases, this can be easily done by putting any anchor piece, let’s say a couch in the middle of the room. This will intensify the look of that particular spot and will create an overall balance of the entire room’s appearance. You can also have that job done with the addition of some other stuff such as an eye-catching carpeting.

2. Select And Create The Conversation Area

Select And Create The Conversation Area

Next up, comes the placement of the furniture in such a way that the people can easily make a conversation with each other, without any inconvenience or discomfort. This essentially involves creating a well-organized conversational area where no one needs to roam around the room or shout to talk to each other. 

One of the most useful couch setup ideas for improving the decor of the room is to have their proper placement with enough space for movement in between. For that purpose, you’ll need to put all your seatings, like sofas, couches, etc in either opposite or adjacent spots so that the people sitting on them can easily see each other and communicate without any trouble. This does go the same for other stuff used for accommodation such as carpets and floor cushions.

3. Make A Balance While Arranging The Furniture

Rules For Arranging Furniture

You have to balance each and every element of the room for getting the desired outcomes. This is super crucial in order to achieve a pleasant-looking space and not end up with excessively stuffed areas or the furniture/decor arrangement that cancels out the overall ornamental effect instead of complementing it. 

Try keeping everything up to a minimal to a moderate extent and avoid overdoing any spot. Sticking to the basic approach will help you achieve better results as you eventually finish off with the entire decor organization.

4. Use Carpets and/or Rugs of the Perfect Size

Use Rugs of Perfect Size

Placing the rugs under the furniture creates an amazing and luxurious look. But if they are not placed perfectly or are big or smaller than a suitable size then they would simply ruin the look of the room, instead of enhancing it in any way. 

For this purpose, you can get customized rugs and carpets according to your furniture which will provide better coverage for the area, once you’re done with the furniture placement. Exposing some of the space or sticking to partial coverage is also a good and effective idea to settle for, as it creates an overall uniformity.

5. Analyze the Walking Area

rules for arranging furniture

Leaving enough space for walking or movement is one of the most important rules for arranging furniture. Whenever you have to arrange the furniture in any room, you must analyze the traffic flow of the room so that no one faces any inconvenience. Also, ensure to leave some of the empty space(s) in case you own some really delicate or expensive rugs/carpeting and don’t want them to be subjected to heavier foot traffic. 

Another crucial aspect to care for at this point is to always leave some space between the table and the sofas or chairs so that anyone can easily walk towards/away from that area.

6. Don’t Stick The Furniture With The Walls

Don’t Stick The Furniture With The Walls

Many people make the mistake of arranging the furniture in such a way that the sofas or chairs are sticking to the walls. That’s a really useless approach and always ends up ruining the entire room’s appearance. Even if your room is small or limited you have to leave some space between the furniture and the wall.

This method also helps you in giving a spacious look to a small room. That’s due to the fact that the little space we leave between the furniture and the walls will make our room look bigger than its actual size. Also, this helps save the wall coverings or paint from getting damaged, which is otherwise much likely because of the close contact of furniture and walls. 

7. Place a Large Coffe Table (or some other Anchor Piece!)

Place a Large Coffe Table

Putting a large coffee table in between/ next to the sofa or chairs will give an attractive look to the room and will create a perfect harmony among the entire furnishing. This also helps at times of gatherings/meetups/dining times, as everyone can easily access the eatables and drinks without facing any inconvenience. 

Moreover, a large table is much better than putting the two small tables between the seating area. Also, you can settle for unique customization of the tables, in case you don’t manage to find your desired style or size of the table. Personalized table ideas always work way better than any of the regular table choices, as they offer an enhanced functionality, comfort provision and are more appealing to look at, too. 

8. Consider The Suitable Window Treatment

Put The Table At Perfect Place

Window treatments, essentially curtains or blinds, play a vital role in creating the entire look of any given space. They are the kind of elements that can simply make or break the whole appearance of the room, therefore settling for the right and suitable choice is a crucial aspect to take care of.

As for the curtain choice, you can stick to some of the mainstream rules such as matching the curtain colour to the adjacent walls or going for some of the complementing designs/prints, such as the floral ones. Remember to have your curtains in a complementing styling as per the rest of the room decor. Also, you can have the curtain selection in accordance with your anchor pieces, secondary furniture or even decorative knick-knacks such as lamp shades.

9. Choose The Artwork And Other Ornamentation

Choose The Amazing Artwork

Everything that we place on the wall, no matter if it is a mirror, art, photo frame or a sculptural thing, all of them need to be placed perfectly. You’ll need to look for strategic placement of the wall hanging so that it appears well synced with the rest of the decor and also seems maximally eye-catching itself. 

One major thumb rule to consider at this point is to not hang any small or tiny frames that are difficult to view. Also, don’t put the artwork on the back wall of your sofa. It’s best to stick to larger pieces of art and try placing them on such spots which can be seen by every individual sitting on the sofas.

10. Have The Perfect Illumination

Install Outstanding Lights

Lighting is one of the most crucial elements of any room as it can provide great help in enhancing the beauty of your home’s interior design. Try to use various types of lights like floor lamps, overhead lights and table lamps in addition to the basic ceiling lighting.  

For example, a floor lamp looks great when we put it on the side of a sofa or a chair. Similarly, the table lamp gives a fantastic view when we place it on the shelves or the side tables. You can also apply the lighting at various other suitable places in the room for creating a proper balance of brightness, such as at opposite corners or next to focal points.


This was our time with the most important rules for arranging furniture in any area of your home. You can apply these rules and upgrade the look and beauty of your home’s interior. Also, you’ll find all of these tips and tricks to be really inexpensive and practical yet very favourable in terms of getting better results for your efforts.

Hoping for all the ideas to be really helpful for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Arranging the furniture perfectly for a living room with a tv, follow these steps:

  1. Place the tv in the center of the room
  2. Then arrange the furniture in front of the tv
  3. Set all the sofas or chairs in such a way that the tv screen can be easily seen by every individual.

You can easily arrange the furniture in a rectangular bedroom by applying these steps:

  1. Place your bed against the long wall of your room so that you have so much extra space.
  2. Now you can put two nightstands on both sides of the bed.
  3. You can also put sofas in the empty space.

Set up the furniture of your bedroom perfectly by following these instructions:

  1. Take the furniture that is necessary to be placed in the bedroom.
  2. Draw a sketch in your mind of putting everything in the right place.
  3. Now start the arrangement by placing the bed.
  4. Place the rug on the perfect place
  5. Now arranging the furniture on the rug will be the last step for you.

You can arrange the two different types of sofas easily by matching and mixing the colors of both sofas. 

Because if you put the two sofas in that color combination makes the room too ugly would be the worst decision ever for you. So, select colors that can easily blend with each other.

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