How To Remove Stair Carpet?

Have you moved into a new home and don’t like the old carpet installed on the stairs? If that’s the case, then you must be looking for a simple and effective guide to remove carpet from stairs. In that case, you’re lucky enough to have found this informative piece of writing.

Because a carpet removal task can be easily addressed the DIY way and without needing to hire the services of professionals. However, one must have knowledge about all the steps that are to be followed for this DIY stair carpet removal process.

To help you with this, we’re going to explain to you a step-by-step guide on the stair carpet removal process. Also, you’ll get knowledge about all the supplies/materials needed for this DIY task in this blog by Design Furniture.

Whatever your purpose may be to remove the old carpet from the stairs, having knowledge about this DIY task can save you a lot of money that otherwise would go into the professional’s pockets.

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A Step-by-Step Guide On The DIY Removal Of Carpet From Stairs

If you want to replace the previous carpet for its unattractive appearance or simply want to personalize your home stairs, then follow this carpet removal guide precisely. Before we move on the first step in the process, you will have to arrange for the following equipment/materials needed for the process.

  • A Pair of Hand Gloves
  • Pliers
  • Wire Stripper
  • Carpet Knife
  • Tack Lifter Or A Screwdriver

After that you’ve arranged all the supplies, start the carpet removal process as explained in the first step below.

1. Look For What’s Underneath The Carpet

The first and foremost thing is to check what was placed under the carpet for installation. Most probably, you’ll find a carpet pad placed underneath the carpet and glued to the stairs surface. If that’s so, then you won’t find any difficulty in removing the carpet.

However, you must always take care not to damage the hardwood stairs when cutting or using any sharp tool. That’s because carpets Dubai pads are soft and you can cut through them unknowingly. If done so, then the carpet knife will surely scratch the hardwood stairs.

2. Have Safety First!

Before you take in hand a carpet knife or any sharp tool for carpet cutting and removal, you need to put on rubber gloves on both hands. It ensures that you won’t make a cut on your fingers when applying force to cut through the carpet surface.

3. Start From The Top Of The Stairs

For removing the stairs carpet, you need to start from the top and proceed downwards. That’s because stair carpets are continuous all the way from the top to bottom. And, when the top carpet layers are removed first, the bottom layers can efficiently be pulled and removed.

On the contrary, if you follow an otherwise approach, you’ll find it really difficult to remove the carpet because pulling the carpet upwards will tear it apart into irregular pieces.

4. Slice The Carpet From The Middle Of The Tread

The best way to remove the carpet is to slice the middle of the tread for each carpeted stair individually. Such that take the carpet knife and cut the carpet surface in the middle all the way from one end to the other lengthwise.

Don’t forget that there will be two carpet surfaces for stairs i.e. horizontal and vertical (along each stair step). And, you’ll have to remove the carpet from both of these surfaces following this process of slicing the carpet tread in the middle. Do keep in mind that you can’t simply pull the carpet with force for removing purposes.

That’s because the carpet pad placed underneath (or even the glue in some cases) can rob the stair step of its gleaming finish. Also, there may be some carpet pad remnants attached to the stairs that will have to be tackled separately.

5. Use Tack Lifter To Pull Up The Carpet Edge

After you’ve cut the carpet in half, make use of the carpet tack lifter to pull up one edge of the carpet. Obviously, you’ll have to remove both the carpet pieces one-by-one. If you’re unable to find a tack lifter, then a screwdriver can be used for the job. For carpet removal, gently pull the carpet from one side to the other.

6. Remove The Carpet Pad

After the carpet, you need to tackle the pad placed underneath the carpet. Mostly, the pad will come off easily when pulled gently. However, you may find it difficult to remove carpet pad when it’s been stapled to the stairs. The next step obviously is to take out staples for removing the carpet pad. No need to mention that you’ll be making use of pliers for this purpose.

7. Repeat The Process On All Stairs

Now you’ve to repeat all the above-mentioned steps on each stair step for complete removal of the stair carpet. Depending on the number of stairs you have to work on, it can take from minutes to hours for the completion of the carpet removal process.

8. Dispose Off The Removed Carpet Pieces

When you’re done with the carpet removal process, you will have a lot of carpet cut pieces that you’ll be wondering what to do about. You can dispose of these carpet remnants by putting them in heavy-duty trash bags. The best approach is to gather all the carpet pieces as they come off the stairs so that you’ll not have to clean the mess after the process.

Doing so will not only save you time and effort but also eradicate the likelihood of any physical injury from the staples spread across the stairs.

To Sum Up

To remove carpet from stairs, you’ll have to gather some basic tools like pliers, carpet knife, hand gloves, etc. Following all the steps carefully and precisely as explained in the article, you can get rid of the stair carpet yourself. Hence, there’s no need to pay an additional amount to the professionals when you can DIY perform this task. However, you’ll have to spare some of your precious time and put in valuable effort for this purpose.

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