How to Treat Bed Bugs In Furniture

Insects like to get into your house and invade your spaces and furniture. Some are seeking shelter, others are in search of food. A lot of places are available in your house where these bugs can invade. There’s your basement, cupboards, walls, couch. Yes, your couch and other relaxing furniture items. When the infestation on your space is confirmed, then you might have to take the action.

This infestation on the bed and couches can create a lot of problems for you because the beds are made for your rest and couches are also one of your resting areas. You will get to know how you can treat bed bugs. Be prepared to repeat these easy steps several times by Design Furniture until your home is free from bed bugs.

Bed Bugs In Furniture

Identify The Infestation

If there are some welts that cause you itch, especially on the back, on your back legs, and if there are some spots of blood on the clothes & upholstery, then it might be possible that you have the infestation of bedbugs. These can be irritative and to spot them out thorough inspection of the site is needed. The bedbugs have different sizes but overall having the size like an apple seed which is the biggest bed bug and the smaller ones are too small that these were very hard to find out on your luxury furniture

To identify the bugs you’ll need some tools such as rubber gloves, a flashlight, the slim but hard plastic piece, a double-sided tape, or a magnifying glass. After getting all the necessary tools you have to cover the plastic piece with a double-sided tape.

This approach is good for the spaces where the hands are not accessible and get the proof of the bug’s presence. If you have the coverings on your furniture that can be removed, then remove those coverings and reinspect the place for the bedbug activity.

Remove everything on the furniture including zippers to check for evidence. Use the sticky plastic piece and magnifying glass to identify the presence of the bug. The bugs might be of different types that infect the different areas of your furniture.

Utilize Vacuum On Furniture

Use a Vacuum on the infested furniture for the possible removal of bedbugs by not making much effort. Vacuum cleaners physically suck the bugs and their eggs which can easily be destroyed. Bugs being lighter in weight can’t resist the strong pressure of a vacuum, but if the bugs are present in deep areas of furniture this approach fails.

Wash And Dry Infested Items

When infested furniture is separated its coverings and other removable furniture should be removed and washed in fresh water with good-quality detergents. After washing the fabric or similar materials should be dried in sunlight and hot air.

Consider Steam Cleaners

Contemporary cleaning processes include one of the technologies of cleaning the furniture. This is also a good technique for the removal of bed bugs from furniture. The steam cleaners utilize the hot water vapors which tend to incorporate into the DNA of bedbugs and disrupt the functioning needed to remain alive.

Laminate The furniture After Cleaning

If the furniture is uncovered and doesn’t have any laminations installed on it, then it might be a good option to laminate the furniture to avoid the infestations of bed bugs onto your furniture. The laminating material keeps the bugs out of the material of furniture. The previous laminating materials sometimes deteriorate in certain places which are in heavy traffic. The best option to avoid the bugs in your furniture is the renewal of the lamination that effectively keeps the bugs away.


If you are thinking of discarding the furniture after bed bug infestation, then you don’t need to discard it. It should be cleaned carefully, but if your furniture is heavily attacked by bed bugs then it is time to discard as it can infest your other furniture items. Sometimes it might not be helpful to clean the furniture by yourself due to the fear of spreading, then the best choice to remove the bug from furniture is by taking the help of a professional pest control company.

The experts of the pest control companies contain all the necessary tools and equipment to remove the bug from your furniture. If this is also not affordable for you to hire professionals, then the other best option is to use heat and cold to kill the bed bugs that are incorporated into the piece of cloth, any of the textile, and furniture. It is possible that bed bugs can come back, and you may need follow-up treatments to keep them out of your home.

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