How to Judge Quality in Wood Furniture

Furniture is an adorable feature of your place that describes your tastes and reflects who you are. Its selection tells what warm, comfortable, inviting look you want to give your place without compromising aesthetic beauty. You can go with various furniture options. Classy wooden furniture is a durable and elegant option for you. While shopping, you should judge the better quality options for furniture as it is an expensive purchase.

judge wooden furniture

How to Test the Quality of Furniture?

Here are the following important aspects by Design Furniture, that you should look after while buying an item of good quality furniture:

  • Species of Wood:

Among thousands of wood species worldwide, only a few wood sources provide the perfect quality wood for furniture. Density and hardness of wood are also the main components for sturdy determination. Usually, the Janka Hardness scale measures the wood’s resistance to denting and wear, whether it is more durable or less durable, with a specific rating scale. Common woods like:

  • White oak, black walnut, maple, cherry, mahogany, birch and teak woods are naturally hard for furniture making purposes.
  • On the other hand, woods with softer nature, like pine, redwood, fir and cedar, are low-quality woods that are susceptible to scratches and nicks when the wood is tested.


  • Construction of Joints:

Mortise and tenons are two of the ancient ways of putting furniture wood together as they make visually appealing and strongest joints. Good joints may have screws or deval, but they can never be stapled. They are only glued that are too visible to the joints. It would help if you looked for the corner blocks that give stability and strength to a piece. They are not visible from the outside but bolt on the interior corners of both sides.

Fine quality furniture like a chest of drawers or desks has thin sheets of dust panels or wood in the piece’s body between the drawers. These panels keep dust away from clothes or papers and strengthen them structurally. Back panels that face the walls are attached to ensure the lateral stability of drawers. Unexposed parts should be well-fitted and sanded smoothly, an important feature of well-constructed furniture.

The cabinet doors should be closed neatly and flush with the front of the cabinet, and the hardware should be of the best quality. Try to rock or joggle the furniture piece for a sturdiness test. The work should not wobble, twist, or squeak. Also, check a perfect degree angle to ensure the cabinets and wardrobes are leveled with the floor.

  • Craftsmanship:

High-quality furniture pieces usually need to be assembled in a factory. Here, we are talking about the fabrication and construction of experts with years of craft, art and experience. Ask about the builders behind the furniture and know where it is being built and by whom it is made.

Because it is a strong indicator of experience, quality attraction and level channeled into craftsmanship. Find the crafters who have dedicated their lives to finishing, woodworking and other factors of furniture crafting. This step is one of the most judgemental ways to find good quality furniture.

  • Type of Finish:

Anything can be built perfectly up to this point, as finishing is everything. Quality and durability can only be recovered if the piece has the right finish. Following are the two key features of the solid wood finish:

Scratch resistance: As wood is indestructible by no means, it should have a heavy level of durability that will hold up against a rational level of daily wear and tear. Suppose the furniture is of high-use surface (like bar tables in a restaurant or dining tables). It is a wire to ask about finishing upgrades for extra protection.

Water resistance: There should be no concerns about water rings with a high finish and premium quality furniture. It is noteworthy that if the manufacturer has applied a commercial-grade finish on your wood piece, you should be able to dunk it into the water.

  • A Uniform Look:

One of the most convenient ways to check the quality of wood furniture is its uniform look. If the wooden furniture has a smooth and sleek finish, it is engineered rather than solid wood and is crafted to have a consistent look. Solid hardwoods are made from just that, a solid hardwood. Solid hardwood furniture shows the defects or imperfections of the wood because it is a nature-made product.

Veneer is an artificial, crafted wood that removes imperfections and gives the furniture a sturdy look. There are many benefits of a real wood piece of furniture. It gives you the confidence to keep your furniture the same for many years. And if you want to sell it, it will also give you power of sale because of its durable nature and sleek look.


The above-discussed detail will help you to judge the quality of furniture that ensures your durability, quality and strong and well-built furniture and save you from regrets about bad quality. I hope you feel confident about purchasing future furniture and knowing what to look for when buying something with true quality.

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