Accurate Guide About The Best Universities In Dubai

Over the last decade, the educational system of the UAE has gained a fundamental strength because of the best universities in Dubai. So if you are in search of such institutions that offer higher education studies, then you are meant to get a vast variety of options in Dubai.

From well-recognized business institutions with international standards to some niche-type fine arts universities, you will find everything in Dubai.

So here in this article by Design Furniture, we have mentioned an entire list of top colleges and top universities in Dubai for you. With the help of our collected data, you can easily interpret the value of the most suitable university for you along with, of course, the details of studies that it.

The Ultimate List Of Best Universities In Dubai

There are currently a large number of top-tier universities and higher education-providing colleges in Dubai that offer extraordinary education. The two major districts that are well-known for academics and are at the top of Dubai are DIAC (Dubai International Academic City) and Dubai Knowledge Park.

However, various other best universities in Dubai can be found throughout the city. Admission to these top-class universities generally opens in September, so if you want to apply to your desired university, then you must know about it as well. Up ahead, we have mentioned the top 10 universities in Dubai.

  1. University Of Dubai
  2. MIDDLESEX University Dubai
  3. Canadian University of Dubai (CUD)
  4. Heriot-Watt University Dubai
  5. Curtin University Dubai
  6. Zayed University Dubai
  7. MODUL University Dubai
  8. Amity University
  9. Synergy University Dubai
  10. Dubai Pharmacy College For Girls

1. University Of Dubai

University Of Dubai

This is one of the top-of-the-line universities in Dubai, which offers a lot of undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs as well. This university has been very popular in Dubai and has got a good ranking. At this accredited university, students can get admission into law, IT, business, and engineering programs.

It’s a public university that is managed and run by the government. There are three colleges or departments in this university. These are the College of Engineering and IT, the College of Law, and Dubai Business School.

These colleges cater to both the international and local students in Dubai as well. The university is a subsidiary of the Dubai Chamber Of Commerce And Industries (DCCI).


The degree programs of the University of Dubai are certified by the MOHESR (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research).

In addition to the institute, the University of Dubai has also been accredited by the global accreditation councils. For computing and information systems programs, it is accredited by ABET, and the College of Business Administration, the best university in Dubai is accredited by AACSB International USA.

Fee For Undergraduate Programs

  • The Undergraduate Engineering course fee is 2300 AED/Credit Hour (three credit hours per subject/course).
  • The undergraduate IT and business fees are 5800 AED per subject (course).
  • The single semester fee for Undergraduate IT and Business is 32,500 AED.
  • The tuition fee for a single semester of Undergraduate Engineering is 39,000 AED.

Fee For Graduate Programs

  • The fee for a general master in business administration is 91,000 AED.
  • The Specialized Masters in Business Administration fee is 145,600 AED.
  • The tuition fee for a Master in Law is 103,000 AED.
  • The 4 Year Ph.D. program fee is 330,000 AED.

Additional Details

  • Location: Academic City Emirates Road, Exit 49
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 2,300 to AED 330,000
  • Contact: +971-4-556-6800

2. MIDDLESEX University Dubai

MIDDLESEX University Dubai

This is one of the best universities in Dubai that are of British origin and were established in 2005. At this university, the students of Dubai can enjoy different benefits that are offered for the betterment and upgrading of educational activities. The key feature of this university is that it is located in the heart of the Middle East, i.e., in the Dubai Knowledge Park.

The major plus point of this location is that it is close to Dubai Internet City and gives the students a close reach to the tech and reactive hubs of Dubai Media City. It is the first overseas campus of Middlesex University UK that has been established in Dubai. It offers pre-university education, undergraduate programs, and postgraduate programs as well.

In addition to the brilliant academics, Middlesex University always makes the students feel a substantial difference between them and those belonging to other universities because of their quality education and other activities, too. From social clubs to sports and youth festivals, students can get themselves immersed in all sorts of activities.

Different Grants & Scholarships

Middlesex University is well known for offering a wide range of grants and scholarships to students. These scholarships offered by this best university in Dubai range from school partnership grants to academic excellence scholarships, postgraduate corporate partnership grants, APTECH Study Grants, etc.

Accolades and Honors

  • Best Media Centre 

Forbes Middle East Higher Education Awards (2019).

  •  University of the Year

Dubai Lynx Creativity Festival (2019)

  •  Best International University MENA

The European (2019)

  • University of the Year (UAE) 

iStudy Awards (2019 & 2020)

Additional Details

  • Location: Block 16, Knowledge Village
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 43,400 to AED 55,700
  • Contact: +971-4-367-8100

3. Canadian University of Dubai (CUD)

Canadian University of Dubai (CUD)

CUD was first accredited as the best university in Dubai that is present in cities other than Canada. North America’s elite higher education is delivered here to polish the inborn talents of students.

Pupils can get their overall education completed at this international, 42nd-ranked university in Dubai. This university allows students to become graduates of a Canadian university even though it is closer to their homes in the UAE. Besides, the fee at the Canadian University Dubai is reasonable, as well. You can see that the university has got international faculty for better and up-to-the-mark academics.

Alongside the academics, this international faculty will definitely help out the students most efficiently with their research projects, teaching facilities, entrepreneurship, and other scholarship programs, too. CUD is the only university that offers dual degrees from Canada and Dubai in some courses.

Different Study Programs Offered By CUD

Engineering and Architecture, Communication, Arts and Sciences, Management, Events and Tourism, Luxury Marketing, and Sports Management are just a few of the faculties available at the Canadian University of Dubai. In the last 2 subjects, BBA is considered the major subject for a better field approach by students.

Additional Details

  • Location: 1st Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 61,000 to AED 66,150
  • Contact:+ 971-4-321-9090

4. Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Heriot-Watt University Dubai

If you are looking for the most successful and best universities of foreign origin working in Dubai, then Heriot-Watt University Dubai is the only name. It comes in the category of top universities in the UK for its graduate employability and research work, too.

This university is the very first international university in the Dubai International Academic City and British curriculum is studied here.

Different Study Programs

The Heriot-Watt University Dubai offers over 50 different types of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different subjects. These courses include fashion, computer science, construction, psychology, petroleum engineering, business, engineering, quantity surveying, and many other programs, too.

Reasons Behind the Huge Success Of This University

  • Because of the 5 worldwide campuses, including the UK and Malaysia campuses, students can study anywhere.
  • Even in the UAE, they offer high-class British-standard degree programs.
  • Being among the best universities in Dubai, purpose-built labs are present for the related departments and faculties.
  • 195 years of experience in the field of education.
  • Some soft skills-integrated seminars are also arranged for the development and enhancement of your skills.

Age For Admission

To get admission to Heriot-Watt University Dubai, you must be 15 years old or have completed 11 years of your formal studies.

Additional Details

  • Location: Dubai Academic City
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 44,000 to AED 136,500
  • Contact:+971-4-277-4500

5. Curtin University Dubai

Curtin University Dubai

Curtin University Dubai is of Australian origin and is well-known for its commitment to preparing students for future jobs, strong industry partnerships, and high-quality research work. The newest campus of Curtin University Dubai is in DIAC and it has proven itself as a creative hub.

Different Study Programs

If you are seeking some undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the best universities in Dubai, then Curtin University Dubai could be one of the best options in the entire city. You can get yourself enrolled in different degree programs that are offered by this university.

These study programs include information technology (IT), humanities, business, science, and much more as well. The students studying at this institute have a great opportunity to get a worthwhile degree from an Australian institute, even if they live in the UAE.

Some Worthwhile Aspects Of The Curtin University Dubai

  • The university stands in the top 1% of the Academic Ranking of the Worldwide Universities 2020.
  • Generally, 5.5 bands are required in the spoken English language (IELTS) if you want to get admission to Curtin University.
  • The Curtin School of Business is accredited by the AACSB.
  • All the undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered and certified by TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Australia).
  • Students can even get a work permit based on degree completion in Australia.

Additional Details

  • Location: 4th floor, Block 11, Dubai International Academic City
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 27,945 to AED 48,300
  • Contact:+971-4-245-2500

6. Zayed University Dubai

Zayed University Dubai

If you are looking for a renowned government educational institute amongst the best universities in Dubai, then Zayed University Dubai is an excellent choice.

This university came into being in 1998 and is well-known for offering different postgraduate and undergraduate programs. Zayed University Dubai is accredited by the CAA (Commission for Academic Accreditation) and MSCHE (Middle States Commission on Higher Education).

Zayed University Dubai Offers Different Study Programs

As we have mentioned earlier, at this university, you will get an education in different postgraduate and undergraduate programs.

The university offers education programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students. These degrees include business, technology, media, humanities, health sciences, and many others as well.

Additional Details

  • Location: Academic City
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 84,000 to AED 128,000
  • Contact:+971-4-402-1111

7. MODUL University Dubai

MODUL University Dubai

This university is a subordinate of Dubai Investments. The main branch of MODUL University is located in Austria. MODUL University’s Vienna campus is ranked in the list of top 25 universities in the world. The major factors in the fame of this university are the high-class research papers, research expertise, and fundamental capabilities.

Graduates and undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in hotel management or tourism development can apply to this university for an up-to-date and world-class education from an exceptionally international faculty.

This university has the honor of being the first Austrian university in the Middle East region. MODUL University Dubai and other best universities in Dubai ensure maximum employability for students who graduate from this university by instilling extraordinary levels of skill in them. Graduates can get benefits by following different practices.

  • Ore-internship Training
  • Guaranteed Internships
  • World-Class Faculty
  • Internationally Accredited Education
  • CSRE
  • Rotation Programs

Different Certification Pathways

  • Advanced Management
  • Tourism and Service Management
  • Innovation And Design for Tourism
  • Business Development
  • Real Estate Management and Hotel Development

Additional Details

  • Location: Jumeirah Lakes Towers
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 40,370 to AED 161,480
  • Contact:+971-4-510-1400 or +971-52-646-1870

8. Amity University

Amity University

Amity University has different campuses in Singapore, London, China, New York, and Dubai. If you want to pursue your career in the field of science and technology, Amity University is going to be the best choice for you.

Such best universities in Dubai carry on the legacy of their predecessors and provide state-of-the-art qualities and facilities to students as per the best educational services.

Courses That University Offers

This university offers different kinds of undergraduate and postgraduate study programs for the students of Dubai. You can get admission to different study programs offered by Amity University.

These programs include Science and Technology, Management, engineering and technology, law, hospitality and tourism courses, humanities, and health sciences courses as well.

Additional Details

  • Location: Dubai Academic City
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 35,000 to AED 58,000
  • Contact:+971-4-445-4900

9. Synergy University Dubai

Synergy University Dubai

This university is one of the branches of the university for industry and finance that was established in 1995 in Moscow. Synergy University Dubai is located in JLT (Jumeirah Lakes Towers), which is an ideal location for most of the people living in that locality.

If you don’t want to leave your residential place and want to get an exceptional quality international education at the best universities in Dubai, then this one will be a great choice for you.

This university is accredited by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. You can enjoy different postgraduate and undergraduate programs at Synergy University Dubai, and it offers different language courses as well. From offering entrepreneurship to managing hotels, their programs offer a lot more.

Additional Details

  • Location: Cluster I, Platinum Tower, 32 floor
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 16,515 to AED 29,360
  • Contact:+971-55-896-8205

10. Dubai Pharmacy College For Girls

Dubai Pharmacy College For Girls

Philanthropist Haji Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Lootah established this institute in 1992. Dubai Pharmacy College For Girls is considered one of the most elite and high-quality education-providing universities in Dubai. At this college, you can get admission in many postgraduates, undergraduate programs, and certificate programs as well.

If you are a girl and want to get a medical education in pharmacy, then you can get admission to Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls. This college is the center of focus for different people just because of their collaborative systems for hostels and transportation as well. So it can totally be a great choice for you.

In addition to quality education at the best universities in Dubai, Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls ensures complete care of the accommodation and transportation facilities as well. These steps are taken for the hassle-free continuation of studies and education programs. The overall studies of this institute revolve around pharmacy studies, including graduate studies and two-year certification programs as well.

Additional Details

  • Location: Muhaisnah 1
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 40,000 to AED 50,000
  • Contact:+971-4-212-0333

Different Private Universities in Dubai

The following is a list of different universities that are working independently from the government of the UAE. These private universities in Dubai are:

  1. Al Ghurair University
  2. University Of Wollongong
  3. Murdoch University Dubai

1. Al Ghurair University

Al Ghurair University

It is a well-recognized educational institute that is recognized globally as well and you can get a quality education from this university in various degree programs. These study courses include architecture, business, education, law, social sciences, and engineering. Some useful details about this university are as follows:

Additional Details

  • Location: Dubai Academic City
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 35,000 to AED 50,000
  • Contact:+971-4-420-0223

2. University Of Wollongong

University Of Wollongong

This university comes at the top of the list of Australian universities. It offers the following programs for both postgraduates and undergraduates: finance, management, engineering, and humanities. Besides these study programs, you can also enroll in different certificate or diploma programs.

If you want to get admission to different certification programs, then you can also enroll yourself at the University of Wollongong. Some quick and beneficial details about this university are described as follows:

Additional Details

  • Location: Blocks 5, 14 & 15, Dubai Knowledge Park
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 68,250 to AED 275,310
  • Contact:+971-4-278-1800

3. Murdoch University Dubai

Murdoch University Dubai

This Australian university is not so old and was established in 2018 in Dubai. Murdoch University Dubai provides students with different study programs that include commerce, information technology, media, and postgraduate programs for business and human resource (HR) management.

This includes among the best universities in Dubai that offer different on-campus learning schemes combined with real-world companies and industries to the students. It is accredited by Australian councils, and well-trained and highly qualified professors serve here to deliver their worthwhile experiences.

Additional Details

  • Location: Dubai Academic City
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 44,100 to AED 172,200
  • Contact:+ 971-4-435-5700
  • Email:

List Of Different MBA Universities in Dubai


  • Location: Dubai Internet City
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 143,000 to 265,000
  • Contact: +971-4-427-5800


  • Location: Gate Village 02, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Average Tuition Fees: Varies depending upon the program
  • Contact: +971-4-401-9301


  • Location: Near Dubai Internet City
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 43,601 to AED 82,500
  • Contact: + 971-4-399-9000


  • Location: Dubai Academic City
  • Average Tuition Fees: Varies depending upon the program
  • Contact:+971-4-561-6700
  • Email:

List Of Different Engineering Universities in Dubai


  • Location: Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 30,000 to– AED 61,950
  • Contact: +971-4-371-2000
  • Email:


  • Location: Block 11, 1st and 2nd Floor, Dubai International Academic City
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 55,000 to AED 75,000
  • Contact: +971-4-279-1400


  • Location: Dubai Academic City
  • Average Tuition Fees: AED 31,000 to AED 50,500
  • Contact: + 971-4-275-3700
  • Email:

Names Of Some Best Universities In Dubai Other Than Above

  • University of Birmingham Dubai
  • Dubai Manchester Business School
  • Al Dar University College
  • Emirates Aviation University
  • Emirates Aviation University
  • Al Falah University
  • College of Islamic and Arabic Studies
  • Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU)
  • London Business School Dubai
  • Michigan State University (aka, Michigan University in Dubai)
  • Islamic Azad University


In the information above, we have mentioned all the first-rate and best universities present in Dubai. We hope that if you were worried about your admission to the best universities in the UAE, then you might feel relieved after going through this piece of writing. We have given you all the essential details, along with the contact details of these universities, so as to help you decide on the best institute for your career.

Wishing you the most fruitful and incredible educational journeys ahead!

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