How to Block Light From The Top And Sides Of Curtains?

The main purpose of curtains except for aesthetical appeal is their functionality in different regards. One of the major functionalities that we should expect from curtains is light blockage. This feature is crucial if you want to have an uninterrupted interior for better sleep even in the daytime.

But what if you have a leaking light coming through the top of the curtains or the sides? Do not get worried, we are here to bring you out of this fuss-creating situation. So are you ready to make your curtains more functional and to boost the light blockage feature of your window coverings more efficiently with Design Furniture? Let’s get this thing done now.

block light from curtains

8 Efficient Tips To Stop Light Coming From Sides And Top Of The Curtains

Here in this article, we are going to tell you about the 8 most efficient and noteworthy techniques and tips that will help you block the light coming from your curtains. After a complete and thorough research, our experts have shortlisted these methods.

All these techniques are proven and tested as well. Let us have a look at all of them one by one and make your interior completely comfortable for you to sleep easily.

How To Stop Light Coming Through The Top Of Curtains?

Firstly let us read about the techniques that might help us in blocking the light coming from the top of your curtains. Because to make the room completely darker we have to eliminate every single light leakage efficiently. These shortlisted methods to stop light coming through the top of curtains by our experienced people are:

1. Use Curtain Valances

Valance is just like a window covering accessory or window scarf that is adjusted on the top of the window. These valances are made from fabrics and cover the top of your curtains perfectly so that all the light coming from the top can be blocked efficiently.

Besides being this practical, the valances also add to the aesthetical value of your interiors. They cover the space between the curtain and curtain rods. So using these window covering accessories you can easily block any seepage of light from the top of your windows.

2. Try Cornices

It is a wooden or foam board that you can use on the top of your window curtains to prevent coming light. This top of curtain light blocker is a decorative accessory that serves as a functional element for your interiors as well. You can get it matched to the interior decor statement and color scheme of your place as well.

These boards are installed above the curtain roads. Their design is sealed against the walls and they act as a potential seal to block the coming light outside the window. These boards proficiently prevent the light from coming into the room that may seep from the space between the curtain rods and the walls. In addition to blocking light, these boards also add a touch of elegance to your interiors.

3. Layer With Shades Or Blinds

Another elegant and effective method to hinder the light coming from the curtain top is to pair your curtains with blinds or shades. This technique is quite efficient and aims to give your space a pitch-black darkness. You can choose the right type of shades and blinds as these are available in a wide variety.

According to our recommendation, you should choose cellular shade or honeycomb blinds to make a perfect blackout environment in your place. Likewise, Roman shades or blackout blinds can also be used to block almost all the light rays coming from outside the window. So layering curtains with window blinds is a good tip to follow.

4. Wrap The Curtains Around The Rod

Sometimes there are minor gaps or spaces between the curtain rods and walls. So you can easily cover up these minor gaps using a curtain. Yes, you heard that right. You can fold and wrap the curtains on the curtain rods at your windows. Such an approach will fill the gaps and avoid any leakage from the top of your window.

This is an effective way to manage the amount of light coming from the top gaps of the windows. With this method, you can add numerous benefits to your place. This approach will make your place more comfortable and cozy. So that you can have an optimized surroundings for a better sleeping schedule.

How To Block Light From The Sides Of Curtains?

When the top of our curtains is covered and you see no light leakage then the next is to check whether there is any light leakage from the sides or not. If you can also see some light leaking from the sides of your curtains, then you can follow the following techniques to avoid that leakage completely.

1. Use Magnetic Tapes

Try applying magnetic tape to block the light coming from the sides of your curtains. It is considered as an effective method. This tape is very sturdy and is capable of holding the curtain fabric against the window frame. The magnetic tapes are available in a wide range of varieties and they can hold almost all types of curtain fabrics perfectly.

The main purpose of using this tape is that it is easy to use and install. For people who are renters and are looking for a temporary solution to block light coming from the slides of the curtains, this magnetic tape is no less than a blessing. It can withstand the test of time and can provide you with a long-lasting serviceability approach as well.

2. Always Get The Right Sized Curtains

Not getting the right-sized window curtains is one of the main reasons of leaking lights from the sides of the curtains. Measuring the windowsill perfectly and adding an extra 3 inches to the measurements helps you a lot in perfectly covering the window. Such a practice will prevent the entry of light from the sides of the windows.

Opt for curtains that are of the right size and as a bonus, you should choose those curtains that come up with light-blocking abilities. If you choose the right size of window curtains for your windowsill then your curtains will become a potential barrier against the light coming from the outside. They will then offer you a robust and fully blackout environment.

3. Get The Curtains Installed Near To The Wall

Another factor that plays an important role in the light leakage from the sides of your windows is the improper installation of your curtains Dubai. If the curtains are installed far away from the wall then a lot of space would be there among the wall and the curtains. This space will allow the light to enter from the sides.

In order to prevent this problem, you should adjust the space between the curtains and the walls. Adjust the curtain rod and bring your curtains closer to the wall. Bring the curtains as close as possible to the wall. Such an efficient approach will block all the light coming from the sides of the curtain and make your room perfect for sleeping.

4. Attach Curtains With Sticky Strips

Another method to keep the sides of your curtains with the walls to prevent light leakage is to attach them to the walls using sticky strips. These strips perfectly hold the curtains to the walls and avoid any slippage as well. You can also use double tape instead of these sticky back strips.

Using this technique to prevent light leakage from the sides of the curtains is very cost-effective and easy to execute. It is also a temporary yet effective solution to cope with this problem in your interiors. You can get these strips from any curtain shop or from a hardware store as well.

To Conclude!

We hope that after reading this article you might have discovered ways to stop light from sneaking around your curtains. These methods can make your home cozy and private. With cool options like valances, cornices, and wrap-around rods, pick what suits your style.

It’s like giving your windows a superpower to create the perfect mood in your space. So, whether you love something fancy or straightforward, these techniques make sure your curtains not only look good but also keep your room dark and comfy, just the way you want it.

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