How To Replace Vertical Blinds With Curtains

Many people choose vertical blinds for their windows because they look modern and let you control the amount of light and privacy. But they do have some bad points. Over time, the slats may bend, get dirty, or turn yellow. Vertical blinds don’t have as much softness, texture, and comfort as curtains do.

The process of getting beautiful new curtains instead of vertical blinds doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. You can replace old vertical blinds with new curtains in just one afternoon if you plan, in this article by Design Furniture, know how to replace vertical blinds with curtains by yourself by using the right accessories.

replace vertical blinds over curtains

The Best Way To Hang Curtains Instead Of Vertical Blinds

1. Assess Your Window and Plan Your Curtain Style

Before you buy anything, measure your windows to make sure you get the right curtain bolts and panels. Think about the length and width of the window, whether you want the curtains to cover just the window or go all the way to the floor, and whether you want to use curtain tiebacks. It will help you figure out what length rod and curtain you need.

Pick out a style of curtain as well. Along the top, do you like rings, holes, back tabs, or rod pockets? What about the curtain hem? Is it plain, ruffled, fluted, folded, or decorated? Lastly, make sure that the pattern and color go with the rest of the furniture in the room.

2. Purchase Necessary Curtain Hardware and Panels

It’s time to shop once you’ve measured and chosen styles. You’ll need a new curtain rod, curtains that go with it, and any extra hardware, like holdbacks or finials. If you need a perfect fit, you can also order custom curtains online.

When you buy one, choose a strong rod that sticks out a few inches on both sides past the window frame. It makes it easy for the curtains to open and close. Metal or wood rods are best for long-lasting windows, and wide ones are best.

3. Take Down the Vertical Blinds

Prepping the windows is an important first step when switching blinds to curtains. Start by fully lowering the vertical blinds to expose the entire window and hardware. Most vertical blinds tilt open from the back, allowing the slats to stack neatly as they are lowered.

Once fully extended, detach the blinds from their hardware mounts along the tops and sides of the window. It may require unscrewing small brackets or removing tension clamps. Carefully bring the detached vertical blinds fully forward and remove them.

Then, take down the vertical blind hardware, including headrails and any supplemental side rails or feet. It exposes the bare window for curtain installation. Finally, patch and repaint the window trim if needed so it looks fresh for the new curtains.

4. Install the New Curtain Rod

As much as possible, use the same holes and places for mounting the new curtain rod brackets as you did for the old vertical blinds hardware. You won’t have to patch and paint as much. Carefully level the rod and screw the clamp hardware into place.

A curtain rod system that hangs from the ceiling might work for big windows that need more support. Anchor the rod firmly to strong ceiling joists with hardware arms that are at an angle. It will work as solid reinforcement over a large area.

Slide the new curtain rod through the holes after they are in place. If you want, you can add artistic finials and holdbacks that match the ends of the rods. Make sure the curtain rod opens and closes easily to make sure it works right.

5. Hang the Fresh New Curtain Panels

The last and most fun step is to hang the new curtains! Use ring loops, grommets, back tabs, or a rod pocket to attach each curtain to the rod. When you use more than one panel, make sure they are evenly spaced along the length of the line.

Even out the hems along the bottom as you work. For the best look, make all of the curtain pieces about the same length from ceiling to floor. While you work, use clothespins to keep the lengths matched.

Place the curtain edges close to the window trim, but do not touch it directly. Last, open and close the panels to see how they move and flow! Modernized curtain panels look great and let you control soft sunlight and privacy in style.


By replacing old vertical blinds with beautiful new curtains, you can make a big difference in how a room looks. You can do this job yourself in just one afternoon if you read the right instruction for how to replace vertical blinds with curtains. You just have to buy hardware and curtains that go with them, take down the old blinds, and securely hang up the new curtains and rods. New curtains will not only look cozier than busy vertical slats, but they will also block out more light and give you more privacy. Just follow the steps for fitting to get a quick, cheap, and stylish new look for your window treatments.

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