Beautify Your Furniture With Our Customized Cushions & Pillows

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Our Customized Cushions To Adorn the Look Of Your Sofas

Looking for customized cushions for your sofas or couches? If yes, then you are at the ideal place for the world’s best cushions. We are providing our customers with the best Made To Measure cushions for their arm chairs, ottoman sofas, and beds.

We offer premium quality cushions Dubai at very reasonable prices, so you can now put your new ideas on your cushions.

Perks of Buying Custom Made Pillows Dubai From Us

There are many benefits to buying personalized pillows from us. With the help of Made to Measure Pillows, you can get your favorite fabric and the ideal design and size of cushions for your sofas, beds, and couches. The advantages you are going to get after buying our customized cushions are:

  • The fabric we use in our pillows is resistant to water, so if you forget your cushions on your outdoor furniture, they won’t get damaged by rain.
  • The color of our cushions’ fabric never fades, so they can add beauty to your place for a long time.
  • You can get cushions according to the size of your sofa, so now your cushions will not ruin the style of your couch anymore.
  • The fabric that we use in our cushions requires very low maintenance, so you don’t need to clean them frequently.
  • The prices of our customized made to measure cushions are extremely low, so you can easily get them for your place.
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We Are Providing Unique Fabrics for Customized Cushions & Pillows

If you want your cushions to be unique/different from the traditional style, then you must come to our experts and let them design brand-new cushion designs for your beds and sofas. The fabric that we use in making our customized cushions is of premium quality, so you can use them for a long time with no wear and tear.

Our velvet, linen, silk, rayon, wool, polyester, leather, acrylic, and hemp cushion fabrics are resistant to water and stains. So you don’t need to wash your cushions again and again. Our low-maintenance personalized chaise cushions will brighten up your place with their graceful looks.

Different Types of Cushions

outdoor cushions

Outdoor Cushions

If you want to enhance the looks of your boring outdoor furniture, then you can get our water and weather-resistant outdoor cushions for your patio furniture.

bench cushion

Bench Cushions

We provide premium-quality bench cushions for your outdoor or indoor benches. You can get the most attractive bench cushions from our stores.

Bed Cushions

Bed Cushions

Now you can also get customized cushions for your bed, according to the interior of your place. You can get your bed cushion in any shape and size according to your needs.

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How To Clean Your Customized Cushions?

The cleaning method of your cushions is very easy. As we make our cushions from top-quality materials that don’t absorb dust so our cushions don’t get dirty soon. You just need to brush the cushions once a week to remove dust from them.

If your customized cushions get a stain, then you just need to clean the stain with warm water and detergent, and a mop. Kindly rub the mop on the stain and the stain will soon disappear. If your stain is stubborn, then you can remove the cover of your cushion and give it a gentle hand wash.

Please avoid washing cushions in a washing machine because every fabric of the cushion is not safe for machine wash. Always try to give a gentle wash to your cushions with your hands. It will keep your cushions looking new and the fibers of the fabric from getting damaged.

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Get Your Dream Customized Pillows From Us

We at Design Furniture will provide you with completely Made To Measure cushions for your place. Now you can match the fabric of your cushions with the interior of your home. If your interior is in a traditional style, you can get traditional cushions from us. We provide modern and traditional cushions according to your requirements.

You can also come with a pic of your favorite cushions and we guarantee you we will design your dream cushions for your place in no time. Our customized cushions enhance not only the beauty of your couches but also the glory of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Choose Us For Customized Cushions?

If you are still confused about why you should choose us for customized cushions Dubai, then you should know that we have been giving the amazing services of made to measure pillows for over 10 years in the UAE. We can give you a free sample of the fabric of the cushion so you can check it according to your interior.

Our customized services for our cushions are available at very reasonable prices, so you can easily afford them. We never compromise on the quality of our custom shaped pillows, so you can trust us and order your cushions from us.