How To Dry A Wet Carpet?

Carpets are found in almost all living interiors nowadays because they are super beneficial in terms of both decorative and practical aspects. Not only do they provide a soft, comfy space to land your feet on but also keep your home cozier and warm as well. However, there are some situations that all of us would like to avoid like getting your carpet wet.

Moving on, if you’re looking for a quick fix to dry your wet carpet, then we’ve got you the most promising information in this regard. Because in this article by Design Furniture, we’ll share with you some effective ideas to help you quickly dry your home carpet.

dry a wet carpet

Useful Tips & Tricks To Quickly Dry A Wet Carpet At Home

There can be a lot of reasons for a wet carpet. However, under such circumstances, you need to take immediate action. Because a wet carpet left on its own would take much longer to dry. This leads to mold and mildew growth that will damage the fluffy carpet texture alongside creating a number of health problems.

On top of that, the longer you allow the water to linger over the carpet, the more will be the chances of subfloor and flooring damage due to water seepage through the carpet. Having all that said, the need to dry the carpet grows much stronger, and to get over this problem you need to follow the procedure explained below.

Look For The Following Answers!

How Much Doused Is The Carpet?

Estimate if the carpet is completely wet or just damp. Also, idealize whether the wet area is limited or widespread across the carpet surface.

How Much Time Has Passed Since The Carpet Is Wet?

Calculating this timespan helps you idealize mold growth and take precautionary measures for its prevention (if not).

What’s The Water Source?

There may be leakage from a water line or spillage from a nearby water source. Also, it can be a dirty sewer line that’s clogged up and got leaked.

Take Principal Action

No matter what’s the reason for your wet carpet, you need to always take these 2 principal actions.

  1. Remove the carpet from the floor (if possible) or try to absorb as much water as you can using a clean rag or towel.
  2. Make sure to remove the carpet pad (unless it’s a Wall To Wall Carpet) because carpet padding takes much longer to dry and transfers a foul odor to the carpet itself.

Procedure To Dry A Damp Carpet

Your home carpet may be slightly wet or best called damp. If that’s the case, then you should act according to the following guidelines.

  1. Run a pedestal fan pointing in the direction of the wet carpet area to escalate the water evaporation to some extent.
  2. Also, you can make use of a dehumidifier that will absorb the moisture out of the wet carpet. Thus, making the carpet dry earlier.
  3. Last but not least, a hair blow dryer can also be used for this purpose.
  4. The next step is to take a clean rag or dry towel and press it over the wet surface of the carpet.
  5. Following this course of action, the dampness will be absorbed up to a great extent and within no time.

Procedure To Dry A Dripping Wet Carpet

There may be an outside window left open during heavy rain or you were not home at the time of water pipe leakage, and many more scenarios. All of these circumstances point only toward one direction and that is a soaking-wet carpet needing to be dried as quickly as possible.

If that’s so, then you will have to rent out a wet-dry vacuum cleaner from a nearby home improvement (hardware) store. That’s because, under such scenarios, the pedestal fan, clean rag, and hair blow dryer can’t be preliminarily applied to the wet carpet.

After you’ve got a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, make sure that all the vacuum accessories are in the right place (may need to be assembled first) so that you can start with the procedure.Following that, you have to carry out the actions outlined below.

  1. Fix the water leakage problem and eradicate all the standing water inside the room (if there is any) using a wiper blade.
  2. First, remove the carpet from the room and separate the padding because it won’t let the carpet dry earlier.
  3. Now, again get the carpet laid in another interior or the outside.
  4. Start the vacuuming process and work your way from the peripheral side to the center of the wet carpet slowly.
  5. Always keep in mind that all the dampness won’t go right away with the application of the vacuum cleaner.
  6. And, you’ll have to comprehend that somewhat wet carpet for the time being all the carpet surface has been vacuumed once.
  7. Now, the carpet will be in a somewhat damp state and you can apply all the steps explained above to completely dry the carpet.

Irrespective of whether the water source was clean or dirty, this procedure to dry the carpet will prove to be effective. However, if the water came from a dirty source (sewer line), then you need to tackle the foul smell afterward that can get absorbed in the carpet.

How To Eradicate Foul Smell After Drying A Carpet?

For this purpose, you can make use of baking soda to eliminate the repugnant smell from the carpet. Baking soda will act as a deodorizer when sprinkled over the carpet surface. However, you need to leave the carpet as it is for at least 48 hours of time or depending on how strong the unpleasant smell is.

Also, vinegar can be used as a perfect alternative to baking soda in the case of its unavailability. For this purpose, you’ll have to create a warm water and vinegar solution in a proportionate 1:2 mixture. Then, this solution can be sprayed over the carpet in a generous amount and repeatedly after some time. At last, you’ll need to wash the carpet with clean water again and let it dry on its own.

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Drying a wet carpet involves following a series of steps explained in the article regarding different scenarios. Your carpet may be damp or soaking wet and similar to that the water source may be clean or dirty, all of these situations are proposed and have been resolved in this article. Following these procedures carefully and precisely, you’ll get back your fluffy, dry, and soft carpet texture to reap the benefits.

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